Is Aspen Home Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Aspen Home Furniture Good Quality

If you’re ever in the market for American-made, high-quality home furniture, then Aspen Home Furniture should be on your list. 

Aspen Home Furniture has been producing home furniture designed for the ideal American home. 

Yet, with the accolades the brand has gathered, the most likely question on your mind could be, “is the brand a high-quality maker?”

Aspen Home Furniture has been in the business of producing high-class designers’ furniture that best describes the owner’s personality. The brand bases its designs on family since it started from a family business before growing into a full-time business empire. 

Are you interested in getting an honest review of the entire Aspen Home Furniture? It sounds like a name you may have heard in a commercial or read in the paper, but a little research on your own won’t be wrong. 

In addition to the brand’s features, we have also highlighted problems faced by other users of the brand, which you may encounter if you go ahead to own a piece of the Aspen Home Furniture.

Brief Overview of the Aspen Home Furniture Brand

With over 40 years in the home furniture industry, Aspen Home Furniture started as a small family business in 1980, producing beautiful designs.

It has grown into an entire business enterprise focused on producing office, dining, bedroom, and the occasional entertainment furniture. 

As a brand, Aspen focuses on producing furniture with raw materials sourced from America’s forests and transforming each timber into a real piece of the American dream. 

The brand has dedicated its foundation to promoting value, compassion, and care for all the stakeholders; the employees, retailers, and the final users. 

The company prides itself in producing high-quality customized orders to fit both the classic and modern styled home.

6 Common Problems with Aspen Home Furniture

Even with the brand’s high rating, Aspen Home Furniture still has a few flaws worth noting.

You need to be aware of the few problems encountered by other users of the brand’s furniture. This will prepare your mind for what to expect if and when you decide to get one.

Poor Quality Control

There is no doubt that Aspen produces great design furniture. However, there have been complaints from other customers of the poor quality control of the final product before leaving the factory and warehouse. 

While this may not be a specific problem to a brand, the customer’s complaint has risen lately. 

It won’t be pleasing to order for a piece of furniture, but the end finishes leaves much to be desired. 

Unstable Prices

One of the best features about buying “Made in the USA” furniture is the affordable price tag where a middle-class earner can buy with ease or preferably go for a financing option. 

Due to many wholesalers reselling Aspen Home Furniture, the prices are never stable. 

This is also partially caused by the high-tech materials the brand use in producing its furniture. 

Use of Unstable Preservatives and Chemicals

We understand that every great piece of furniture with a supposedly long-lasting finish will pass through specific chemical treatments. 

Some customers have been hospitalized due to the treatment the furniture passes through. Some of the furniture tested positive for the presence of VOCs, a potential cancer agent. 

Many customers have spent thousands of dollars in medical treatment after being exposed to different levels of VOC. 

Customer Service Shortfalls

Every great business relies on the feedback of its customers to grow and metamorphose into stronger brands. 

The customer service troubles at Aspen Home Furniture may not be specific since many other notable businesses suffer the same shortfall.

Users of Aspen’s furniture have decried the lack of stable customer support to attend to their queries and requests. 

Some customers are mainly concerned about the high cost of return of items that do not meet their specifications.  

Aspen may not be the only big furniture company with weak after-sales customer support after all. 

Short Lasting Period for Aspen Sitting Room Furniture

When users get furniture for their sitting room, the sofa is a significant piece worth considering. The sofa is one of the regularly used furniture in the sitting room.

The sofa should withstand much pressure and be firm for an extended period. However, complaints are saying the opposite. 

Most sofas from Aspen wear out quickly with lots of pressure, with the sofas looking like substandard products after a few months of usage. 

Poor Navigation on the Brand’s website

Nowadays, simplicity in shopping for house items is the new cool. That involves going online, window-shopping, and making purchases.

Aspen Home Furniture has a dedicated website for ordering products. Still, the site has terrible navigations to direct customers, especially new ones on how to navigate through the site and place an order or take a custom order. 

This could be a challenge other furniture houses could face, but having a confusing website in this digital age, is business suicide.

Tips to Buy High-Grade Furniture

Hunting for a beautiful and affordable piece of furniture is hard work. There are some tips from known market leaders on furniture hunting.

Go with a defined Budget

Aspen Home Furniture is the maker of some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture, which is why you need a budget before going to the market. 

Using a planned budget helps keep your spending in check when checking out top pieces from Aspen Home Furniture. 

Consider Function

A crucial motto of the Aspen Home Furniture is more function, reduced finishing. Everything about the body of Aspen furniture is built for more functionality.

Almost all the pieces from the company are produced with the client’s specifications in mind. Each design must be curated with versatility considered too. 

Value of Aspen Home Furniture

Besides the problems other owners face, Aspen is still a choice for some Americans. Here are some reasons why:


Aspen Home Furniture prides itself in producing quality pieces of furniture for custom orders. Whether the furniture is for the sitting room, dining, bedrooms, and office, the designs are usually beautiful and reflect the ideas of the buyer.


People who have purchased furniture from this brand are amazed at the fast delivery experience


You may have heard of several people singing the high praises of Aspen. The reason is not far-fetched. 

With a dedicated experience of over 40 years in home furniture making, Aspen is still a number one contender for indigenous furniture companies in the United States. 

One of their unique qualities is their versatility in producing different designs that better reflect the buyer’s profile. 

One of the best features that endear this brand is the patient, minute finishings of the furniture, with beautiful designs to make visitors awe in excitement. 


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