5 best toothbrush holders: reviews + buying guides

best Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrushes are exposed to lots of bacteria if they are not stored accordingly. For this reason, we compiled the best toothbrush holders we could find, discuss their pros and cons, and offer you the essential information so you can make the ideal choice for your particular needs.

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What is the best toothbrush holder?

Our pick for the best toothbrush holder on this list is the HBlife toothbrush holder, striking a perfect balance of features, storage size, is constructed out of durable stainless steel, as well as having a rubbered bottom to prevent falling, all coming at a very reasonable price.

The design may be a bit dull, so if you want a more stylish alternative, the Essentra toothbrush holder in the perfect choice, boasting a marble white look, with a cup-like design and an affordable price.

The 5 best toothbrush holder you can buy right now

1. HBlife Electric Toothbrush Holder


  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • One-year warranty
  • Multi-purpose
  • Great storage space


  • The bars are spaced slightly wide

This versatile electric toothbrush holder can accommodate two electric toothbrushes along with three regular ones, a slot for your toothpaste as well as a slot for your facial cleanser and more. It adds versatility, being multi-purpose, so you can store every essential tool and requisite items in your bathroom. It is also designed to be easily placed wherever you want in your bathroom.

The electric toothbrush holder is also very sturdy and durable, being constructed out of glossy stainless steel. It features a rubber design, incorporating four rubber pads which ensures that it has enough adherence to your surfaces so your toothbrushes and other items don’t fall.

All in all, the HBlife is compact and lightweight, which provides great convenience, as well as offering a one-year warranty and coming at an affordable price, ensuring that your experience is ideal.

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2. Essentra Home Blanc Collection White Toothbrush Holder Stand


  • Stylish, white marble look
  • Compact and durable
  • Excellent customer service
  • Affordable price


  • Fairly small

This toothbrush holder is perfect for any stylish bathroom, complementing beautifully your bathroom’s decor. It is constructed out of a strong and sturdy resin material, which has the look of white marble and provides you with a premium feel when touched. It is quite heavy, so knocking it over is not likely.

The grey tint along with the white color provides your bathroom with a sleek and stylish appearance. This cup-shaped toothbrush holder is also compact, measuring 3.14 inches long, 3.14 inches wide and 4.33 inches in height, easily holding your essential bathroom items.

The company also delivers excellent customer service, providing reliable help, and a 100% satisfaction rate for its loyal customers. Although having so many attractive features, this toothbrush holder comes at a very affordable price.

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3. Joseph Joseph 70509 EasyStore Toothbrush Holder


  • Minimalist look, made of durable materials
  • Compartmentalized design
  • Easy dismantle for cleaning
  • Affordable price


  • Made of plastic, which may offer a cheap feel

This toothbrush holder boasts a minimalistic design, grey color, and multiple compartments, so your bathroom always looks sleek. It is fairly compact, so you can easily place it in your bathroom, as well as providing enough space for your oral care products.

It features 3 compartments that can easily hold electric or manual toothbrushes along with your toothpaste. It can also be easily dismantled so you have an easy time cleaning it. On the other hand, the plastic design might not be suitable for everyone’s needs.

It weighs only 6.2 ounces, making it convenient, as well as boasting a ventilation hole for quick dry. The bottom of this toothbrush is adherent, made out of a non-slip material, preventing it from easily falling down or tipping over. This could be a great alternative if you are not a fan of toothbrush wall holders.

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4. Airmoon Mini Ceramics Handmade Couple Toothbrush Holder Stand


  • Sleek, minimal design
  • Strong and easy to clean ceramics
  • Versatile and affordable
  • A variety of colors to choose from


  • The size does limit the items it can hold

This compact holder is made out of ceramic, providing a great and long-lasting service, as well as making it very easy to clean.

The impressive concept is that this toothbrush holder, in contrast with normal holders, has a minimal design that does not create a suitable environment for bacteria to thrive. It does not get damp and is a more hygienic alternative to usual toothbrush holders. Additionally, it is a great choice if you are looking for a high-quality electric toothbrush head holder.

The compact design ensures that it is easily placed in your bathroom without cluttering it, as well as coming in a variety of colors, so you can perfectly match it with your bathroom’s decor.

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5. TAKEONE Bathroom Toothbrush Holder


  • 100% organic materials
  • Great absorption properties
  • Compact and durable
  • Sleek, stone look
  • Affordable


  • Might be too small for both toothbrushes and toothpaste

This incredibly sleek toothbrush holder may be the perfect addition to your bathroom’s décor, adding a valuable essential item in your bathroom.

This durable toothbrush holder is manufactured with care and precision, made out of natural materials. It is comprised of 60% diatomite which has great absorption and purification properties, and 40% clay which is a durable and sturdy material, both being 100% eco-friendly.

The compact, cup-like design is just big enough to hold your essential oral care items but small enough to easily be placed in your bathroom. Along with these great features, it also comes at a very reasonable price and provides excellent customer service.

The package comes with 2 compact toothbrush holders, and it delivers a great and sleek experience. It also features versatility, not only holding your toothbrushes but other similarly sized and shaped objects, like pencils and pens.

The price is also affordable, but having said that, the small build doesn’t accommodate bigger items, such as toothpaste or electric toothbrushes.

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Features to be considered when choosing the toothbrush holder

There are a few desirable characteristics to pay attention to when choosing the best toothbrush holder for your bathroom. These include:

The Size of The Toothbrush Holder

Make sure you buy a toothbrush holder that can hold all your items properly, keeping in mind your family size. There is no use in buying multiple holders if you have a big family, but there is also no use in buying a large holder if you live alone or with another person. Additionally, some models are suitable for electric toothbrushes, others for traditional toothbrushes.

Stability and Adherence to The Surface

Bathrooms are often wet and slippery, so you should consider buying stable toothbrush holders, maybe with rubber bottoms so it improves adherence. Tipping over or falling may subject your oral care items to bacteria and other germs.

The Material of The Toothbrush Holder

There’s a wide variety of different materials out of which holders are constructed. This usually influences the durability of your holder, so consider investing more into a stainless-steel holder, or go for a plastic one if you are on a budget.


Some toothbrush holders may accommodate additional items, such as toothpaste, electric brushes, combs, etc. Opt for a minimal style if you don’t use many items, or go for a more spacious one if you intend to accommodate more or bigger items.


You should always make sure that your toothbrush holders are disinfected and clean to prevent any potential illnesses. The holders themselves should also be well vented, as well as having some kind of drainage to prevent them from accumulating moisture and produce ideal conditions for bacteria. For quick and easy cleaning, check out this short video!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the most sanitary way to store toothbrush?

It is advisable that after every use, you properly rinse your toothbrush, shake it a couple of times to eliminate excess water, and store it in your holder upright and ensure it does not touch any other toothbrush.

It is also important to store your toothbrush in an open space, because a cabinet or other similar storage compartment may harbor more microorganisms. In the open air, the toothbrush can more easily and rapidly dry, limiting potential bacteria.

Q. Are toothbrushes covering sanitary?

Toothbrush covers may actually contribute to bacterial growth, creating a suitable, moist environment. The best way to keep your toothbrush sanitary is to store it in a place where it can air-dry, in a vertical position, as well as making sure it does not touch other toothbrushes.

Q. How do you clean a stainless-steel toothbrush holder?

It’s not safe to use chemicals on your toothbrush holder because it may transmit them to your toothbrush. The safest way to clean and sanitize your holder is to submerge it into the water, preferably hot or boiling, and add a little soap.

Boiling water is better, killing all the bacteria, but hot water and soap or antiseptic mouthwash would also do the trick. If your holder is made of plastic, make sure it can withstand such temperatures.

Use a thin brush or a pipe cleaner to clean scrub and remove the excess debris of your holder. Make sure you properly clean every inch, and not leave any visible grime.

Boiling water is effective at killing bacteria, but if you want to make sure it is properly sanitized, take some alcohol or antibacterial mouthwash and put some into your holder. Make sure that every surface is covered.

Scrub the hard-to-reach places with your brush and some alcohol or mouthwash, and leave your holder to soak for about 5 minutes.

Rinse your holder properly using clean, running water, and let it drain and dry.

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