10 best leaf vacuums: reviews and buying tips

best leaf vacuum

Tired of having to rake autumn leaves from your lawn? Then you might be interested in a leaf blower. Modern leaf blowers are multi-tasking machines that not only work as leaf vacuums but also as mulchers.

Finding the best leaf vacuum out of overwhelming machines available in the market is a daunting task. But we’re here to help you decide just that.

Scroll through our top 10 leaf vacuums, and don’t forget to check out the buying tips.

What are the best leaf vacuums??

The 10 best leaf vacuums you can buy in 2020

1. Best corded leaf vacuum – Toro 51619

The Toro 51619 makes your cleaning tasks effortless. You can use this 3-in-1 machine as a vacuum, blower, and shredder. This machine features a variable speed to allow for better control.

You can use a quite powerful pump that can blow or suck air at about 250 mph. More specifically, the machine can expel or suck up 410 cubic feet of air per minute. The Quick-Release Latch allows for easy switching between the vacuum and blower modes.

The vacuum bag features a zipper at the bottom for easier dumping. The zipper function is particularly clever as it eradicates the need to remove the entire bag.

You can use this particular leaf blower and vacuum to reduce mulch. The powerful metal impeller can reduce up to 88% of mulch.

reasons to buy:

  • Easier to dump
  • Easy switching between modes
  • Great for reducing mulch
  • Doubles as a shredder

reasons to avoid:

  • Vacuum accessories need improvement

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2. Best cordless leaf vacuum – Greenworks 24322

This two-in-one leaf blower and vacuum from Greenworks is a great design if you want to minimize yard labor. It features a brushless motor that can evacuate air at 185 mph.

This Greenworks leaf blower is the best cordless leaf vacuum that can run for up to 1 hour. Having a cordless vacuum means you can take it anywhere in your garden or driveway without worrying about any nearby AC outlet.

As for speed variation, the Greenworks offers up to 6 different speeds, which can be toggled using speed dial. A Turbo button is also featured for emergency cleanups.

You can also use the Greenworks for clearing out and shredding mulch. It only weighs 5.6 pounds and is a great start for yard cleanups.

reasons to buy:

  • Minimizes labor in the yard
  • Highly portable
  • Great for emergency cleanups
  • Lightweight

reasons to avoid:

  • Battery drains faster in turbo mode

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3. Best 3-in-1 leaf vacuum – Black Decker BV 6000

We highly suggest using this Black+Decker leaf blower if you’re looking for a powerful option on a budget. It is the best 3-in-1 leaf vacuum and blower with a top speed of 250 mph. That’s almost twice as powerful as what most leaf blowers can reach.

Unfortunately, this blower falls behind on customization. The machine only has two operating speeds, and with a speed of 250 mph, the energy costs are higher.

It’s perhaps the most powerful on our list. Also, it features a metal fan that prevents clogging. It can grind 16 bags of mulch into just one. And only produces about 68 dB of noise.

reasons to buy:

  • Twice as powerful as others
  • Low noise output
  • Great for places with an AC outlet
  • Anti-clog metal fan

reasons to avoid:

  • Only two operating speeds

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4. Best lightweight leaf vacuum – WORX WG 518

This orange and black design from Worx is a good alternative for corded vacuums. It can reach speeds of up to 250 mph and has a mulch reducing ratio of 16:1. It only weighs 10 pounds.

What sets the Worx aside is the high concentration of air, up to 400 CFM. It is the best lightweight leaf vacuum for blowing fern leaves from hard to reach areas. It also compensates you by the included shoulder strap.

However, one thing you’ll notice is that the leaf blower is harder to control. It tends to sway from side to side, an issue that may concern you if your grip is already unstable.

reasons to buy:

  • Good mulching ratio
  • Lightweight
  • Works in tight areas
  • Uses metal impeller
  • Powerful and affordable

reasons to avoid:

  • A bit harder to control

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5. Best gas leaf vacuum – Tanaka THB 260 PF

Tanaka’s leaf blower is a commercial grade model that only functions as a leaf blower. It uses a 25 cc two-stroke Pure Fire with a 1.3 horsepower output.

This leaf blower blows out air at 393 CFM, which is enough to clear out tight corners and concentrated mulch.

However, it can only reach a maximum speed of 180 mph, which is still good but not as high as others.

It’s a corded blower, so you must have an AC outlet near your yard, or use an extension cord. Its high power output and coverage make it one of the best gas leaf vacuums on the market.

reasons to buy:

  • High power blower
  • Clears tight spaces
  • Longer running time
  • Quick and easy startup

reasons to avoid:

  • Little to no portability
  • Heavier than the others

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6. Best self propelled leaf vacuum – Toro 51621

This Toro leaf blower is the UltraPlus and is an upgraded version of the Ultra model. It has a higher blow rate, as high as 250 mph.

The Toro UltraPlus allows you to vary the speed for maximum power conservation. The air comes out in a concentration of 410 CFM, so it’s good for blowing leaves around tight spots.

This Toro model, unlike some predecessors, uses a metal impeller, which shreds leave much better. And it lasts longer too. It can reduce debris up to 97%, but that depends on the type of debris.

reasons to buy:

  • Varying speed helps conserve power
  • More portable and lightweight
  • Stronger impeller construction
  • Better at mulch removal

reasons to avoid:

  • Cord hooks need improvement

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7. Best Electric Leaf vacuum – Worx WG 520

The Worx WG520 is the best electric leaf vacuum if you have a bigger yard. It has a lower air velocity but higher air volume. The max blowing speed is 110 mph, which falls short of most other blowers.

However, specialized turbine technology allows for up to 600 CFM for blowing air. It means that a few swipes can get a whole yard cleared.

What’s best is that the Worx WG520 comes with a specialized Hyperstream Air Nozzle. Through this, the air will concentrate on a single spot, for more stubborn tasks.

It’s also the best-corded leaf vacuum for larger yards, as it has a higher coverage. However, for smaller yards, especially ones with wet leaves, the slow speed may deter you.

reasons to buy:

  • Designed for large areas
  • Gets the job done faster
  • For tough jobs
  • Lightweight and portable

reasons to avoid:

  • Limited blowing speed

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8. Best pool leaf vacuum – Remington RM 1300

The Remington RM1300 is a 3-in-1 mulcher, blower, and leaf vacuum. It uses a 12 amp motor to push out air at speeds as high as 150 mph. And the air volume expelled is 350 CFM.

This combo of CFM and mph is good for clearing small areas, especially around the pool. It could still be bigger for large yards, but it’s enough for a medium-sized lawn. And it doesn’t fall short of the standard.

The mulch ratio is 10:1. This Remington vacuum uses a metal impeller to grind up the leaves. The Quick Shift lever allows for instant switching between the blowing and vacuuming modes.

However, it has only two varying speed modes, which don’t let you tune your energy usage. But it does come with an attachable rolling nozzle.

reasons to buy:

  • Works great on most yard sizes
  • Durable metal mulching blades
  • Easy shifting between modes
  • Includes detachable nozzles

reasons to avoid:

  • Only two-speed choices

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9. Best backpack leaf vacuum – Sun Joe IONBV CT

Sun Joe’s cordless technology and handheld design with bag make it the best backpack leaf vacuum for medium to large yards. It has an airflow rate of 200 mph and a volume of 300 CFM.

The higher airflow but lower volume means more concentrated airflow. So you get to blow away leaves that just won’t budge. It also has a surprising mulching ratio, reducing 17 bags of mulch into just one.

However, this unit hardly runs for an hour on a full charge. And if you use it on Turbo mode, the battery lasts only 15-20 minutes.

Luckily, you get 6-speed settings. The lowest setting is enough to blow away leaves while conserving power passively.

reasons to buy:

  • Great for mulching and reducing debris
  • More control over speed
  • Good against tough leaves
  • Designed for portability

reasons to avoid:

  • Hardly lasts 1 hour on a full charge

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10. Best handheld leaf vacuum – Snapper XD

Last on our list is the Snapper XD. This leaf blower is a great find for larger yards, or for clearing smaller yards faster.

With the 550 CFM air volume and 130 mph air velocity, you can clear most leaves in no time. However, tighter spots like around trees and plants may take more time.

As for the battery, it could use some improvement. It’s a 2Ah battery that lasts 45 minutes at the minimum.

To compensate for that, you do get a rapid charging station, which requires less than 30 minutes to charge fully.

The Snapper XD is best known for its ergonomic body design. Your hand rests in a comfortable position, so it reduces stress on the wrists.

reasons to buy:

  • Clears tight spots faster
  • You can use it to skim the lawn
  • Rapid charging station included
  • Reduces stress on wrists

reasons to avoid:

  • Battery power is too low

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How to Choose the Best Leaf Blowers And Vacuums

Different terminologies can confuse you while shopping. So here are all those terms explained, and what they could mean for you:

Blowing Power

Blowing power is measured using two terms: CFM and MPH. MPH (miles per hour) is the speed at which the air exits the nozzle, whereas CFM (cubic feet per minute) is the volume of air expelled.

High CFM is preferred when you have a bigger yard. Anywhere from 400-600 CFM should suffice a big lawn. Below that is for small to medium lawns.

High MPH is better for clearing out more concentrated areas of leaves. So if you have a tight spot where the leaves are either wet or hard to maneuver around, go for high MPH.

Mulcher Reduction Ratio

It refers to how much the mulcher or “shredder” in your leaf blower can shred the leaves. For example, a mulching ratio of 15:1 means that it can take 15 units of mulch/leaves and shred them to just 1 unit. A higher mulching ratio means lesser collection bags required.

Vacuuming Power

Vacuuming power decides how much air the unit can suck. It’s usually measured in watts or horsepower. A good rating would be 2000-4000 watts or 3-5 hp. That should be enough for most vacuums, although vacuums with a higher MPH will require more.

Collection Bag Form And Size

Collection bags are used to collect debris from the leaf vacuum for dumping or for compost purposes. A good collection bag capacity would be 35 to 40 liters. Most collection bags have zippers at the bottom to easily dump the contents.


The best leaf vacuums should not be straining on the hands. Most handled leaf blowers are about 6 to 7 pounds heavy. Corded leaf blowers will most likely weigh more, up to 10 pounds.

If you want to minimize weight, we suggest going for the best backpack leaf vacuums. They distribute weight over your shoulders.

Fuel Type

You’ll commonly find two types of fuel for leaf blowers: gas and electric. Gas blowers provide more power, as many use an actual engine, similar to those used in lawnmowers. The best gas leaf vacuums are usually strong and can clear big yards faster.

However, they tend to generate a lot of noise. As opposed to that, electric blowers have a lesser power rating. But they tend to be inexpensive, and some corded ones can deliver high power. Also, they reduce the cost and inconvenience of gas.


A majority of leaf blowers are made from hard plastic. That can reduce their durability, but that’s only when you drop them.


Many patented technologies are featured on leaf blowers. You’ll mostly see a technology that allows for quick shifting between the blower and vacuum.

Speed Adjustment

Speed adjustment allows you to fine-tune the power output and energy consumption. 2-speed leaf blowers have an Eco mode and a Turbo mode. Some leaf blowers have up to 6 different speed settings.

Suction Power

Suction power is the force with which the air is evacuated. 3000 watts is the recommended suction power for a blower that has a velocity of 260 mph. That should give you an idea of how much power you need for effective vacuuming.


Corded leaf blowers have lesser portability but a longer life. They generally tend to weigh more (upwards of 8 lbs.) and require a nearby power outlet.

As for cordless blowers, these are great for their handheld size and portability. They usually weigh only 6 lbs. and require no AC outlets.


An impeller shreds the leaves into mulch. A metal impeller is better than the plastic variant, mainly for its reliability and speed. If you’re investing in a leaf blower, it is suggested to save up for a metal impeller.

Warranty and Customer Service

Lastly, you have to consider the warranty and customer service. Some leaf blowers can have a 1 to 2-year limited warranty. It’s always a good idea to get a warranty, as you’re already spending a lot on a good leaf blower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to switch leaf vacuum to the blower?

It differs from model to model. The best leaf vacuum will have a simple switch or lever to pull to convert. You need to read the instructions given to determine how to work the switch.

Q. Do leaf vacuums work on wet leaves?

Yes, they can. But you’ll be needing more air volume to blow them away. Not all vacuums perform well on wet leaves, but many are designed with wet-leaf performance in mind. Mulchers, on the other hand, tend to work worse on damp leaves.

Q. Can you use a leaf vacuum on gravel?

Dry leaves can be easily removed (be careful not to suck up the gravel). Wet leaves, on the other hand, may put up a fight. Preferably, use the blow settings to blow the leaves away.

Wrap Up

Clearing up your lawn or driveway can become effortless if you have the best leaf vacuum. The winner of this best leaf vacuum roundup is Black Decker BV 6000. It offers a maximum airspeed of 250 mph.

Battery life is a common issue with leaf blowers, but not with this one. You can use it for 1-hour non-stop. What’s better than having a machine that can perform 3 tasks at the price of 1. Yes, you read it right, it’s a vacuum, mulcher and blower, all in one.

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