5 best electric knife [updated 2022]: top picks and complete buying tips

best electric knife

Are you looking for a high-tech addition to your cooking arsenal? You are in the right place, as we compiled and reviewed the 5 best electric knife that are used by professionals around the world in cooking and fishing industries.

We will provide the pros and cons of each product and help you figure out what is the most excellent and most fitting option for your specific needs and preferences. If you want to perfectly carve your Thanksgiving turkey or easily and symmetrically slice your bread, we will help you to find your best choice even if you are not well-versed in electric knives. Let’s have a look!

1. American Angler Pro Electric Knife


  • Built with heavy-duty materials that enhance durability
  • Designed ergonomically for greater portability
  • Powerful motors that produce twice as much torque than other models
  • Can fillet for hours on end without heating up
  • Provides a 2-year limited lifetime guarantee
  • Silent and versatile, with excellent and flexible blades
  • Extremely powerful, can easily cut through flesh and bone


  • Sometimes, the triggers may get sticky

The American Angler Pro Electric Knife is a heavy-duty professional electric knife. If you cut fish or need to power through dense bones, this is the best tool you could have. Its motor, the Pro series, provides double the torque than any other heavy-duty electric knife.

The American Angler boasts an ergonomic design, with an advanced airflow system that keeps it cool for extended periods of continuous filleting, and built with premium materials featuring stainless steel and titanium.

It slices through bone with ease, making it an excellent choice if you love fishing, and you want to fillet your fish like a pro easily. Among commercial fishers, this is the single most chosen electronic fillet knife, recommended for its premium quality, durable and ergonomic design which are backed by a 2-year limited lifetime.

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2. Cuisinart CEK-30 Electric Knife


  • Ideal for a wide variety of food products
  • Sturdy design can cut even through bone
  • Easy to use, with an on/off one-touch operation
  • Dishwasher safe that makes cleaning it a breeze
  • Ergonomic design, and accessible for left- and right-handed people
  • Great balance of cost and performance
  • Long cord, measuring at 36 inches enhances the freedom of movement


  • It is quite noisy

The Cuisinart CEK-30 perfectly mixes versatility and performance, boasting powerful motors that make the job swift and efficient. Constructed with premium-quality materials and a stainless-steel blade, it also features an easy on/off one-touch operation and a long cord to help you adapt it in your kitchen.

This electric knife will slice through everything from bread to meat, vegetables, and bone, providing great flexibility in your cooking endeavors. The handle is designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind, making it easy to use for right-handed people as well as left-handed.

The blade can be removed and can be cleaned effortlessly in the dishwasher. This is perfect for everyone, from professional chefs, to cooking gurus and everyday cooking lovers that desire a robust, ergonomic, heavy-duty, and premium tool in their kitchen to help them quickly and efficiently slice and dice their food.

Easy to use and versatile, ergonomic, and powerful, this state-of-the-art knife provides ease and efficiency in filleting and dicing food, featuring an affordable price.

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3. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife


  • Can slice bread, soft cheese, meat and more
  • Two reciprocating stainless-steel blades for uniform slices
  • Powerful motor for an effortless experience
  • Ergonomic design with a non-slip handle
  • Includes stainless-steel fork and a compact storage case
  • Regarded as the best electric knife on the market


  • The handle gets hot during extended use

Equipped with a powerful motor, constructed from premium-quality materials, and two blades made of stainless steel, the Hamilton Beach electric knife is an excellent choice for slicing and dicing your food efficiently and with ease. The strong motor and the two reciprocating blades allow for carving uniform slices and provides excellent flexibility in slicing different products easily.

Whether you want to carve the Thanksgiving turkey, soft cheese, and everything in between, this product is highly efficient. The handle has a comfortable design and is easy to use, made with non-slippery materials.

What is more, it is available in a bargain bundle that comes with a bonus carving fork for handling your meat while you slice, and a compact storage case that allows you to store it in your kitchen easily. This is regarded as the best electric knife on the market, recommended by everyone from home cooks to great chefs and culinary experts. If you wish to have an enriched, more efficient cooking experience, and make slicing and filleting your food effortlessly and efficiently, this is the product for you!

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4. Proctor Silex Electric Knife


  • Hand-contoured grip for a great and intuitive handling experience
  • Serrated, stainless-steel blades that carve through food effortlessly
  • Touch button control providing safety in starting and handling your electric knife
  • Lightweight and very compact, it is easy to store in your kitchen
  • It is an affordably priced product that offers excellent performance


  • The rotations per minute are not as high as other electric knives

The Proctor Silex electric knife makes filleting and slicing your food effortless and straightforward. It has excellent versatility, being able to carve with precision and efficiency through turkey, bread, ham, poultry, vegetables, and even materials for DIY projects like foam.

Robust, heavy-duty, serrated stainless-steel blades allow you to carve evenly, producing uniform slices. The powerful motor gives you the control you need in your kitchen. The ergonomic, hand-contoured design makes it very easy to use with either hand.

Furthermore, it features a simple on/off touch button control that provides safety when activating and handling your electric knife. It is compact and lightweight, with ease of storage and maneuverability. It is easy to assemble and comes with a very affordable price tag. If you’re looking for a great electric knife that gives you the control you desire over your food and helps you slice and dice meat, bread, and even DIY products, you need to shortlist this one!

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5. Chefman Electric Knife


  • Has the necessary power to carve through any food you desire
  • Evenly cuts and slices with uniform thickness
  • Flexibility and versatility in use, able to carve a wide variety of products
  • Equipped with an easy on/off safety lock that prevents accidents
  • It is dishwasher safe, thus can be cleaned conveniently and quickly
  • Ergonomic design that provides ease in handling it comfortably


  • A person with small hands may find the handle slightly uncomfortable

The Chefman electric knife provides a pleasant and effortless experience in carving your food, making it one of the best electric knives on the market. It has excellent versatility, carving, cutting, and slicing with ease, everything from meat to cheese, bread, and more.

It is ergonomically designed and constructed with premium quality materials, featuring two reciprocating, serrated stainless-steel blades that cut uniformly and precisely, with a carving fork to add even more precision and power. It has a safe, one-touch on/off lock that allows for enhanced safety in handling and carving, preventing accidental activation of the blades.

What is more, this electric knife comes with a bonus storage case for efficiently storing it in your kitchen, in a space-saving manner. You can quickly press the release button to eject the blades, and hand wash or put them into the dishwasher, which enhances convenience. This is a perfect carving and slicing electric knife for everyday use and holidays, providing great flexibility in carving different types of food. If you love cooking, and you need a carving tool to add to your kitchen, this is what you are looking for!

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What is the difference between corded and cordless knives?

A corded electric knife needs a direct, connected supply of power, while a cordless knife necessitates a battery for its blades to operate. The corded knife can be hard to handle because the cord does not give you much space to move when you carve and cut your meat.

Just like any other cordless tool, the cordless knife allows for extended maneuverability in your kitchen. It is recommended to ensure that your cordless electric knife is adequately charged or that you have spare batteries nearby in case your current ones are depleted.

In case you are searching for a knife with a cord, ensure that you are aware of the cord’s length. A shorter cable can limit the space for movements. Be sure to choose a knife with a decently long cord, long enough to get from the power outlet to your desired place where you want to use it.

Are all electric knives’ handles the same?

Electric knives vibrate when you use them, so it is essential to choose an electric knife that fits well in your hand, providing a firm grip. A device that vibrates violently will numb your hand if it is not firmly held. You might want to choose a knife with a reasonably comfortable handle, especially if you intend to use it regularly or for extended periods of time.

Do I need a lighter or a more massive knife?

Some electric knives may be large and heavy. In case you will use your knife often, take into consideration the lighter knives. Bulkier knives are best used for slicing and carving big chunks of meat and bones. This would be an excellent choice for carving a Thanksgiving turkey – one task that the electric knife has even become an American cultural icon.

It is advisable to choose a knife that has the ideal weight balance between the blade and the handle. This will make handling it much more manageable.

Can I get a good quality electric knife that is also affordable?

Taking into consideration the purpose you need the electric knife for, contrast the prices of different knives versus their features and choose the best for your own needs. You may come across a cheap electric knife, but it probably isn’t the most effective in slicing meat and carving bones. Make sure that the knife you pick is not only affordable but also efficient and pleasant to use, ideal for your own needs.

Why should I buy an electric knife?


Most of us can try very hard, yet we can never slice the perfect, symmetrical slices of bread or chicken. However sharp, a traditional knife will never consistently slice through something to create equal parts of meat or cheese or any other food item you slice. Electric knives accomplish that purpose with enhanced precision, but they can also cut through different materials, such as insulation foams, PVC pipes, and more. A traditional knife relies on your technique to cut through a food item, and the end result is different depending on your hand’s movement and angle. With an electric knife, that is irrelevant.

Speed and Maintenance

With an old-school knife, you need to maintain and sharpen the blade to be able to slice with it properly. Actually, only an adequately sharpened knife can effectively slice through pieces of cheese, raw meat, and freshly baked loaf.

On the other hand, an electric knife can cut through frozen meat or bones with ease. Electrical knives do not require sharpening. Cutting through flesh takes a while, and if you would prefer saving some time for other matters, you may consider looking into buying an electric knife over a traditional one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you use an electric knife?

Different knives have different methods of use; therefore, you may want to check the user’s manual before using the knife. Prior to starting, make sure that the cord is not far from the power supply. You want to make sure that the blade is correctly connected to the handle by pointing it in a safe direction and pressing the on/off button.

If all the parts are in the right position, you can start the knife and press onto the surface you want to carve. You should only press lightly on the knife while it cuts, and your fingers should not be near the blade. You can see this Youtube below for the details.

Q. Should an electric knife only be used on meat?

The answer is no. They are used on a variety of items, including bread and cheese. It will slice through cooked and raw meat of all types, baked items, tomatoes, or even fish. Furthermore, they are very flexible in their use.

Q. Do electric knives need to be sharpened?

They don’t require sharpening. They are designed so that the blade can never get blunt because it uses electricity to slice through food. Because of that, they are more robust and long-lasting than traditional knives. In case you sharpen your electric knife, that may lead to ruining its blades because they could misalign. For the sake of longevity, you may want to leave your knife as it is.

Q. Do electric knives need special care?

Your electric knives require regular cleaning, and when you do, it is better to remove the blade from the handle because water may break it. You can wash the blade in the dishwasher because it is stainless-steel and almost impossible to destroy. The correct position is with the sharp edges downwards and the ends away from you to not risk an accident. You should dry your blades before storing, and the handle requires wiping with a damp cloth and wiped clean as well.

Wrap up

All in all, there are plenty of electric knives to choose from. However, we believe that the best of them all is the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife, because of its incredible sturdy build, its flawless performance, its versatility, and the ease with which you carve and slice with it.

Although it is an excellent choice, it might also come with a higher price, so a close runner up would be the Cuisinart CEK-30. The power and handling of this electric knife are exceptional, and with an ergonomic design and with sharp, stainless steel blades, this is a great, affordable alternative.

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