5 best handheld shower heads: reviews and definite buying tips

best handheld shower heads

Are you sick of your boring showerhead that can’t even cough up a light sprinkle? You’ve come to the right place then. If you, too, want that luxury spa shower in your very own bathroom, check out our reviews of the best handheld shower heads available today.

Having a nice refreshing shower really helps get rid of the cranky morning grogginess. This is why it is important to choose the right showerhead. To help you make the right choice, there’s a buying guide, best product reviews, and a bunch of other helpful resources in this article. Read on!

the 5 best Handheld Shower Heads you can buy right now

1. DreamSpa 9-inch Rainfall Shower Head


  • Covers a large area
  • Dual shower heads
  • Easy to change flow settings
  • Attractive chrome finish
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Both shower heads can’t be used together
  • Plastic build of the product may feel cheap

Want to feel the raindrops on your skin but not the cold that comes with it? This 9-inch wide shower overhead from Dreamspa along with its handheld buddy can give you that experience.

Let’s talk about the shower overhead first. Since it’s 9-inches wide, it sprinkles over a larger area, hence, the name rainfall shower head. You can switch to the handheld shower head using a dial and customize your showers with three different flow settings.

Moreover, you can change the flow settings with the help of the push button on the shower head itself, so you won’t have to use both hands to do it. You can also use this handheld shower as an overhead. However, you can’t use both shower heads simultaneously, so that’s a bummer.

The shiny chrome finish makes up for this drawback, though. The showerhead looks pretty high-end and attractive, especially with the square-shaped overhead shower – a good choice for just about any kind of bathroom.

Rub-clean jets let you clean and maintain the shower head easily while installing the product is not much of a hassle either, as you can do it tools-free. Overall, it’s a good choice for a medium-range shower head.

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2. Ana Bath Anti-Clog Showerhead


  • Both shower heads can be used at the same time
  • Has an anti-clog build
  • Five spray settings available
  • Has an anti-twist nut
  • Attractive brushed nickel finish


  • Plastic build may feel cheap
  • Handheld shower head hangs too high up

How many times have you noticed that one of the nozzles of your showerhead is not letting out any water, reducing the water flow? This will not be a problem with Ana Bath anti-Clog shower head, as the name so clearly suggests.

With this particular product, you can easily free up any clogged nozzles by wiggling and pushing them. Talking about nozzles, a total of 164 of them are present on both the shower heads combined (yes, this is a dual shower head system), which will give you a nice invigorating spray.

With the dual shower system, you can enjoy a good spray from both shower heads at the same time. Or, you can use either one of them alone as well.

Along with this, you get five different settings on each shower head. That’s a total of 25 spray patterns for the ultimate spa-like experience – we actually love this fact about the product.

You do have to rotate the face of the shower head to change settings, though. So, it’s not the easiest way to change flow settings. Nevertheless, it’s worth it.

The 60-inches long hose not only offers flexibility in use but also features an anti-twist nut. This prevents the long hose from getting tangled up. In turn, these two features combined make it safer to be used with pets, or by people with certain disabilities.

Do keep in mind, though, that the handheld shower may hang too high up for people who aren’t too tall. Also, the build is mostly plastic. Even so, it looks good because of the brushed nickel finish.

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3. Hammerhead All Metal Handheld Shower Head


  • All-metal build which makes it durable
  • Anti-clog nozzles
  • Has a 72-inch long hose
  • Rotating holder for adjustable spray angles
  • Available in four different finishes


  • Has only one spray setting
  • Feels light

This handheld shower head from Hammerhead is for those of you who want all-metal shower heads that look great and are also durable.

It’s entirely made up of metal, which is corrosion-resistant, so built to last you a long time. The face of the shower head is made up of silicone, though. However, this, too, works in your favor, as the rubber nozzles help get rid of clogs very easily.

We also loved the 72 inches long 304 stainless steel hose, which will make giving those jumpy and restless pets a wash much easier. This also makes it an ideal choice for you if you have a shower space that is large and has benches to sit at and massage yourself.

One thing to note, though, is that the shower head feels light when you hold it, even though it is made up of metal. Now, this can be a plus for you if you find heavy shower heads uncomfortable to hold. Or, it can be a drawback if you think a lightweight shower head feels cheap.

Regardless of that, this shower head can do its job well with a 2.5 GPM flow, even though it’s only about four inches wide. You can also adjust the holder easily to the angle you prefer for the best showering experience.

Moreover, the package comes with easy DIY installation instructions, so you don’t need to fuss too much over that. Available in four different finishes, you are sure to find a perfect match for your bathroom with this all-metal simpleton.

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4. Moen 26100EP Engage Magnetix Handheld Shower Head


  • Magnetic docking system
  • Six different spray settings available
  • Has a reflective chrome finish
  • Offers limited lifetime warranty
  • Complies with EPA standards


  • May be too low for tall people
  • Majority of it is made up of plastic

Snap! That’s the satisfying sound of the Moen handheld showerhead magnets clicking and sticking together. If you’re tired of water splashing into your eyes whenever you hang your shower head, this one’s going to be your favorite.

This shower head hangs with the help of powerful magnets attached at the head of the shower and the docking station. This way, you can hang your shower head without opening your eyes and letting all that shampoo get in (yikes!)

Since the magnet is attached at the head of the shower rather than the base, it may hang too low for people who are tall. Other than that, you’ll find that a steady flow at different pressures will give you the refreshing shower you need with this shower head.

Moreover, it features six different spray settings so you can find the one that fits your mood the best. You can change these settings by rotating the face of the shower head – not the best way to do it, but hey, it works just fine.

Even though this handheld shower head is almost entirely plastic, it does have a reflective chrome finish that can give your bathroom a stylish and modern look. It also complies with EPA standards, so you can shower freely without wasting water.

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5. Wassern Handheld Shower Head


  • Seven spray settings
  • Covers a large area
  • Water-saving features like Pause button included
  • 80-inch long hose
  • Chrome finish


  • Plastic build
  • Holder may not be the most durable

This shower head is for those of you who want to enjoy multiple spray settings for a luxurious spa shower but at an affordable price.

Wassern gives you a 5’2 inches wide shower head, which can cover you from shoulder to shoulder pretty easily. But what we liked the most about this product is their seven different spray settings, including a unique ‘pause button.’

These settings also include an aerated massage spray, which gives you a powerful spray while using the same amount of water.

Meanwhile, the pause button brings the water flow down to a narrow trickle, so you can shave or wash your face without having to turn on and off the shower completely.

While the water-saving features are also significant, you will also find yourself appreciating it’s 80-inch long stainless steel hose that offers a lot of flexibility. This may not be great for small shower spaces, but it’s perfect for spacious ones.

Furthermore, this shower head is made up of ABS plastic, which is good enough, considering the price point.

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Helpful tips for Buying the Best Handheld Shower Heads

Like we said earlier, showers are the key to starting your day all fresh and energetic, which is why you need to make sure you make the best choice. Below are some things you should know and consider before making your purchase.

Know Your Type

Handheld shower heads come in different shapes and forms, so it’s a good idea to get familiar with all of them before you choose what you want.


This is the simplest of them all. Use your shower head in your hand to maneuver it around your body or hang it at the docking station as an overhead – it’s up to you.


In this system, you have two shower heads – one that remains stationary and the other which is handheld. One type of dual-shower system lets you use both shower heads at the same time, without compromising on pressure.

The other type of dual-shower system lets you use only one shower head at one time. You switch to either one of them using a switch or a dial.

Single Spray Setting

Some handheld shower heads come with only one spray setting – typically a rainfall mode.

Multi Spray Settings

Most shower heads come with different spray settings for you to customize your showers. These generally include:

Rain: makes you feel like gentle raindrops are falling on your skin – a light pressure and water-saving mode.

Full pressure: this kind of mode uses all the nozzles to spray out water at full pressure.

Concentrated: a narrow stream of water with high pressure (in case you came back from the beach and needed to wash annoying sand particles off your body.)

Massage: this mode offers different pressures and spray patterns for a relaxing shower massage.

Features to Look For

Here are some things a good handheld shower head has:

Durable Material

What your handheld shower head is made up of is very important. Ideally, it should be made up of rust-resistant metals, but a nice and sturdy plastic build, like that of ABS, will also last you a long time.

Multi Spray Settings

It is a good idea to get a handheld shower head with different spray settings so that you can make the most out of it. Use it for a massage, a relaxing light sprinkle, or a full pressure invigorating shower. So, look for shower heads with AT LEAST three or four spray settings.

Long Hose

A good handheld shower head will have a long hose, ideally 60- 80-inches, for maximum flexibility when using it. Also, this isn’t necessary, but an anti-kink hose is a big plus, as it is easy to use, especially if you’re clumsy in the shower!

Another thing to bear in mind with hoses is that they should be made up of stainless steel, ideally, grade 304. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, and as this is the part which is under the spray of water most of the time, this feature is a must to look for in a hose.

Water-saving Features

Removable flow restrictors are used in shower heads to limit the use of water and still maintain high pressure. Look for these, along with a WaterSense label that will ensure your shower head is approved by EPA and meets their standards.


Usually, a chrome finish on a showerhead looks good in any type of a bathroom, no matter what the color theme. Look for a reflective finish that is also spot-resistant for that ultra-modern look for your bathroom.

A DIY Installation Procedure

One of the most important things to consider when buying a handheld shower head is that it should have an easy DIY installation method. You shouldn’t have to call in a plumber just for putting up a handheld shower.

Look for this feature in the spec list of your shower head, and make sure they give you clear instructions on how to install it. If it doesn’t come with instructions, check out this video to learn exactly how to install a typical handheld shower head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does GPM stand for?

It stands for gallons per minute. This unit measures the amount of water your shower head uses in one minute. EPA regulates this amount.

Q. How can I measure the GPM of my shower head?

Place a bucket with gallon measurements under the shower and turn it on along with a timer. Measure how much water is in the bucket after a minute.

Q. How do I clean my shower heads?

There are two ways to do this safely.

First, rub the nozzles and wiggle them to free any mineral deposits and residue in them.

Second, remove the shower head and submerge it in vinegar for an hour or so. Rinse it thoroughly after this.

You can also do this by tying a plastic bag full of vinegar over the shower head without removing it. Be sure to run the shower for some minutes to get rid of the vinegar afterwards.

Q. How much does a handheld shower head cost?

They can cost anywhere between 30 to a whopping 300 dollars! It all depends on features and durability. Check out our list to find the one that fits your budget.

Q. How do I remove the flow restrictor?

Although we recommend not removing the flow restrictor to save water, if you have low water pressure in your area, this can become a must-to-do. Here’s how you can do this.


If you are someone who doesn’t have a limited budget, then the Ana Bath and Hammerhead shower heads are good options, especially the latter, due to its all-metal design. For a more affordable buy, go for Wassern, as it’s by far the cheapest on our list yet has the most spray settings.

Either way, you should look for the features we recommended in our guide to buy the best handheld shower heads for that dream-like shower you yearn for.

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