5 best bermuda grass seed: top picks and buying tips

best bermuda grass seed

Americans have long had a relationship with their lawns. Most of us have relationships with our yards and lawns that go beyond just aesthetics. Many homeowners see their lawns as a mark of prestige and put a lot of effort towards maintaining a healthy, green yard.

However, many homeowners are attached to their lawns because of the family connections that yard work can inspire. When working on the lawn and yard, families can connect and learn about different gardening practices. When it comes to growing a beautiful yard, you’ll need to understand how to find the best Bermuda grass seed.

What is the best bermuda grass seed?

The 5 best bermuda grass seed you can buy in 2020

1. Hancock’s Bermuda Grass Seed

If you want to purchase one of the best Bermuda grass seed options around, then consider buying Hancock’s Bermuda Grass Seed.  This Bermuda grass seed combines the best varieties, making it a versatile, successful mixture. With it, you’ll get a thick, green lawn that features fine blades that will grow in both shady and sunny areas. Plus, this grass seed is designed to make your yard successful, keeping it free from disease with this insect-resistant mixture.

The mulch included absorbs six times the water, expanding to keep the seeds protected with an extra layer. The fertilizer that is included features controlled release technology, which helps to make your seeds grow faster. Also, the tackifier included with this mix will keep the seeds from washing away, helping to ensure that they grow healthy and successful. This grass seed can also grow well in heat, dry areas, and areas that feature high traffic.

reasons to buy:

  • It provides you with a thick, beautiful lawn
  • Insect-resistant
  • Absorbs six times the water

reasons to avoid:

  • There have been some complaints about this grass seed mixture, taking a while to grow

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2. Scott Heat Tolerant Turf Builder Grass Seed

Another excellent best Bermuda grass seed option is Scott Heat Tolerant Turf Builder Grass Seed. With this product, you’ll get a three-in-one solution for a thinning lawn. That’s because this product includes not only the grass seed, but it also combines fertilizer and soil improver into the product. That way, you’ll be able to successfully use this seed to get rid of any Bermuda grass gaps you have on your current lawn.

Since this product includes fertilizer, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll wind up with a thicker, greener lawn by merely using it. The soil improver provided in this product also helps to improve the development of your grassroots.

Most people report getting a much thicker lawn after using just one application of this product. While that can depend on your lawn’s current condition, this Bermuda grass seed is one great product.

reasons to buy:

  • Three-in-one solution
  • The fertilizer in this product will give you a thicker lawn
  • Potent product

reasons to avoid:

  • More of a patch-up product

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3. Outsidepride Oasis Bermuda Grass Seed

Another one of the best Bermuda grass seed products available on the market today is Outsidepride Oasis Bermuda Grass Seed.  This product guarantees that you’ll be able to grow grass that is thicker and greener in a short amount of time. You’ll get a combination of three of the best Bermuda grass seeds with this product. Also, since Outsidepride’s grass is designed to crowd out weeds, you’ll do far less weeding, which will save you a lot of time.

This Bermuda grass seed product is so prolific that it’s often used at major golf courses to create a fresh, green look. So, you can imagine how great your lawn will look if you use this seed. This product works well anywhere you want a complete sun turf application for your area.

If you decide to use this product, remember to plant two to three pounds of seed for every thousand square feet you have in your yard. It’s best to plant when the soil is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to cover it with about a quarter-inch of soil.

reasons to buy:

  • This product guarantees a thick, green lawn
  • Provides a combination of three types of Bermuda grass
  • Crowds out weeds, saving you time

reasons to avoid:

  • Some reports of the product say it’s not sprouting correctly

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4. Greenview Grass Seed Sun & Shade Mixture

If you need a reliable Bermuda grass mix that works in both the sun and shade, then consider GreenView Grass Seed Sun & Shade Mixture. You can use this product easily in both sunny and shady areas of your lawn. Typically, this product works best when you give it four to eight hours of sun daily.

GreenView’s mix promises quick seed germination, estimating it at about a week to ten days. So, you should be able to establish your new lawn relatively quickly. Also, the seed is an enhanced variety and works well through the heat, droughts, and also resists insects well.

This seed blend is also designed to be 99.9% weed-free, so that should let you rest securely at night. The seeds are also uncoated, so you’ll get the best seed coverage possible when using these seeds. Also, this product comes with a full money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

reasons to buy:

  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Uncoated seeds quickly absorb water
  • Works well in both sunny and shady areas
  • 99.9% weed-free

reasons to avoid:

  • Some complaints of the seeds smelling poorly when initially opened

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5. Pennington Seed for Bermuda Grass

Another one of the best Bermuda grass seed options is Pennington Seed for Bermuda Grass. Designed to stand up against high heat and drought temperatures, this Bermuda grass seed will help you get the lawn you want with ease. You can expect this grass seed to spread fast and create a thick, beautiful lawn.

Pennington’s products grows well in both sunny and shady spaces, so you know you’ll get a great lawn by using this grass seed. By purchasing this product, you’ll get mulch and professional-grade fertilizer. Also, all you need to do is plant the seeds, add water, and you’ll see plenty of progress.

This grass seed can be used for many different reasons. You can fill gaps that you have in your lawn with it, or fertilize it to feed new grass, or you can cover your entire yard with it. Since this grass seed features a soil improver, you’ll also get the benefit of advanced root development.

reasons to buy:

  • High drought tolerance
  • Versatile grass seed
  • Spreads quickly

reasons to avoid:

  • Some complaints about this grass seed are not spreading correctly

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Benefits of Growing a Bermuda Grass Lawn

If you’re interested in planting a Bermuda grass lawn, then you are probably wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. David M. Kopec, a specialist in turfgrass, tells us that Bermuda grass has several advantages that people should consider when planting their lawns.

Bermuda grass features a thorough root system that makes the grass adaptable to a bevy of different soil types and climates. Bermuda grass can look browner when the weather is dry.

However, it will return to looking green and vibrant after you give your lawn a complete watering, or the natural rainfall takes care of the job for you.

Bermuda grass also multiplies, which is beneficial for homeowners who want a nice-looking lawn in a short period. Because Bermuda grass quickly spreads its roots, this grass also does a great job of crowding out certain weeds because of how dense your sod will be.

Another benefit of using Bermuda grass is that you won’t need to use a lot of water to maintain your lawn. That’s great news for people that live in climates that don’t offer a lot of rainfall. Plus, Bermuda grass also does very well in both hot and cold temperatures. It can also resist insects and disease well and moves to cover bare spots with ease.

Disadvantages of Growing a Bermuda Grass Lawn

While Bermuda grass has many advantages, there are still a few disadvantages to using this type of seed. First, Bermuda grass’s fast-growing, vast root system can be a problem if you have a garden in your yard. If you don’t pay close attention to how you seed your Bermuda grass, you may have your Bermuda grass seed take over some plants in your garden.

Also, if you need to kill your Bermuda grass, that can also create some difficulty, too. If your Bermuda grass starts to interfere with your garden, you will have some challenges to face when removing the grass.

You may need to use an herbicide at this point, but make sure you pick one that won’t do any damage to your plants. It may take some time to kill the Bermuda grass with an herbicide, and you may have to apply it many times.

Using Your Bermuda Grass Seed

It’s best to use Bermuda grass seed when it’s the late spring, right after the winter season has ended. During this time, temperatures are usually in the 80s. You can follow the steps below so that you understand how to use your Bermuda grass seed correctly.

  •   STEP 1, rake the soil on your lawn so that you loosen it up a bit. You need to create space for your seeds so that they are able to reach the soil surface.
  •   STEP 2, purchase a Bermuda grass seed spreading device, and that will help you give your grass the nutrients it needs to do well. You’ll get better growth from your grass if you approach it in this way.
  •   STEP 3, place your seeds in the soil you want to plant using your spreader. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to lightly rake the seeds again. Then, use a roller to firm up the surface area.
  •   STEP 4, once you’ve done that, plan on watering your Bermuda grass three to four times daily.

If you’d like to learn more about how to grow your Bermuda grass, then please watch this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much seeding should I do for new grass?

You should use about two to three pounds of Bermuda grass seed for every thousand square feet of grass area you want to plant. During the mid-summer, you may notice that your germination is slower. If you are planting when it’s earlier or later in the season, then consider planting heavier.

Q. Can Bermuda grass handle salt?

Yes, Bermuda grass does well with salt, and can tolerate it very well. Some people even use water with a high salt content when irrigating with Bermuda grass. Remember that salting your Bermuda grass should only be done with certain aspects of turf management.

Q. When is the best time to plant my grass seed?

When planting Bermuda grass, we recommend doing it in early summer or late spring. Make sure the soil temperature is about 70 degrees when you plant your Bermuda grass, because then you know you won’t need to worry about frost.

Wrap Up

Our top pick is Hancock’s Bermuda Seed, mostly because it’s affordable and it also offers an easy-to-use product that will essentially grow itself. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more economical, then consider GreenView Grass Seed. With this mixture, you’ll still get seed that will grow very well at a more affordable price.