5 best toilet flapper: reviews and buying guides

best toilet flapper

Leaking toilet tanks can be a financial and environmental issue that you need to avoid. It usually happens when the toilet flapper system fails to do its job.

The best toilet flapper kit should be sturdy, durable, and should have the ability to stop a tank from leaking. You can find plenty of toilet fill valves in the market, which is why deciding the right one can be a headache.

In this review guide, I’ll go through some of the best-selling and most top-rated toilet flapper valves for prolonged performance. You will also go through each of their detailed features, advantages, disadvantages, and FAQs.

What is the best toilet flapper?

You witnessed a couple of toilet flappers for your needs. But, if you still have some doubts about choosing among them, then we suggest the FLuidmaster 502P21 PerfoMax for ensuring an adjustable 2-inch toilet flapper. We like that it has a controllable dial that lets you conserve water in the flush tank as per requirements.

If you have a three-inch flush valve, then the Fluidmaster 5403 would be the best toilet flapper for its simple installation and high durability. It even comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty to ensure more reliability. Either way, toilet flappers are quite affordable, so you can invest in the one that suits your needs.

The 5 best toilet flapper you can buy right now

1. Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Flapper Kit


  • Robust design made of plastic/rubber
  • Efficient 400 anti-siphon fill valve
  • Chlorine-resistant 501 flapper
  • Offers five-year warranty
  • Micro-ban protection against bacterial decomposition


  • Limited to flush valves of 2-inch diameter
  • Not that quiet in operation

The Fluidmaster 400CRP14 boasts an exceptional anti-siphon system to prevent toilet water from entering the water supply system. This kit includes a toilet flapper and the fill valve to add durability to all standard flush systems.

If a running and noisy toilet area has been bugging you, then the 400CRP14 could be the best toilet flapper replacement kit to invest in. Ideally, you can prefer it for tanks that have a flush capacity of at least 3.5 gallons.

Fluidmaster has intricately designed the flapper with a micro-ban feature, which adds a protection layer against bacteria – thus, preventing the unit from decomposition. Additionally, the firm has added a chlorine-resistant layer to the flapper for better hygiene.

This sturdy flapper would not twist that easily, which is necessary for ensuring longevity. One downside is that it is not a universal toilet flapper and fill valve, as it is compatible with the flush valve of only 2 inches diameter.

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2. Fluidmaster 502P21 PerfoMAX Durable Toilet Flapper


  • Sturdy construction to withstand flushing pressure
  • Five-year warranty
  • High-end durability
  • Water conservation technology
  • Adjustable dial
  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective toilet flapper
  • Anti-corrosive


  • Suitable for 2-inch flush valves only
  • Flimsy chain

If water conservation is your top priority in the toilet, then the PerforMAX 502P21 toilet flapper could be a reasonable choice. This lightweight yet sturdy lavatory flush system component features a simple installation process for your convenience.

Moreover, it could be your best toilet flapper replacement option for leaky and corroded ones. A primary feature that it possesses over other models is the adjustable dial for adjusting the level of water you want to use for flushing.

However, its compact size limits its compatibility to 2-inch flush valves only. Nevertheless, if used with the right valve, it efficiently blocks the passage to avoid toilet water leakages for good. Last but not least, it possesses Fluidmaster’s signature micro-ban layer to prevent this toilet flapper from growing toxic microbes over its surface.

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3. Korky 3060BP Toilet Flapper Replacement


  • Chlorazone rubber material
  • Chlorine-resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Easy to install
  • Supports wider flush valves (3 inches)
  • Exceptional tightening seal
  • High performance
  • Adjustable
  • Universal replacement for other brand flappers


  • More efficient with the Korky fill valve kit

The Korky 3060BP is one of the best toilet flapper valve kits if you have flush systems with 3-inch openings. The unit fits in your HET or High-Efficiency Toilets flush precisely to provide you with a prolonged seal for avoiding toilet leaks.

Installing this flapper is relatively easy as you do not require any tools, screws, etc., to fix it in place. Once installed, it stays in place with its rubber seal. The material is Chlorazone rubber, which prevents the impact of bacteria, chlorine, and other pollutants on it.

Additionally, Korky designs their flappers to suit both modern and old toilet models. Their exclusive focus on Chlorazone rubber helps for adding more durability to its products.

The featured material also focuses on easy installation with rare maintenance or replacement.

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4. Fluidmaster 5403 Universal Solid Frame Toilet Flapper


  • Durable construction
  • Universal flapper
  • Kink-free flapper chain
  • Robust silicone seal
  • Simple to install
  • 10-year warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • Suitable mostly for American standard flush systems

When it comes to high performance, 5403 by Fluidmaster is a top-grade toilet flapper valve to ensure superiority. It optimizes the toilet flush system through its robust frame, injection-molded for high durability.

Unlike other toilet fill valves and flappers, Fluidmaster 5403 encompasses a kink-free flapper chain made of stainless steel. That way, you can have a high-end and durable system for a secure, flush regime.

This toilet flapper might be suitable for 3-inch toilet flush valves, but that still makes it a universal replacement flapper for all brands in the 3-inch category. Furthermore, this unit is quite easy to install even by yourself.

It is also quite flexible when it comes to adjustability. You can optimize its mounting arm for a secure fit using its exceptional silicone seal and float ball.

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5. Korky 2022BP TOTO Toilet Replacement Flapper


  • Sturdy
  • Suitable for 3-inch flush valves
  • Chlorazone rubber seal
  • Chlorine-resistant
  • Bacteria-resistant
  • Universal replacement for brands with similar sizes
  • Simple installation


  • Lasts up to two years on average

The Korky 2022BP is an ideal replacement for Toto toilet models flappers and fill valve kits. Its easy-to-install feature makes it a preferable choice for convenience and time-saving.

When it comes to the design, Korky added a silicone rubber seal at its bottom to help keep it tightly intact and avoid toilet water leakage. That is one way used by the manufacturer to ensure complete control over the flushing water without compromising with quality.

Furthermore, it gives optimum sealing for all 3-inch TOTO models without the need for any tools or installation kits. The 2022BP has an efficient Chorazone rubber construction to keep it free damage against well water, hard water, bacteria, chlorine, etc.

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Some Important Details About OEM And “Will-Fit” Toilet Flapper Components

While going through toilet flappers, you might have come across terms in product guide that talk about OEM and will-fit toilet flappers and fill valve systems, etc. If you would like to know what these are, then keep reading further.

OEM, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer, is the genuine product produced by the original company. The primary manufacturer can market OEM toilet flappers and similar products under its name or sell to another company, which uses and markets them under its brand.

In this situation, the original owner can rebrand OEM products with stickers, moldings, and engravings for the secondary manufacturer. Furthermore, dealing in OEM parts prosecutes with an agreement that states that the original manufacturer cannot sell the rebranded OEM product to the end customers.

It is a way used by original creators for outsourcing products and their components for a lucrative situation for both parties. You can find OEM toilet flappers, fill valves, flapper kits, etc., being distributed in such a way on various eCommerce platforms.

What Is A “Will-Fit” Toilet Flapper?

Sometimes the original manufacturer can still sell a toilet flapper or similar them under some other branding, known as “will-fit.” Another cause of a will-fit toilet flapper is the one where some third-party manufacturer tries to copy and manufacture the original company’s design and sell it as its own.

That’s why you will find some toilet flapper resembling original models, but with some changes in the design. This operation is sometimes needed to avoid copyright issues for patented models (Source).

But, Which One To Choose?

You will often find that an OEM toilet fill valve or flapper kit fits perfectly in a particular toilet model. That happens because such a component is explicitly optimized for such a flush system. It also helps to ensure high durability, prolonged warranty, and exceptional performance.

However, you may also find some users who buy will-fit components, which are available at a lower price than OEM ones. Moreover, customers might not mind a few variations in the design in will fit models, as long as they fulfill their purpose.

Therefore, we can say that it depends on your preference. If your flush system works fine with a will-fit version, then you can go for it and save yourself a few bucks. However, if you can spend some more to invest in one of the best toilet tank flapper kits, then OEM could be a reliable option for you.

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Toilet Flapper

You must buy the right toilet flapper kit to avoid toilet leaks. The best toilet fill valve and flapper system is the one that comprises several factors. We will examine these factors to help you decide the right tool for long-term performance.


Technically, you will find three types of toilet flappers, which are rubber, tank ball, and seat disk.

Seat disk

Seat disk ones are the oldest toilet flappers that have a circular disk that covers the flush valve. The water in the toilet tank keeps it closed over the pipe. When you flush the toilet, it opens the flapper – thus, letting out the water. It settles back over the valve once water exits.

Tank ball

Tank ball flappers have a floating ball with a chain linked to the flapper. Upon flushing the system, the ball pulls out the flapper and lets the water exit the flush valve. It does need a chain of appropriate length to ensure a tight sealing of the flapper once the water flushes out.


Finally, rubber ones are contemporary toilet flappers that have a durable seal at the bottom for closing the flush valve efficiently. You can find plenty of rubber flappers made of an array of rubber materials.


Another thing to keep in mind is to choose a toilet flapper of a compatible size. You might have a flush system with a 2-inch, 3-inch valve, etc. So, use the relevant one (Source).

How to Replace a Toilet Flapper

In addition,  If you need Replace a Toilet Flapper, you can see this video for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Long Should A Toilet Flapper Last?

A decent-quality toilet flapper and fill valve should last for at least five years in general. Some low-quality ones might end up leaking or decomposing within two years as well. It usually happens when the flapper material is unable to withstand the toxicity and conditions of a toilet flush system.

Choosing a durable, bacteria- and chemical-resistant material for the toilet flapper can enhance its life for a more extended period.

Q. Why Does My Toilet Tank Keep Leaking?

Toilet flush systems often leak due to an incompatible toilet flapper. The flapper seals the flush valve or overflow outlet to keep the water inside the tank when not in use. But, if the flapper seal does not fit the flush valve entirely and accurately, then it might lead to leakage.

For instance, if you have one. A 3-inch flush valve and you try fitting a 2-inch toilet flapper over it. Then it would leave space to let the water pass out. Similarly, a larger flapper will not provide a small-sized valve.

It is a common reason for the leaking toilet flush tank. Whether you do it yourself or hire a plumber, the first diagnosis involves checking the toilet flapper. Based on that, you might need to make a toilet flapper replacement.

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