8 Best Color for Bird Cage (Complete Colors Picking Tips)

Best Color for Bird Cage

Choosing a color for a bird cage is easy for some and challenging for others. However, it all depends on your taste and preference.

Pet owners prefer to paint their favorite colors on their bird’s cages maybe because they’ll also be around those cages often. If you think there aren’t crimson red cages out there, you haven’t looked around enough.

Despite the freedom of color choice, standard colors are available for bird cages.

When Painting A Bird Cage, Keep These in Mind

Bright colors are excellent for bird cages. These make it possible to spot dirt and complement the bird’s natural colors. Bright colors include off-white, light yellow, and orange. These colors also make the cage look bigger and more attractive to match the house decor.

What Are the Most Used Colors for Bird Cages?

Best Color for Bird Cage
Best Color for Bird Cage

We all have different color preferences. Nonetheless, most people will paint their bird cages in light and bright colors. A bird cage looks better when it’s a statement piece.

Here are some common colors used in bird cages:

  • Light yellow
  • Off-white
  • Cool blue
  • Light grey
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Orange
  • Ruby red

Some bird cages are wooden, retaining the wooden finish and brown color. Wooden bird cages are aesthetically pleasing, especially if the rest of the house has wooden accents.

If you’re going for a beachy vibe, you can keep everything blue and add some drifted wood and shells in the bird cage.

Still, bird cages are often brightly colored to match the vibrancy of pet birds.

How Do I Pick Bird Cage Colors?

It all boils down to what colors make us happy. While bird cages are for birds, they are part of the house, and we’ll see them daily. So, you most certainly don’t want to choose a color that will repulse you every time you look at it.

The first consideration is the theme you have for your house. If it’s a farm house-styled house, then off-white and a touch of red will do the trick. On the other hand, beach-themed bird cages are a light blue, sometimes with yellows to give them a summer vibe.

However, not everyone loves bright colors, and that’s allowed. If you’re more into darker colors, choose dark blue, jungle green, or dark brown.

Adventurous and fun individuals are not afraid to experiment and go for shouting colors. Besides, a little mix of colors will make the bird cage stand out more.

Your color choice has a lot to do with how you feel when you get home after a long workday. Don’t overthink about matching your furniture. The color might not look good on a metal or wooden cage.

What Colors Make Bird Cages Look Better?

Bright colors add life to everything. Also, the easy identification of dust and dirt is a plus. However, some people complain that dark-colored cages show every bit of dust. As a result, you’ll have to wipe them down daily.

On the flip side, bright colors make it easy to see the birds because they make the cages look brighter and airier.  

Naturally, even houses with darker paints look smaller and compressed. In addition, there are chances brightly colored cages will make your birds happier.

Dark solid colors are disinteresting, and we don’t want drab-looking pieces in our houses.

It’s not easy choosing a color. To help you out, place two cages side-by-side at the store to see which looks better.

If you want a grey, consider a lighter grey to get the best of both worlds. Your favorite grey color and a shade to make the cage pop.

How Many Colors Should a Bird Cage Have?

Nothing is cast in stone regarding bird cage colors.

You can choose to paint one solid color or switch it up. It’s all up to you. With that said, adding too many colors will make the bird cage busy.

Most pet owners prefer to have the cage in a solid color and the door a different color to make it stand out. Simple designs look more elegant. However, if you love color, add colorful toys and elements in the cage to display your adventurous side.

For example, your bird cage could be off-white with a ruby red door.

Another way to go about it is choosing three paint colors and using each for a different part of the cage.

Whatever colors you settle on should look good and complement each other. Mismatching or a lack of color coordination will make the cage look off.

How Does the Choice of Color Affect Birds?

From my research, some people say that bright white frightens birds. That’s why most prefer an off-white, cream, or a slightly different color from white.

After all, birds will be more comfortable in a cage that looks more beautiful and helps them keep calm. I know that sounds like a bit of a stretch, but even birds have tastes and preferences.  

As I mentioned above, the bird cage color can make it look airy, larger, dull, and boring. In the wild, birds interact with beautiful flowers and plants. So, the livelier it looks, the more appealing to your bird.

I understand this is your bird cage, and I don’t have much influence on what you settle on in the end. Nonetheless, choosing a suitable color makes everyone happy.

So, if you like matching your greens, reds, and silvers, go ahead. You’ll be spending most of the time in there, anyway!

What Color Bird Cages Sell Best?

If you have a high-quality bird cage, you might want to sell it in the future.

Mostly, wooden bird cages sell faster. This is because they have a more natural feel compared to metallic cages. However, with industrial interior design becoming more popular, people also find metallic bird cages appealing.

If you see bird cages painted in extraordinary colors, don’t assume they don’t sell fast. We all have different tastes, and some people would be glad to take home the most exuberant bird cage.

Some marketable colors are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Light-yellow
  • Light-grey
  • Off-white
  • Ruby red
  • Cool blue
  • Orange

Pet owners are adventurous and fun individuals. So, as long as the bird cage looks good and is of good quality, selling it won’t be an issue.

You can go bold or simple, as long as it looks great!

Should the Bird Cage Match the Rest of the House?

Again, it’s all up to you. Some people prefer matching every element in the house. However, some wing it.

The bird cage can be within the theme but not an exact match.

Pet owners often do the following:

  • Choose a bird cage color that matches everything else in the house.
  • Get a totally different bird cage color so that it stands out from everything around it.

There are no hard-set rules. It is your house and your bird cage. Anything goes as long as it makes you and your bird happy. 

If you’re planning on selling the bird cage after a while, worry not about the color. After all, repainting it is as easy as pie.

If the bird cage is ‘weird’ paint color, choose a plain safe color to make it more appealing to customers.


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