5 best shower caddy: reviews and ultimate buying tips

best shower caddy

Shower caddies can be incredibly helpful when it comes to organization in your shower stall. With a high-quality shower caddy, you’ll not only be able to hold more items in your shower, but you’ll also be able to keep your shower and bathroom looking neat and tidy. However, once you start looking for the best shower caddy available on the market today, you’ll quickly learn that you have a bevy of choices when it comes to style, size, and shape.

The best shower caddy options, regardless of how they look, should be quite durable and have anti-corrosive capabilities to prevent rust. To help you find the best rust proof shower caddy, we’ll cover the top five best portable shower caddy options nowadays, and then we’ll guide you on how to select the best hanging shower caddy for you and your family.

What is the best shower caddy?

Our best shower caddy choice is the Simplehuman’s Adjustable XL Shower Caddy because of its size, durability, and price. Although it costs more than several of our other options, it’s still reasonable. Plus, if you need to hold a lot of items and you want something durable, you’ll get everything you’ll need with this shower caddy.

However, if you’d prefer a corner shower caddy option, then we’d recommend our second pick, Simplehuman’s Corner Shower Caddy. Again, the price of this is more on the high-end of things, but it’s still reasonable. By purchasing this item, you’ll get a long-lasting, durable stainless-steel shower caddy that’s built to hold several items.

If you are shopping on a budget and you need something more affordable, then we’d suggest iDesign’s York Metal Wire Hanging Shower Caddy. While you won’t get as much space with this shower caddy, it’s still rust-resistant, durable, and offers enough room to provide some helpful organization.

Now that you know more about shower caddies, you should be able to figure out what you want and what you need. So, it’s time to hit the stores and purchase the shower caddy that you desire!

The 5 best shower caddy you can buy right now

1. best shower caddy: Simplehuman Adjustable XL Shower Caddy


  • Outstanding 5-year warranty
  • It makes it easy to organize your shower necessities
  • It holds tall bottles easily
  • Shelves are adjustable
  • Rustproof


  • More expensive than some of our other options
  • It only works with handheld showerhead styles

If you want to opt for the best stainless-steel shower caddy around today, then you might want to consider Simplehuman’s Adjustable XL Shower Caddy. While this option isn’t the most affordable one on our list, it’s one of the best tension shower caddy options that you’ll find anywhere.

Simplehuman offers an incredible five-year warranty with your product, which tells you something about how confident the manufacturer is about this product’s performance. Built with corrosive-resistant stainless steel, you’ll get a durable product that will last you many years.

Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to organize your shower space with this Simplehuman shower caddy easily. You’ll be able to organize your shower necessities because this best shower caddy option can even hold taller bottles. The wire shelves are also extensive and easy to adjust, so you can modify them as you see fit.

This Simplehuman shower caddy is limited to handheld showerheads only. However, if you have one of those, this shower caddy will even easily fit bulkier shower tools and holds just about everything you could ever need to use in a shower. With plenty of space and a rust-proof design, you should get a lot of use out of this product.

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2. best corner shower caddy: Simplehuman Corner Shower Caddy


  • Excellent 5-year warranty
  • Easily organize your shower space
  • It holds tall bottles
  • Rust-proof and durable
  • Stands stable even when your floor is not even


  • More expensive than many of our other options
  • It only works as a corner shower caddy

If you don’t have a handheld showerhead and you are looking for one of the best corner shower caddy options around today, then consider purchasing the Simplehuman Corner Shower Caddy. While this isn’t as cheap as some of our other best shower caddy options, you’ll still get a robust product that comes with a five-year warranty.

Simplehuman stands behind this shower caddy because they’ve designed this caddy to be rust-proof. Also, if you need a more organization and storage space in your shower, this product will provide you with precisely that. This shower caddy can hold taller bottles and all of your other shower necessities.

We also really like that this shower caddy will stand even no matter how uneven your floor might be. The stability comes from the durable aluminum spine that’s built into this product. So, you won’t need to worry about tipping this shower caddy over with a slight bump and creating a mess.

You’ll also be able to secure your items in this shower caddy with the extra storage hooks you’ll receive with the kit. So you’ll be able to fit everything into your shower easily once you purchase this shower caddy.

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3. best suction shower caddy: Soft Digits 2-Pack Corner Shower Caddy


  • Easy set-up process
  • Rustproof design
  • It comes with a waterproof adhesive
  • It has an open grid design for fast draining
  • Affordable


  • Not as large as some of our other options

For those of you looking for one of the best shower caddies for dorm options, consider the small, affordable, but still helpful Soft Digits 2-Pack Corner Shower Caddy. This product is one of the best suction shower caddy products you’ll find on the market today. The suction adhesive on this product is waterproof, so your shower rack will stay in the same spot easily.

Not only is the suction waterproof, but this shower caddy is also designed with fully rust proof materials. That’s because Soft Digits created this shower caddy with 304 stainless-steel, meaning it is non-corrosive. So, your shower caddy will look stylish and beautiful for many years.

While the Soft Digits shower caddy isn’t as large as some of our other options, it does come with two shower caddies so that you’ll still have extra room for organization. You might not fit in all of your shower necessities as easily with this option compared to some of the other products on our list, but if you don’t have a large shower and need just slightly more room, this shower caddy should do the trick.

We also love the open grid design used by this shower caddy. With the open grid, the shower caddy will drain out quickly.

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4. best shower caddy for college: KESOL Adhesive Shower Caddy Shower Shelf Basket with Hooks


  • Affordable product option
  • Two-shelf design offers extra organization space
  • Rust-proof design
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Not as large as some of the other options on our list

If you’re considering the best shower caddy for college, then the KESOL Adhesive Shower Caddy might be for you. KESOL’s shower caddy is very easy to install, and you won’t need any tools. So there is no worry about putting any holes in your walls with this product. You’ll get adhesive hooks that are built to last, and that can hold around fifteen pounds in products.

KESOL’s shelf is made to be durable and features 304 stainless-steel so that it won’t rust. That means this product is durable and long-lasting. So, you don’t have to worry about this shower caddy experiencing corrosion or falling apart. Also, because this product is made from stainless steel, it’s effortless to sanitize it so that your bathroom stays healthy. Plus, the shelves are also adjustable, so you can modify them as you see fit.

Plus, this shower caddy comes as a two-pack, so while it doesn’t offer as much organizational space as some of the other options on our list, you’ll still get enough space for your items. You can easily fit shampoos, conditioners, body washes, washcloths, and razors in this shower caddy. You’ll also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you buy this product, which means you’ll be able to return it if you don’t like the shower caddy.

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5. best shower caddy for the money: iDesign York Metal Wire Hanging Shower Caddy


  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Offers a stylish appearance
  • Affordable for those shopping on a budget
  • Works on most regular showerheads


  • It may not be large enough for everybody

If you are interested in something very affordable because you are shopping on a tight budget, but you still want one of the best shower caddy options, then consider the iDesign York Metal Wire Hanging Shower Caddy. If you’re shopping on a budget and you need something affordable but still durable, then this would be an excellent product for you. Not only does it have a stylish look because of its bronze coat, but the bronze also makes this shower caddy rust-resistant.

With its rust-resistant coating, iDesign’s shower caddy will last you for years and still appear stylish. You’ll get a few lower hooks with this shower caddy, so you’ll be able to organize loofahs, razors, shampoo, conditioner, and much more. Plus, this shower caddy features a metal wire basket, and that means the shower caddy quickly drains after each shower.

iDesign’s shower caddy features suction cups that you can use to keep the caddy on the wall. Your items will remain organized and stay in place once you’ve set-up this shower caddy. Since this shower caddy features a comprehensive design, you should be able to fit a decent amount of shower necessities into the iDesign shower caddy.

This shower caddy is also designed to fit almost all showerheads, so that’s something that makes this product a bit unique.

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Best Shower Caddy Materials

Most shower caddies are made out of polyester, plastic, or some non-corrosive metal. What’s the best type of material for a shower caddy? We’ll cover that information in more detail below.

Metal: Best Rust Proof Shower Caddy

The shower caddies we listed above are all mostly made from metal materials, or at least are coated with some metal. The metals used to cover shower caddies are primarily rust-resistant, and some others, like stainless-steel, are entirely rust-proof. Not only do several metals provide the shower caddy with anti-corrosive materials, but you also won’t get as much mold build-up with a metal shower caddy, making it much healthier and more hygienic.

Metal shower caddies are also some of the most robust best shower caddy options available on the market today. Many of the metal shower caddy products we discussed above come with warranties that last like five years. That’s because the metal used on these shower caddies is built to be very durable.

Although metal shower caddies are very durable, they will still eventually fall apart because of excessive use and wear and tear, although the process will most likely take years. Ultimately, the welding points on your shower caddy’s metal frame will rust, and that will cause the shower caddy to fail. Even the most rust-resistant metals will develop some rust over years of use and exposure to a moist environment.

Regardless, purchasing a solid metal shower caddy is probably your best option for a long-lasting product. One metal we do want to remind you to avoid is chrome-plating. Chrome is one of the worst metals to have on a shower caddy because, as soon as it scratches or cracks, it will start to rust immediately because of the humidity in your bathroom. That’s why we feel stainless steel frames are the best for shower caddies.

Plastic: Best Portable Shower Caddy

Plastic shower caddies are usually cheap and lightweight. So, they work well when somebody needs something portable and are also great products for seniors because they are easy to move. While they aren’t nearly as durable as metal shower caddies, if portability is more important for you, then you could opt for a plastic shower caddy.

Since they are so lightweight, plastic shower caddies tend to be the easiest to install, and you usually only need to hang them. However, they are so cheap that they do break easily, and unlike metal, plastic can’t ward off bacteria and mold. Thus, a plastic shower caddy will work best only in short-term situations.

Mesh or Polyester: Best Shower Caddy for Dorm

Mesh or polyester shower caddies work very well for students residing in a dorm. Since they are designed to be very portable, students can quickly move them from here to there without having to worry about losing anything. Another benefit to mesh caddies is that you can wash them quickly, so you won’t have to worry about so much bacteria and mold build-up.

However, much like plastic, mesh, or polyester shower caddies are only for short-term use. They won’t be able to stand up to the test of time as a metal shower caddy can.

If you’d like to learn more about shower caddies, please watch the video here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I purchase a stainless-steel shower caddy, will it never rust?

No, unfortunately. While water doesn’t typically rust or corrode stainless-steel, other environmental conditions in your bathroom will eventually make your shower caddy rust. That’s because bathrooms don’t have excellent air circulation or much oxygen. That combines with the excessive humidity and temperature changes mean that the stainless-steel will rust over time, but sometimes that can take years.

Q. What can I do if my hanging shower caddy slides down the shower’s top?

If your hanging shower caddy keeps sliding down, don’t worry. You can grab a zip tie and tie your shower caddy so that it is stably attached to your shower head.

Q. Should I purchase a suction-cup shower caddy if I have several items to hold?

No, we wouldn’t recommend a suction-cup shower caddy to anybody that wants to hold several items. Suction-cup shower caddies hold the least items of all of the shower caddy styles. Instead, we’d recommend a stainless-steel shower caddy.

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