5 best plants for betta fish [2022]: top picks and buying tips

best plants for betta fish

Why should you search for the best plants for betta fish? If you want happy, healthy, stress-free betta fish, then purchase some plants to help replicate your betta fish’s natural environment. Betta fish use plants when both hiding and resting. Also, betta fish are timid creatures, and they enjoy having places that give them cover. Plants help to alleviate a lot of fish stress because your fish will feel safer with more plants in the tank.

Below we’ll cover the best plants for betta fish. With your new plants, your tank will not only look prettier and realistic, but your betta fish will also feel happy and safe.

What is the best plants for betta fish?

The 5 best plants for betta fish you can buy in 2020

1. ComSun 10 Pack Artificial Aquarium Plants

ComSun’s 10 Pack of Artificial Aquarium Plants provide you with never-ending options to create a beautiful, realistic ecosystem inside of your tank where your betta fish can feel safe and relaxed. With  ComSun’s plants, you can place your plants anywhere you see fit in your aquarium since they’ll fit with ease. ComSun offers such a wide selection; you’ll be able to landscape your aquarium easily to match your imagination.

If you want to add some décor and color to your aquarium, then the beautiful hues of these artificial plants are sure to attract the awe of onlookers. The lovely green tones will brighten the appearance of your tank, and provide your betta fish with plenty of options for relaxation. Not only will your aquarium easily catch others attention, but your fish will also be happy and stress-free.

ComSun’s plants are very low maintenance because they are artificial. So, you won’t need to worry about specialized lights or carbon dioxide. These plants will never become overgrown or ugly. You’ll never need to prune them, either. Instead, you can count on their beautiful appearance for many months.

Also, ComSun’s artificial plants won’t release anything that might stress out the fish, like CO2 or oxygen. That will help keep your betta fish from feeling overly stressed or agitated.

reasons to buy:

  • Low maintenance option
  • These artificial plants won’t stress out your fish
  • Lovely, eye-catching appearance
  • Helps keep fish happy and stress-free

reasons to avoid:

  • Plants do need to be replaced after a few months due to wear and tear

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2. 4 Piece Betta Hammock

If you want one of the best plants for your betta fish, consider the 4 Piece Betta Hammock. This beautiful, well-designed betta bed will give your fish a comfortable hammock to relax in. The larger leaf size comes made to resemble a real leaf and measures an inch and a half by four inches. These hammocks use suction cups for placement, so they are straightforward to use. With this product, you’ll be able to create a bed for your betta fish that also resembles their natural habitat, reducing their stress levels and giving them a place to relax and hide.

It’s best to place your leaf hammock close to the surface for your betta fish since this is where they feel most comfortable. Also, your leaf hammock’s realistic appearance will be eye-catching to others, since the natural green hue helps to accent your tank, making the ecosystem look natural and inviting.

This betta bed leaf hammock is designed from high-quality materials that are lightweight, safe, and durable. Since the leaf hammock is made from plastic, there is no BPA to worry about, and your hammocks are made to be waterproof. When you are ready to use your leaf hammock, all you need to do is clean the surface and suction the cups into the tank.

reasons to buy:

  • Eye-catching green hues
  • Provides a natural habitat for betta fish
  • Gives your betta fish a bed to relax and hide in
  • Easy to set up

reasons to avoid:

  • Betta fish can wear the hammocks out after a couple of months

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3. CNZ Aquarium Decor Fish Tank Decoration Ornament

If you want to add a splash of color to your tank, that’s something other than green, then another one of the best plants for betta fish that you can consider is CNZ’s Aquarium Décor Fish Tank Decoration Ornament. With it’s beautiful, eye-catching red color, this plant will make your aquarium stand out since your eyes are drawn automatically to this pretty plant. Not only that, but the plant is also designed to have a lifelike appearance, so your tank will look like it has its natural ecosystem in it.

CNZ’s plant is so lifelike; it’s difficult to tell that it is made from plastic once you’ve placed it in your tank. Your betta fish will enjoy hiding behind this plant or moving into it so they can relax, surrounded by the striking color of this plant. Plus, this plant stands at fifteen inches tall and is five and a half inches wide, so it’s large enough to give your betta fish some fun, relaxing color.

CNZ’s artificial plant requires minimum maintenance. Since this plant is made out of plastic, it’s effortless to maintain. You’ll never need to trim it or prune it. This product is developed to be safe, non-toxic, and waterproof since it’s made out of plastic. So, your fish will feel safe and happy when you add this plant into your tank.

reasons to buy:

  • Bright, attractive colors
  • Tall, lifelike plant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safe for betta fish and non-toxic

reasons to avoid:

  • The plant smells a bit odd when you first open up the package

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4. ByTheBay Plastic Aquarium Plant Set

If you want one of the best plants for betta fish that offers you a bevy of different attractive colors, then consider ByTheBay’s Plastic Aquarium Plant Set. This two-piece set has four color options for you to pick from, including green, red-green, yellow, and red. So, if you are looking to add some attractive hues to your fish tank while also creating a realistic look for your betta fish, these plants are an excellent option.

ByTheBay’s two-piece set is flexible and easy to maneuver, so you can bend these plants and make them look the way you want them to appear. Plus, the plants are large enough to provide plenty of hiding places for your betta fish since the plants are large and stand at about ten inches in height. Also, these plants feature a busy design that acts as a cloak, shielding your shy betta fish and keeping them relaxed.

Plus, this product also features massive bases so that they won’t move around or tip over faster; you place them in the tank.  That means once you set them up, they should stay put for a long time. Also, these pieces are totally non-toxic and completely safe for your betta fish.

reasons to buy:

  • Comes in four different colors
  • Plants look very realistic
  • Massive bases make these plants function well
  • Non-toxic and safe for betta fish

reasons to avoid:

  • Plants have a pungent odor when you first open them up, this smell decreases with time

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5. Tetra ColorFusion Blooming Collection Anemone

If you want one of the best plants for betta fish that’s exceptionally eye-catching, then consider the Tetra ColorFusion Blooming Collection Anemone. This product gives you a stylish, fashionable option that will provide several vibrant colors to your tank’s look. Since this plant is made from silicone, it’s made to move like an anemone in water, so you won’t be able to tell that it’s fake. Also, your tank will appear brighter because the anemone’s tentacles feature brilliant pink tips. You can also add a Tetra ColorFusion Universal Color-Changing LED Light to this product if you want to customize it and add something interesting to your tank.

This product is made out of soft material that fish are attracted to, and your betta fish will enjoy taking cover in this anemone. Betta fish enjoy resting and relaxing inside of these, and you’ll find that your fish will seem less stressed out when you start using this product.

This anemone can brighten up your aquarium while also providing a safe space for your betta fish. Since it’s made from all non-toxic materials, it won’t harm your betta fish. Instead, you know they’ll feel safe and happy whenever they take time to relax inside the anemone.

reasons to buy:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Can use LED lights with this product
  • Bright and colorful
  • Provides a safe place for betta fish to hide
  • Non-toxic

reasons to avoid:

  • It can wear out quickly in a couple of months

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Why Do Betta Fish Need Plants?

If you’re considering purchasing some plants for your betta fish, you are probably wondering why they need plants. Betta fish love being surrounded by plants, and they have their reasons for this. We’ll discuss those reasons in more detail below.

Plants Provide Cover

First, betta fish need plants for safety reasons. Betta fish only feel comfortable when they have places to hide. Plants provide cover for your betta fish, which makes them feel safe and not stressed out inside of your tank. While your tank would be entirely safe for your betta fish without plants, you do still need to provide some plants for your betta fish if you don’t want them to feel overwhelmed. Also, if your betta lives with other fish around it, then it’s essential to put plants in your take to ensure the comfort of your betta fish.

Plants Provide a Natural Feel

Next, betta fish live in a natural habitat that has many plants, both in the water and on the surface. These plants give the betta fish a break from the sun as well as some comfortable shade to enjoy. Since betta fish are so used to having plants in their ecosystems, providing this for them in your tank will make them feel far less stressed and much happier.

Plants Provide Entertainment

Plants are also a great way to entertain your betta fish. Betta fish enjoy swimming through a wide variety of plants, as well as exploring. Since betta fish tend to be a bit curious, they enjoy some adventure when they wade through plants. Thus, having plants in your tank will give your betta fish plenty of places to explore so it won’t get bored. If you move your plants around from time to time, you can keep re-freshening your tank for your betta fish, providing him with new areas to explore.

Fake Plants and Live Plants: Do Bettas Have a Preference?

Bettas themselves don’t have a preference when it comes to living or fake plants. They’ll be happy either way. So, when deciding between fake plants or live plants, consider your personal preferences. Live plants do offer some benefits. For instance, with live plants, you’ll get a natural ecosystem for your betta fish to enjoy. You’ll also get natural fibers and gas, which can benefit your fish. Plus, natural plants tend to look very vibrant and attractive.

Still, many plastic plants nowadays have beautiful appearances and lovely hues. Besides, plastic plants are easier to work with and require very little maintenance beyond cleaning now and then. Just like natural plants, plastic plants offer the same type of cover and protection for your betta fish. Plus, plastic plants tend to be much more affordable when compared to natural plants.

Some people enjoy using a balance of both natural plants and plastic plants in their tanks. Whatever your choice, just make sure you keep your ecosystem friendly for your betta fish. You want to make sure your betta fish can move and swim around so that it can enjoy exploring the plants. Setting up your tank this way will ensure your betta fish has a happy life.

If you’d like to learn more about betta fish and plants in aquariums, please watch this video.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I purchase real plants or fake plants?

The choice is really up to you. Neither fake plants or real plants will benefit your betta in any substantially different way. The main priority of providing plants in a tank for betta fish is to ensure your betta fish have places to hide and relax, making them feel safe and comfortable. So, either a plastic plant or a fake plant can accomplish this. Keep in mind that fake plants tend to cost much less, and they are also much easier to maintain than real plants.

Q. Do betta fish prefer particular colors for their plants?

Not necessarily. So, when it comes to picking out the colors of the plants you want to add to your tank, that’s really up to you. You can use your fashion sense and personal preference to decorate your tank in whatever colors you prefer.

Q. Do betta fish live longer when they have plants in their tanks?

Yes, they do. That’s because betta fish tend to be much happier and more relaxed when they have plants in their tanks. With the addition of plants, betta fish can explore, hide, and feel safe. So, if you want your betta fish to live longer, you should certainly consider adding plants into your tank.

Wrap Up

When looking for the best plants for betta fish, we would recommend our top pick, ComSun’s 10 Pack Artificial Aquarium Plants. For an affordable price, you’ll get a pack of ten plants that your betta fish can explore and use to hide. These plants are plastic and durable and also easy to set-up and maintain.

If you are interested in something that’s slightly more affordable and a bit more on the creative side, then consider the Tetra ColorFusion Blooming Collection Anemone. This anemone can be updated with LED lights and provides a bright, colorful area for your betta fish to explore.

However, if you prefer brighter colors and more choices, then think about purchasing ByTheBay’s Plastic Aquarium Plant Set. With this set, you’ll get an affordable alternative and several colorful color options that can brighten up the look of your tank.

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