5 best multimeter: neutral reviews & buying guide

Best Multimeter

Have you been bothered getting a good, reliable, and the best multimeter for use? Don’t get too bothered; Let me help you to make an excellent decision choosing your best multimeter. Meter is a handy measuring device you will need at your home, office, car, or even inside your tool bag because it is convenient.

A multimeter is something every single home should have, knowing about their basic functions/ usefulness, which include: testing of the battery voltage, checking of cable continuity, testing capacity, among many others, which read in the metadata form.

Getting the best multimeter is essential for maximum satisfaction. You don’t need to be an electronic technician before you can handle your meter. It comes with a readable manual that you easily follow up. We have our favorite varieties of best multimeters we can recommend for you. Read on!

1. Etekcity Auto-ranging Digital Multimeter


  • Wide Screen Display of Digits
  • Backlight screen display support for night functioning
  • Battery level percentage Indication
  • Data Hold Function
  • Comes With Rubber Pouch Protection
  • Internal Fuse Protection
  • Support Stand for easy viewing


  • Backlight offs after 30seconds of idle use
  • Small Size Disadvantage
  • No buzzer control

This type of multimeter has wonderful features that make it fit perfectly into many functions. Etekcity MSR-A600 is a variety of multimeter that comes with special packages including two testing leads, two AAA pre-installed batteries, and a user manual guide.

The multimeter comes with a loud buzzer, which makes sounds while taking the measurement. Also, the Etekcity Auto-Ranging meter has a large-enough screen that makes digits readable. Etekcity MSR-A600 weighs just 12 ounces making it very light and handy. It has voltage and current test including options of using AC/DC.

Few Things You Can Do With Etekcity Auto-ranging Multimeter

  • Accurate measurement of Capacitance
  • Test of wiring/current continuity
  • Test of diode’s current or voltage
  • Measurement of resistance
  • Troubleshooting of electrical problems on gadgets, etc.

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2. Crenova MS8233D Auto-ranging Digital Multimeter


  • Automatically goes off after some idle minutes to save power
  • Backlight screen display support
  • Small and hefty for a comfortable grip
  • Back stand to provide easy viewing
  • Comes with sturdy rubber pouch
  • Double fuses for internal security against power surge


  • Some tinny angle display contents
  • A bit slow auto-ranging function
  • Resistance level keeps returning to zero during diode measurement
  • Not designed to stay long on display
  • Nothing to hold test leads after use

This is another wonderful digital meter that fits into different functions. It comes with a carrying bag, Test leads, alligator clips, a manual guide, and a 9voltage battery. Crenova MS8233D multimeter can automatically go off after some idle period.

The meter comes with a hard orange rubber that protects and makes it easy to handle. It weighs 11.4 ounces. The meter will give you a satisfactory experience without breaking your purse.

Things You Can Do With Crenova MS8233D Auto-ranging Digital Multimeter

  • An accurate measure of AC/DC continuity, voltage and current
  • Measure of Frequency
  • Testing of diodes, etc.

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3. Kaiweets True Root Means Square (TRMS) 6000 Digital Multimeter


  • Comes with two backlights for brighter screen display
  • Internally secured with double fuses
  • PTC thermistors and intelligent anti-burn protection
  • Data Hold function available
  • Easy battery test with backlight color indication
  • Well integrated and loud alarm system
  • Comes with a kickstand and pen slot


  • Battery removal requires unscrewing back cover
  • Size too small
  • The plastic body becomes slippery when oily

This is another great and best multimeter device for measurement and testing. Kaiweets TRMS 6000 comes with one pair of test leads, two AAA batteries, a user manual, and a thermocouple. The meter comprises of black plastic weighing up to 1.4 pounds. The Kaiweets TRMS 6000 meter has two backlight sources, which makes the screen bright.

Kaiweets TRMS 6000 Digital meter is reliable with accurate measurements and 180-degree view. The meter shows voltage when placed close to the source without wire connection and indicates the battery percentage.  The meter has a full range application as it can function in checking both industrial and home circuit.

Things You Can Do with Kaiweets TRMS 6000 Digital Multimeter

  • Accurate measurements of Voltage in AC/DC
  • Test of Diode and Triode
  • Continuity test
  • Led lamp
  • Temperature Measurement etc.

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4. Innova 3320 Auto-ranging Digital Multimeter


  • Large screen display
  • Screen backlight function
  • Color indication
  • AC/DC single selection option
  • Device light to carry
  • Beeps during continuity test
  • Automatically offs when idle


  • Beep sound comes late after continuity test
  • Auto-ranging a bit slow
  • Less sensitive test leads

The Innova 3320 Auto-ranging meter is another best measuring multimeter device that is reliable and customer friendly. It comes with a wonderful protective rubber pouch to prevent it from accidental falls or damage. Innova Meter has a battery check or indicator that helps monitor usage.

Another thing that will interest you about Innova 3320 is the fact that it has color code, which helps to indicate the condition of a battery on the test. It is easy to use by anybody. The meter comes with test leads and back holder for easy viewing.

Things You Can Do With Innova 3320 Multimeter

  • Measurement of voltage and current in AC/DC
  • Troubleshooting to find out any electrical related problems
  • It probes temperature and displays both in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Testing of diodes, wiring, and switches
  • A quick study of battery condition

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5. Fluke 117 Electrician’s True Root Means Square (TRMS) Multimeter


  • low input impedance present
  • Prevention of false voltage reading
  • Backlight feature
  • Widescreen display
  • Magnetic backside
  • Long test lead set (4mm length)
  • Voltage measurement alert
  • Accurate measurement
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Freeze screen feature
  • The digital bar graph feature


  • Diode check doesn’t go beyond 2V
  • Frequency measurement capacity doesn’t go beyond 50kHz
  • Accessories not available
  • No data auto-hold

This is another best multimeter with efficient and accurate measurements. It is the choice of electricians due to its wide range of usability and efficiency. Fluke 117 meter weighs 1.21 Pounds, and it comprises plastic with a support stand for easy viewing. It detects and avoids ghost voltage through auto/LoZ function.

The meter comes with test leads and back stand support. The measuring tool is pocket-friendly for both experienced users and novices. The multimeter layout is well designed for easy usage.

What You Can Do With Fluke 117 RMS Multimeter

  • Efficient Troubleshooting of electrical products issues
  • Measurement of voltage in DC/AC
  • Testing of diodes or wiring continuity
  • Measurement of Frequency
  • Detection of the resistance level and capacitance measure etc

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Making the Best Decision

You only need to know what things to check before making the purchase decision of your best multimeter.

I will help you out.

Things to Notice about Digital Multimeters

How accurate it measures or Tests: One of the many few things you should check out for is the accuracy of the meter you are trying to purchase. You will have to know the type of Test Leads that come with it. You may want to consider probe master 9104s digital multimeter (DMM) leads. You can check for more options of leads cable here.

Another way to confirm accuracy is by checking reviews about them before buying.

Confirm the Digital multimeter (DMM) has a higher voltage than what you want to measure. This will help you to avoid any calamity and make you enjoy what you are paying for. Generally, compare the specifications of the meter and go for the best if you can afford it.

Check display and Layout: In this aspect, I will advise you to go for what best appeals to you. Most preferably, go for Digital multimeters (DMMs) with brighter backlight and large screen size. Also, check if the icons around the dial are visible enough.

Go For Auto-ranging digital meter: This is the latest feature of Digital multimeters (DMMs), also called VOM (Volt-ohm-milliammeter), as it makes it easy to read voltages or current without going through the stress of setting range. This feature helps meters to automatically set in the range of measurements and help to achieve accuracy.

How secure is the digital multimeter (DMM)? This should be another thing you will have to settle before pressing the purchase button. Some of the meters above have double fuses, which internally secure your meter. Check for Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs), creepage, and the overlapping case halves.

Check for extra features like back stand, rubber pouch, color, etc.; those things will make you enjoy what you have paid for.

This Youtube video will help in broadening your knowledge on how to pick the best DMM.

Necessary Things Your Meter should have

Before making that purchase decision, know that your best multimeter is expected to have the following for maximum enjoyment:

Check for True Root means square (TRMS): For you to have a non-sinusoidal AC accurate measurement, your meter has to get True Root Means Square (TRMS). Read about RMS here.

Check Backlight: This should be one of the key things your meter should have. It makes a record of results easy either at night or in a poorly lit area.

AC/DC option: You will need this feature as part of your meter to be able to measure Battery (DC voltage) or electric current (AC voltage). This is one of the things you should enjoy with your meter.

Strong battery life. You can’t imagine having a meter with poot battery capacity. So, check out before paying.

Sensitive test leads: Check the sensitivity of the meter’s pairs of lead to ensure you will get the satisfaction you require.

Speed: a good meter should read out measurement results within a second. Ensure the meter you want to get has a speed and accuracy.

Making Most Use Out of Your Chosen Meter

So how do you make the best use of your meter? You will have to take note of the following:

Follow the manual: every Digital Multimeter comes with a short booklet on how to operate. It is better to read instead of tampering ignorantly with it.

It has a dial to switch to any function you want to perform, such as AC/DC voltage, current, or resistance.

Probes and test lead: these accessories help you to read anything you wish to measure. Leads have an iron pointing mouth so it can access any corner. The probes will be connected to the meter. The screen shows 4digits and can show a negative sign.

Your best Digital multimeter operates in the metadata form. Metadata is a mini representation or summary of your data (the result of your measurement or test).  Watch the video here below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is digital multimeter about?

A: a digital multimeter is a measuring tool that reads in the unit. Digital multimeter shows digits as a result, and it can be used to test different things such as voltage, frequency, circuit, etc.

Q: Which kind of person can use a digital multimeter?

A: Digital multimeter (DMM) is for anybody. Even, it is what each household should have in possession. It is part of the basic tools that will save you the money you should have wasted inviting electricians all the time. Knowing how to use Digital Multimeter is a great plus.

Q: What are the things I can use a digital multimeter to measure?

A: Digital multimeter is made to do those things your analog meter could have done as well. This time, just that it becomes easier to read results. Like already listed, Digital multimeters (DMMs) can be used to read battery voltage, test wire continuity, check frequency, among many other electrical measurements.

Q: How can the digital multimeter be used?

A: We already explained this, but in a simple recap, you read through the manual that accompanies your multimeter. You can watch the video link attached to this post.

Q: which best digital multimeters should I purchase or pick?

A: If you have any problem choosing the Digital multimeter (DMM) you need, we already put out our top-five pick in this post, you can rely on our advice and pick any of them.

Wrap up

Finally, our top pick Digital Multimeter (DMM) is Fluke True Root Means Square (TRMS) 117. This multimeter will give you a wonderful experience with measurements and testing. The product can be used for minor electrical measurements and advanced industrial services with a high rate of accuracy. Also, it is easy to use.

However, the basis on which those best multimeters were chosen hinges on the extra features they possess as distinct from the general ones.

Some of the recommended digital meters have a follow-up service from the company, which will make it easy for you to contact them and complain or replace it if need be.

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