Are Vintage Chainsaws Good? (5 Quick Facts)

Vintage Chainsaws Good

A few years ago, chainsaws raised major safety risks and concerns to users. Even the experts noticed some design flaws that presented potential injuries. 

However, modern innovations have led to a better design of these handy tools, making them easier to use and safer. 

But are the vintage chainsaws worth using? The truth is that such chainsaws come with features that you might lack in some of the latest designs.

In fact, there are reputable vintage chainsaw companies such as STIHL that sell long-lasting and effective handy tools. 

Here, we consider whether or not vintage chainsaws are good and worth your money. 

Why Select A Vintage Chainsaw?

There are several reasons why you should opt for vintage chainsaws rather than the latest models. Let’s consider the reasons below: 


One thing about a vintage chainsaw is that it’s a very reliable tool that gets the job done with ease. It’s more efficient compared to a handsaw. 

In fact, it does a better job for tougher, bigger, and more complex tasks. Its cutting speed is generally faster.

More Power

Chainsaws offer a more powerful cutting experience that is difficult to come by. Using the tool, you won’t need to apply much effort to trim dense bushes or cut down thick trees. 

This way, you stand a chance of saving time and energy and channeling them to complete other tasks. We recommend a vintage chainsaw for cutting in heavy-duty projects. 


Apart from being heavyweight, a chainsaw is designed to be easily carried around. In some cases, you can even carry it to the top of the tree. 

You can even attach a strap on it and hook it to a tool belt. 

Cons of Vintage Chainsaws

Even though vintage chainsaws have some benefits, they also come with challenges that every user should understand:


Like any other power tool, safety is always a major concern while dealing with a vintage chainsaw. A simple mistake while using the tool could lead to a major injury. 

However, wearing appropriate protective gear and following proper cutting techniques can minimize the chances of serious accidents or injuries. 


No matter how rarely or how often you employ a vintage chainsaw, it’ll require constant maintenance to guarantee maximum efficiency and safety. You should always check whenever you want to use it to ensure it’s safe. 

You might be forced to pay a professional to help service and maintain your vintage chainsaw in some situations.

How Long Do Vintage Chainsaws Last?

Just like most hand tools, how long your vintage chainsaw lasts depends on the purpose you’re employing it for and how you’re using it. 

A certain brand and size of a vintage chainsaw can last only for a few months if used in tough conditions and at top speed, but the same chainsaw may last several years if employed by a responsible user. 

In most cases, a vintage chainsaw lasts for about 10 years. However, the chainsaw can double its lifespan with proper maintenance and servicing. 

If you notice any slight problems with your chainsaw, call a professional to correct the issue, especially if you don’t have the skills for it. 

What Are The Most Reputable Vintage Chainsaw Brand?

Even though you’ll come across various vintage chainsaws on the market, selecting the most efficient and fewer maintenance models is the best decision you can ever make. 

Below are some of the most reputable vintage chainsaw brands:


There is no denying that Stihl is among the most iconic vintage chainsaw brands globally. The company was launched in 1926 and has been on top of the game since then. 

The company is a leader in producing handheld power equipment, including trimmers, blowers, and chainsaws for both commercial and professional uses. 

Stihl isn’t the best-selling brand in the world by chance. It has its proprietary technology to make its cutting blades and guide bars. 

You can get both gas and electric powered chainsaw models from the company. 


Husqvarna is an international company known for manufacturing quality power equipment, including chainsaws, brush cutters, and trimmers. 

The company has been producing innovative and reliable products since its launch in 1959. For your information, their vintage chainsaws are more powerful and faster compared to competitors on the market. 


This Swedish company has continued to diversify and innovate over the years. The company is known for developing quality lawnmowers, chainsaws, and leaf blowers. 

If you decide to buy a Poulan chainsaw, expect an extended warranty. There are several chainsaws available at different prices. 

Are Chainsaws Safer Than They Used To Be?

Some years ago, chainsaws presented a major safety concern to users. A slight design flaw can translate into serious accidents or injuries even when employed by competent professionals. 

However, modern chainsaws are fitted with new safety features to reduce risks associated with serious injuries. 

Some of the features include:

Chain Improvements

Most chainsaw companies have taken measures to ensure the chains on the saws are matched well to the guide bar. The chains are also sharpened well before they leave the factory. 

Bar Improvements

Manufacturers are nowadays incorporating plastic or metal tip protectors into their chainsaws. This improvement has helped reduce the number of injuries globally since it prevents users from cutting with the saw tip.

Chain Brakes

Chain brakes are meant to prevent the chainsaw from cutting the chain fully by activating a metal brake band all over the drive clutch drum. A metal spring allows users to start an electric chainsaw safely. 

Chain Catcher

The chain catcher prevents the chain from being thrown towards the user if it derails or breaks. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks to their wonderful features, vintage chainsaws are still among the most reliable products to consider, thanks to having excellent features such as more power, convenience, and speed.

Several companies, including STIHL and Husquvarna, are reputable for selling long-lasting and effective vintage chainsaws. 

Whether you decide to buy a vintage chainsaw or a modern one, safety should be on top of your list. Most chainsaws are designed with safety features such as chain brakes, chain improvements, and bar improvements. 

We hope you get an effective vintage chainsaw at an affordable price.