5 best wheelbarrow [updated 2022]: reviews and buying tips


If you are a gardening enthusiast, you must have already heard about wheelbarrows. Apart from gardening, they also help in farming, and moving items in general.

As with most goods, wheelbarrows come in many varieties and types. So if you are planning to buy one for your farming and gardening needs, you will have to consider a range of things to be able to make the right choice.

The price, material, number of wheels, and handle are a few of the features that you need to look for in a decent wheelbarrow. And to make things easier for you, here are the best wheelbarrows you should have your eyes on.

What is the best wheelbarrow?

Based on our detailed analysis of the 5 best wheelbarrows, our top recommendation is the Aerocart 8-in-1 wheelbarrow by WORX. There’s no doubt that it is the most unique out of all options. It offers the highest versatility and load reduction feature.

The tray size is decent, the body is durable, and it is the only product in the list with deflation-proof tires. Without a doubt, the Aerocart checks every box for unique features which is why we recommend it as our favorite pick.

The 5 best wheelbarrow you can buy right now

1. best heavy duty wheelbarrow:  M6T22 M6T22KB Wheelbarrow


  • The steel tray can carry the heavy load
  • Plenty of tray space
  • Strong and smooth tires, with legs for extra stability
  • Perfect for all general gardening works


  • May be difficult to assemble
  • Slightly pricey

This product is a single-wheel model by Ames and is the best heavy duty wheelbarrow. The tray capacity is 6 cubic foot which is sufficient for most general gardening works. It’s a high-quality steel tray that can withstand heavy loads too. The handles are made of heavy-duty wood and are surprisingly durable. Even if you end up damaging the handles, you can buy spare ones for a cheap price.

The wheel is a 16-inch tire that is smooth to roll and strong enough to handle the weight. The main advantage of this wheelbarrow is that you get adequate space, and can carry heavy loads too. Further, it is durable enough and will last for years to come.

It’s most suitable for medium and large gardens, and you can even use it on your farms. We wouldn’t advise using them for construction work though. The steel tray can bear scratches and dents from carrying heavy-weight construction materials.

The pricing may be a bit expensive for some people. But we’ve still included it in this list as it’s our only single-wheel pick. So if you’re specifically looking for a single tired wheelbarrow, then this is a good choice.

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2. best two wheel wheelbarrow: Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart


  • Lightweight poly tray
  • Rubber handles for better grip
  • Two wheels for better balance, easy to move around
  • Low price


  • The tray is a little shallow
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Tires need refilling after a certain time

The Marathon wheelbarrow is the best two wheel wheelbarrow. It is an affordable option for occasional gardening uses. If you’re not an avid gardener and don’t want to invest too much, then this product is a great choice. It is a two-wheel model that offers greater stability. The handles are cushioned with rubber grip, so it goes easy on your hands.

The poly tray is quite strong and very easy to clean, but it won’t be as heavy-duty as a steel tray. On the brighter side, the wheelbarrow is lightweight, so you can move it around comfortably. The tray offers 5 cubic foot capacity and carries up to 300 pounds of load which is more than enough for small gardens. The two tires are air-filled and knobbed, making them strong and well-balanced.

As with most poly tray wheelbarrows, this product is not meant for carrying heavy items, rocks, construction materials, and the like. The biggest takeaway is that it is cheaper than most other products. Being the best wheelbarrow for $100, it is the right pick for people who have just started gardening as a hobby.

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3. best wheelbarrow: WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheel barrow


  • Serves as 8 different tools
  • Requires little force to move heavy-weight
  • No need to inflate tires ever
  • Reasonable price
  • Dual wheels provide higher balance


  • Low ground clearance
  • Not good for heavy-duty tasks
  • Some people may find it hard to assemble

The WORX Aerocart is not just the best garden cart wheelbarrow, but a versatile multipurpose tool. It has many interesting features but its main highlight is 8-in-1 functionality. You can adjust the different parts to customize this product into 8 different configurations – a wheelbarrow, a garden cart, dolly and extended dolly, cylinder carrier, rock mover, bag holder, and a trailer tote.

The metal tray is 4 cubic feet in capacity, so the wheelbarrow in itself provides less space than many other options. But it can hold weight up to 300 pounds, so you can use it for a lot more than just gardening. You can lift small furniture too – like a refrigerator, as long it’s lighter than 300 pounds – when using it like a dolly.

The tires are rugged and never deflate. The cart design cleverly adjusts the center of gravity and makes it incredibly easy to lift heavier loads. If you have a back problem or health issues that prevent you from exerting force, then this wheelbarrow will help you to move loads with very little effort. The price is fairly reasonable given all the features you get.

But the Aerocart has low ground clearance, so it’s not suitable for taller people. Also, this is not a heavy-duty wheelbarrow, so don’t plan to use it for construction work.

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4. best garden cart wheelbarrow: Marathon Yard Rover Garden Cart Wheelbarrow


  • Robust and stable design
  • 2 wheels make it super easy to move around
  • Extra compartment for storing tools
  • Value for money


  • Difficult to cut around corners
  • The tray capacity could be bigger
  • Not meant for heavy-duty use

The Marathon yard rover wheelbarrow and garden cart has a simple but efficient design. The poly tray is 5 cubic feet in capacity with 300 pound load capacity. Not just the tray but the entire body and the grip handle are rustproof. Overall, it’s quite durable, resistant to corrosion, and will last for many years as long as you use it for basic gardening works.

There are 2 wheels for optimum balance and comfortable movement. The wheels are quite large and rugged and provide excellent grip.

This best garden cart wheelbarrow has an average ground clearance and both tall and short people can use it conveniently. It is reasonably priced as per its features. An added benefit is that this wheelbarrow weighs 25 pounds, around 25% less when compared to an average wheelbarrow.

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5. best wheelbarrows for concrete: Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart


  • Perfect for heavy-duty work
  • Able to handle 1200 pounds, it’s super strong and durable
  • Can pull as well as tow
  • Easy dumping mechanism
  • Best wheelbarrow for landscaping


  • Not for occasional gardeners and hobbyists
  • Tires require occasional maintenance

Our final product recommendation is not a traditional wheelbarrow but a garden cart. However, it serves the purpose of a wheelbarrow and does even more than that. The Gorilla Cart is a heavy-duty tool that you can use for gardening, large farms, and even landscaping and construction works.

It can hold a maximum weight of 1200 pounds, and it is very spacious. The poly tray has a base of about 7 sq. feet and a height of about 2.5 feet. This is one of the best wheelbarrows for concrete, small rocks, and boulders due to its high durability. It has 4 pneumatic tires that can withstand heavy loads. For hilly terrains, Gorilla cart is the better option.

Garden carts often have one disadvantage over conventional wheelbarrow designs. Their 4-wheel configuration makes it difficult to dump the load. But Gorilla cart takes care of that – it has a handle at the bottom of the tray that you can lift to unload the cart with ease. For lightweight items, you can pull the handle manually. If you are moving extremely heavy loads, you can tow the cart.

Overall, the Gorilla cart is a multipurpose, all-terrain cart that is best suited for experienced gardeners, construction works, large farms, and people in hilly areas. However, if you don’t plan to do some heavy lifting work now or in the future, then this product is not for you. The price is surprisingly affordable and within the same range of most similar products.

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How to Choose the Best Wheelbarrow – Buying Guide

When you are investing your money on a product, you should never settle for anything less than the best.

So we’ll guide you through some basic info on the types and features of wheelbarrows, which help you make a well-informed decision when purchasing.

You can see this video for more details.

Types of Wheelbarrows

Generally, wheelbarrows come in two variants – single or double wheel. The single wheel allows better mobility and is usually lightweight. They are also easy to move around turns and corners. However, they may be harder to balance and rely on extra legs for stability.

Two tire wheelbarrows, on the other hand, are more stable and can handle more weight. They have easy mobility in a single direction but require more effort to turn.

Then, there are 4 tire wheelbarrows, but they are technically carts. Such carts are made to withstand substantially larger weights than normal wheelbarrows. You’ll want one only if you plan to move heavy items, and not just everyday gardening.

Wheelbarrow features to look out for

If you have decided what type of wheelbarrow you need, then the next step is to understand their various features.

>>>> Tray size and material

The first and foremost feature is the size and build of the tray. The tray capacity of most wheelbarrows ranges from 4 to 6 cubic feet. The available options for tray material are steel, polyethylene, or plastic.

Plastic is suitable for simple gardening use, such as moving small amounts of dirt, soil, and some tools. Polyethylene is stronger and more durable than plastic, but steel is the sturdiest option. But keep in mind that steel trays have their own weight which will add up to the load.

>>>> Handle Grip

When you push around wheelbarrows for a long time, your hands will eventually bear some force. Cushioned handles will improve your grip and go easy on your hands as compared to steel or wooden handles. So, try to find options within your budget that include this feature.

>>>> Ground Clearance

It’s essential to check the ground clearance of wheelbarrows depending on the terrain. The low ground clearance will work fine in plain areas, but in hilly areas, you need wheelbarrows with more height. Taller people will also need wheelbarrows with higher ground clearance.

>>>> Rust and Corrosion Protection

When you are buying plastic or poly tray wheelbarrows, make sure to check if they offer corrosion protection. In case of a steel tray, you need to confirm if it’s rust-free. These are essential things to ensure the longevity and durability of the product.

>>>> Weight Limit

The maximum weight limit of the wheelbarrow is another feature you need to consider in advance. This is something that totally depends on your requirements.

If you only need a wheelbarrow for simple backyard gardening, a basic plastic model will be sufficient. If you want to lift heavier items, you’ll find options ranging from 200 to 1200 pounds.

>>>> Tires

The tires of the wheelbarrow also bear the brunt of the weight you lift. So you’d want them to be strong enough to handle the maximum weight limit. But irrespective of how much weight you plan to lift, it’s best to always look for thick and durable tires. You’ll even find wheelbarrows with non-deflating tires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need an expert to assemble wheelbarrows?

Most wheelbarrow manufacturers do offer expert assembling services on their products. However, they are not very difficult to assemble by oneself. If you follow the user manual carefully, you can do the assembly on your own. If you face difficulties, you can contact their customer support first. If all that fails, then you can go for the expert assembly.

Q. Can I get replacement parts for my wheelbarrow?

It is up to the manufacturer to provide replacement parts for their product. In general, most wheelbarrows do have replacement parts so that you don’t have to buy an entirely new product if you damage your existing wheelbarrow.

Q. What other things should I consider other than the general features?

Apart from the basic features, you also need to check the warranty on the wheelbarrow and customer service from the manufacturer. To get a better idea of this, you can even contact the customer support to enquire about the product before buying.

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