Are Wright Lawn Mowers Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Wright Mowers

Before I bought my new ZXT Wright Lawn Mower (2021 series), I took my time to explore various Wright mower models to ensure I got the right deal for my needs. I then decided to pile up my findings into content that would be handy to lawn owners who are considering purchasing a mower. 

Overall, are wright lawn mowers good really?

Wright mower manufacturers produce high-performing and durable mowers that are second to none. The company started as a landscape company and has now advanced to making mowers that can handle every sort of terrain. Their mower brands are relatively faster, lighter, more ergonomic, easier on tough, and therefore guarantee a good value for your money. 

Given that the company is popular for landscape equipment, their mowers are mostly purchased to work uneven lawns. Working on uneven landscapes such as slopes will require a very easy to operate mower so that you do it with a lot of accuracies. 


How Easy is Wright Mower to Operate?

Wright mowers are built with operators in mind. The company is a top innovator in lawn maintenance with the most updated technology. Their aim is to produce the most durable and high-quality brands with the best customer experience. 

In their effort to improve user experience, they became the first company to introduce stand-on mowers. Up to date, no other brand has matched the quality of their stand-on mower models.

You don’t have to possess a lot of mowing skills to operate the Wright mower brands. All you need to do is to follow instructions on how to start a Wright mower engine and how to handle the machine while mowing. 

How Do I Start a Wright Mower Engine?

Starting a Wright lawn mower is not rocket science. You only need to turn the key located on the instrument panel of the mower to start position. Be careful not to engage the starter for more than 10 seconds at a time or you may overheat the starter. To be safe, ensure you follow the engine manufacturer’s recommendations.

Once the engine is on, listen to any unusual noise and service when necessary. I never liked the cranking noise that my ZXT 40HP, 52” Zero-turn Stand-on model produced when I started it for the first time. I had to send it back to my closest dealer to have it rectified. A cranking and a clicking sound indicate a problem with the engine and that is why I insist on listening to unusual sounds.

You can access this website to find your closest Wright Mowers Dealers through your address or zip code.

How Easy is the Wright Mower to Operate On the Go?

Wright lawn mowers are not only strong but very easy to control as you drive. Whether you opt for a sit-on or a stand-on option, the company assembles their mower components such that you don’t strain to reach vital features while riding. 

The sparking brake and the hand control lever are easily accessible. Once you release the parking brake, always move the hand control lever very slightly, forward and back, one at a time. Wright mower models are very sensitive and if you take off carelessly, you may “fly.” 

To be specific, any movement on the control lever will create around 20%-30% change in the ground speed. Therefore, moving the levers slightly, one at a time will help you to gradually control the speed until you are well familiar with the operation of the control lever and the mower’s behavior.

I have used a Zero turn from other models before, but I was shocked how the Wright ZXT models are so sensitive, fast, agile, and industrious. They may make you uncomfortable if you don’t know how to handle the hand levers. 

Thankfully, the company user manual offers a comprehensive guide on nearly everything you would want to do on their mowers by yourself. Besides, the manufacturer’s website is well equipped with manual guides. 

How Good is the Wright Lawn Mower on Uneven Terrain? 

The company’s experience in landscaping enables them to produce mowers with great maneuverability. It doesn’t matter the nature of your lawn, be sure to find the Wright mower model that can handle it. Before you attempt any uneven terrain, go through the company’s safety instructions particularly the parts on:

  • Operating on slopes
  • Operating during zero radius turn
  • Operating in reverse 

With that being said, you don’t require a lot of skills to operate Wright mowers on a tough or uneven lawn. What matters is how well you follow instructions. Strictly following what is in the company instruction manual will help you balance well. 

Wright mowers are well equipped with large tires to offer stability on the slope. Well, this is the main reason I bought one of their models after being influenced by a friend. It was a hard decision to settle on a stand-on Zero-turn model, imagine standing on a mower on a slope! Sounds like a suicide mission. 

Surprisingly, stand-on Wright mowers are more stable on slopes than sit-on. You don’t have to be so daring to give it a try even when you are a first timer. Their large tires offer a lot of stability on the slope and it is hard to slide down. However, you should avoid mowing on the slope when the grasses are wet.

Oh! How long am I going to stand on it before I get tired?

Standing is the most comfortable operator position for a Wright mower. Getting tired should be out of your imagination because even the seated buddy on a similar brand will get tired ahead of you.

The legs seem to absorb the shock from the bumps much better than the back. However, you should avoid operating your stand-on mower for a long time on steep slopes (25 degrees and above). 

How Do I Adjust a Wright Mower Deck?

Adjusting the Wright mower deck is easily made by using the deck lift rod assemblies. This technology will help you achieve either the course deck pitch or the fine deck pitch. The coarse and fine deck lift rod assemblies are easily accessible. 

The company models usually come with the front part of the deck lower than the rear part of the deck by ¼. Finding the right pitch by balancing the height will give you the best cut. I don’t mean the company’s ¼ optimal setting is not ideal; it works in most lawns but you need to adjust the deck depending on the lawn you are working on, and the result you want. 

If you want to learn more about operating a Wright mower, you can schedule a demonstration with the closest dealer now. 

What is the Wright Lawn Mower Price Range?

Suggesting a fixed Wright Mower price range isn’t easy because they are sold by independent dealers that price them depending on the efficiency, local economy, service level, shipping cost, among other factors. 

With that being said, we offer you the manufacturer’s price list to help you figure out what you should expect from the dealers. The company also offers seasonal discounts to the suggested prices. However, your local dealer will offer you the final quote. 

The difference in pricing is largely due to the type of engine and deck sizes, not so much influenced by the model. I realized this when I was comparing the prices of my ZXT 40HP Vanguard with a deck size of 52” with 52” Stander Intensities model equipped with similar engines: their prices are nearly the same. 

How Easy to Maintain Wright Lawn Mowers?

In addition to being compact and durable, the Wright company equip their mower product with enough information on routine maintenance of its various parts. Even more, the dealers’ service centers are well distributed in the country. 

Wright mowers can last between 2500 to 3000 hours if kept in good check. Their sturdy parts don’t experience a frequent breakdown and therefore replacement of parts is not a major concern. However, just like any other machine, some parts require routine maintenance in order to keep the mower in good standing. 

Thankfully, the company provides a comprehensive user manual and online maintenance manual for every part that requires routine maintenance such as the engine. With all these resources at your disposal, I would recommend a thorough check-up of your machine before mowing and some basic winterizing before you put your mower back to the store.

Here is how you should clean the deck.

Lastly, you need to visit a maintenance center at least once a year for servicing, even when you feel your mower is alright. Maintenance centers don’t charge a lot for servicing and spending on that once a year won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Wright Mowers Cut Quality

You will only call a mower effective when it gives you the desired cut. In other words, a mower is its cut quality. Several factors have to be put in place to make a mower effective in cutting, including:


Wright manufacturers specialize in commercial mowers featuring high HPs to push the blades through the thick stuff. The company equipped their models with powerful engines that enabled them to go several miles per hour so as to work large lawns within a short time. 

Frame Quality & Width

Wright mowers are known for their strong Aero decks that are designed to serve you for years. Aero core deck, which is included in many varieties of Wright mowers is one of the company’s most innovative advances. Depending on the terrain you are planning to work on, you can choose between their floating deck and fixed deck

Apart from the quality, Wright mower frames are designed to enhance a faster cutting. The smallest stander frame I came across was 32” while some were as wide as 58”. 

Wright Mower Cutting Height

You can easily select the right deck height by just a push on the button deck-adjust in most of their models. The dec-adjust enables you to use a strong string to prevent the deck from swinging up and down as you drive through the bumpy ground. 

What are the Warranty Policies on Wright Mowers?

The company offers 5 years Residential Limited Warranty and 2 years commercial warranty in all of their models except Stander B. For Standard B, you will get a 3 years Residential Limited Warranty and a year Comercial wanty. 

The good news, the company offers a transferable warranty on their mowers, which is possible up to the end of the warranty period. A copy is always included in the owner’s manual or you can download it from the Wright website for free. 

That means that maintaining warranty-covered parts must be performed by an authorized right dealer. The rest of the maintenance can be done by anyone of your choice or yourself. 

What Do Users Say on Wright Lawn Mowers?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t come across enough online reviews among users. How I wish I could get even ten! Online reviews among users usually give a great impression of how people view the product.

However, there were some three reviews on LawnSite, which were based on Toro Grandstand vs Wright Stander comparison, and the Wright brand carried the day. The two users who sided with the Wright brands loved them for their sturdy nature and ease of use. 


Hopefully, my comprehensive discussion of the quality of the Wright lawn mowers can help you make an informed decision. Please feel free to share with us your experience with any Wright lawn mower that you own.