5 best painter’s tape: unbiased reviews and buying guide

best painter’s tape

Do you want to know what painters use to keep their lines sharp and keep paints out when painting? Your guess is right if you mentioned painter’s tape. Painting tapes are known for their pressure-sensitive feature, which makes them perfect for sticking on diverse surfaces. They can be stuck on wood, cement surfaces, carpets, and vinyl. It was invented in 1925 by Richard Drew.

This buying guide is specially prepared to compare several selected tapes. Generally, these tapes have peculiar colors, textures, sizes, and special effects that set them apart from others in their categories. Depending on your need, you know as much as I do that you can choose the tape that best fits such needs after reading this guide.

1. FROGTAPE 240660 Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape with PAINTBLOCK


  • Special Paint block Technology that prevents paint bleeding
  • Versatility
  • Lightweight and water-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t peel off paint during removal


  • Comes in only green color
  • Size disparity

If you intend to paint your house yourself, you want to give it your best shot. Well, if that is what you want, you should opt for this multi-surface painters tape.  The frog tape 240660 is of professional-grade, which makes it the perfect choice for you even if you are a “greenhorn” at painting. You definitely cannot go wrong with the color because of its vivid and vibrant color (green). Unlike most painter’s tapes that are difficult to remove after use, this one isn’t. Weighing merely 2 pounds and made from structured crepe paper, there is no doubt that you will enjoy the lightness and the finesse of the tape.

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2. ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape


  • Adheres to glass, textured drywall, aluminum, and marble
  • Longevity and durability
  • Easy to apply and easier to remove
  • Affordability


  • Medium adhesive effect
  • Lacks versatility
  • Comes in only blue color

If you are a lover of “made in USA” products, then this is for you. Scotchblue painter’s tapes are best when using white paint or other brightly colored paints other than blue. This adhesive painters tape can be used on multiple surfaces and are designed to stay as long as 14days before removal. Most painters always advise their clients to purchase tapes that are sunlight and UV light resistant, especially for painting external parts of their buildings. Scotchblue painters Tape is one of the best for such external paint works because of its sunlight and UV light resistant quality. They come in single rolls that can be used for as much as 60 yards.

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3. Xfasten painters tape


  • Versatility and neatness
  • Does not leave residue behind
  • Easy to install, unwind and remove
  • Resistant to moisture, sunlight, and UV
  • Can be used on automobiles


  • Disparity in size
  • Sticks for a short time

Before you scream “blue murder” because of yet another blue painters tape on this list, check out the feature of this one. Just like most of the tapes in its category, it sticks to a variety of surfaces. If you want a tape that does not leave sticky residues behind then, you should opt for this one. It might curl around the edge after a while. The advertorial on its pack states that it’s a half-inch tape, but you might have to use it to know for sure.

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4. Duck Blue Painter’s Tape 1-Inch


  • A 1-inch tape can cover as much as 60 yards
  • Resistant to UV light, sunlight, and moisture
  • Versatility


  • Leaves residue behind upon removal
  • Smaller in size when compared with other painter tapes

Some tapes do not stick well on the drywall as much as they do on wet walls. Duck blue painters Tape isn’t one of those painter tapes. The one-inch tape fits perfectly on drywall, steel, concrete, and wood. You might scream, “here is another blue tape,” well, you are right; it is a blue tape that works perfectly on different surfaces, although it leaves behind some residue. The same quality that makes the tape adhere to a variety of substances is the same one that makes it easy to remove (with your hands). If you are a sucker for length, it means you will enjoy the full length of 60 yards that the tape can cover in one roll.

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5. Gaffer Power Painters Tape


  • Affordability, durability, flexibility, and longevity
  • Versatility on different surfaces
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors


  • Fragility and rigidity
  • Causes paint leak
  • Restrictive color

Flexibility, durability, and longevity are the three core qualities to look out for before purchasing or using a painter’s tape. The Gaffer power painters tape has three of these qualities. It is flexible enough to be used for wall corners, especially in tight angles. The tape is also durable enough to last as a masking tape after use on different surfaces for several days. It is not as thick as other painter’s tapes, which makes it quite difficult to hold back running paint.  On a flipside, gaffer power painter’s tape is affordable, and it can be the best choice for you if you are looking for affordable and durable tape for dry surfaces.

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Qualities to look out for before buying a tape


Painter’s tapes are not meant to be thick, but they are not meant to be thin either. When looking for a masking /painters tape for your internal or external paint works. It is advisable to look out for the ones that are durable enough to survive the effects of mild to extreme sunlight, moisture from rain or water, and sub-freezing temperatures. Here is a hack that will help you pick a durable tape. The thicker the tape, the more durable it is and vice versa. When next you go shopping for painter tapes, look out for the thick ones, they will save you the cost of buying once again.


Flexibility is another important quality to look out for when shopping for an excellent choice of painters tape. If a painting tape is flexible, it will allow the painter to cover any angle/cover or edges at their convenience. Either when painting a car or a house, a good painter must ensure that every surface is adequately protected. If the painting tape isn’t flexible, it will break when used in areas that are not flat. You know as well as I do that, that will affect the painting.  So when next you need to select the right tape for paint masking or other uses lookout for flexible tapes. Non- flexible tapes indicate that the tape is expired or damaged.


Length or dimension is another critical factor to consider when buying a painting tape. All tapes have adhesive. Most tapes are versatile to fit over several surfaces, but not all tapes are the same size. To pick the most appropriate tape for you, ensure that you pick the tape that has the right size of the surface, you intend to protect from paint. The average size of most tapes is one and a half inches, others can be one inch, and some are lesser.  Some tapes always have different figures than the actual figure written on the pack (take note).


Color is another important feature to look out for when using or purchasing a painting tape. Although the color of the tape used doesn’t affect the painting, but it increases the chance of errors. For example, in an environment with poor lighting, using the same color of tape with your paint can make the paint extend beyond the paint line. If necessary, pick a contrasting color of tape to prevent such mistakes.

Color, length, flexibility, and durability are the most important factors to look out for when choosing the best tape for your painting job. Durable tapes last longer (as long as you want it) flexible tapes make painting easier, and together, these features make your painting stress less.

How to use a painter’s tape

Here is how to use a painter’s tape in short easy steps.

Step 1: Clean the surface where the tape will be applied with a moist rag or wipe dust with a duster

Step 2: Apply the paint with a painter tape applicator if your tape comes with one (use your hand if it doesn’t)

Step 3: Use a ruler or a flexible putty knife to pat the edges of the tap down to ensure that the sides are flattened.

Step 4: Cut the excess tape with a putty knife or scissors.

You can see the Youtube Video for how to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I paint without taping?

A: it is possible to paint without taping, but you are liable to make more mistakes painting without a tape.

Q: How soon can I tape a freshly painted surface?

A: it is advisable to wait for 24 hours before taping a newly painted surface to avoid smearing the surface.

Q: Why isn’t my tape sticking to the surface?

A: this is a common issue when using a painter’s tape. This might be a result of dirt or moisture on the surface. Either of these can prevent tapes from adhering with the surface.

Q: Are all tapes good for outdoors?

A: generally, all tapes are suitable for outdoor use, but tapes made for outdoor use are usually more durable, and they typically have a stronger adhesive, which helps them withstand temperature, humidity, and other extreme conditions.

Q: How long should I leave my tape on after painting?

A: tapes should be left on as long as the paint is still wet and fresh. As soon as the surface is dry, the tape should be removed.

Q: Is it best to use tape on a surface exposed to water?

A: No. if possible, ensure that the surface is cleaned and dried before applying your tape.

Q: Do I need to apply my painter’s tape manually or with a machine?

A: the means of application is dependent on factors such as the surface area, availability of a machine applicator and ease of use.

Q: My tape peeled off faster than it should?

A: there are many reasons why tapes peel off before you take them off. Firstly, the tapes could be substandard, application of paint before tape or wrong application of tape.

Q: Are there special tapes for extremely hot environments?

A: there are. Painters tapes like Frogtape and Xfasten are great for environments with extreme heat.

Q: How do I clean off residue?

A: you can remove residue by rubbing with the finger, wiping off with cotton, or by using chemical-based cleaning fluids.

Q: How do I know if my painter tape is expired?

A: the best way to know if your tape is expired is to check the pack before use. If your tape falls off after application or cracks during the application, it has most likely expired.

Q: How much tape is best for me?

A: the quantity of tape depends on the amount of surface that needs to be covered.

Wrap up

From the Scotch blue painter tape with its extremely adhesive feature to the Xfasten painters tape that doesn’t leave residue behind after removal to the Gaffers power paint with its extremely durable and flexible feature. All the tapes listed in this buyer’s guide all have the quality of versatility. Ranking above durability and beauty, versatility is the primary reason why most individuals buy painters tapes.

Although Scotch blue and frog are tape are the largest in diameter, other tapes are equally perfect as they leave little to no residue behind after painting. With several Painter tapes available in the market, we hope that we have been able to convince you about the important qualities to look out for before choosing the best painter’s tape.

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