Are Thomasville Rugs Good Quality? (Explained for Beginners)

Thomasville Rugs Good Quality

The quality of a rug can improve or lower the aesthetic appeal of a room like very few items in our homes have the power that rugs do. 

Finding a perfect rug can be, at times, challenging because there isn’t much information on rugs available. Additionally, the endless list of rugs that you can choose from often leads to confusion. 

When buying rugs, you need to look at the material, size, style, and make. You might have walked into a store, heard from a friend, or read somewhere that Thomasville rugs are worth your money?

Are they that good? 

Yes! Thomasville rugs are stain and fade-resistant rugs that are easy to clean and durable. The company has found a sweet spot regarding rugs through years of constant improvement. 

Their rugs come in all sizes but still retain the Thomasville touch that has made the rugs so popular. 

If you’re planning to buy one, today’s article is meant for you. I shall delve into its pros and cons, warranty, and how to take good care of the rugs. 

Who Makes Thomasville Rugs?

Established in 1896, the G.A Gertmenian & Sons has been producing Thomasville rugs for 126 years and still counting. 

Gertmenian’s home offices are in Los Angeles with other international offices in India, China, Turkey, and Belgium. 

It’s also family-run, with the company owning most of its designing, manufacturing, and distribution chains. Also, it has manufacturing resources in Asia and Europe.

The company sells rugs nationally through its business partners, including Kohl’s, Home Goods, Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, etc. 

Why You Should Buy Thomasville Rugs


One area that most rug manufacturers fail in is outdoor rugs. Gertmenian purposed to occupy this niche and currently has some excellent outdoor rugs. 

They make their rugs from polypropylene so that they don’t deteriorate due to staining, soaking, mildewing, or developing odors from dampness. 

Their rugs are well-crafted to ensure that there’s sufficient air circulation and water drainage to avoid moisture build-up. 

They Are UV Stabilized

Thomasville adds UV stabilizers to their rugs so that they don’t fade when exposed to sunlight.

You have a rug that is still good but is excessively faded, and it makes your room old. 

Don’t make the same mistake the second time. Instead, go for a high-quality Thomasville rug.


Thomasville rugs aren’t so cheap, but given that you’re getting a good quality rug at an affordable price, it’s safe to say so. 

Their rugs have prices that range from as cheap as $50 upwards. The rugs have good pile height, are high density, and have a premium feel that most other rugs lack.  

How To Care for and Clean Thomasville Rugs?

Vacuum your Thomasville rugs as frequently as possible as it’s key to prolonging their lifespan. If possible, take it outside and sweep it to allow the dirt that has attached itself to the rug’s fibers to come loose. 

If a spill occurs, wipe or dry it immediately while avoiding scrubbing the rug. Scrubbing tears away the fabric material and you might find that hard scrubbing damages the rug. 

Cleaning your rug is an easy process that doesn’t necessitate professional help. If you have a Thomasville indoor rug, follow the steps below to clean it.

  • Take your rug outside and place it on a clean and flat surface. Then pour clean water onto the rug until you’re confident that it’s sufficiently wet. 
  • Thomasville rugs are sensitive to bleaching soaps; make sure to taste your soap by applying it to a small portion of the rug. Wait for some time to let the soap sit in, and wash off with cold water. 
  • When sure that it doesn’t cause fading, you can apply soap on the whole rug. Use a soft scrub brush to lather the soap mixture on the rug. 
  • When done, rinse off the soap with clean water. 
  • You can then lay the rug flat to allow it to dry naturally. When the rug is completely dry, turn it over to allow the back to dry too. 

For hard-to-remove stains, consult a professional to assist you.

What To Look For in a Good Quality Thomasville Rug?

Before settling on a rug, consider the following qualities.

Rug Density 

Rug density refers to the number of knitted loops in rug material. Depending on the rug material, a good rug has more stitches and is tightly woven. 

A rug with a low density will “ugly out” or lose its premium feel before wearing out. 

Face Weight

The weight of a rug is one primary consideration that people take into account when purchasing one. 

As much as a heavier rug will outlast a lighter one, it isn’t always the case. 

Thomasville rugs are lighter premium quality rugs. 

Solution Dyeing 

All Thomasville rugs are solution-dyed during the manufacturing process. 

You can quickly know how uniform the dye is applied throughout the yarn before knitting. Solution dyeing gives the rugs outstanding resistance to fading and UV radiations.   

What Do Reviews Say?

Thomasville rugs receive a lot of positive reviews on and

Many of the reviews point to the rugs exceeding their expectations as most of the reviewers weren’t expecting to get quality rugs at affordable prices. 

The rugs are also well-colored, good quality, and durable. Their rugs are also delivered as advertised and measure up well to a customer’s demands. 

Often, rugs are a few inches thinner or shorter than advertised. The rugs are also heavy, static, and might not need padding. 

However, depending on where you buy the rugs, they are sometimes squeezed in to fit smaller boxes. When you unbox them, you find that the rugs have very deep creases that are very uncomfortable to walk on. 

Also, at times the rugs come in a different shade than the one you’d ordered. 

The few negative reviews that Thomasville rugs get are due to errors in transportation and packaging and not on the quality of the rugs.  

Wrapping It Up!

Gertmenian’s Thomasville rugs are good-quality rugs. 

If you’ve been waiting for a perfect time to buy them, this is the time. Also, the rugs are very pocket-friendly, and if you’re sure, take a walk to Home Depot, Costco, or Walmart and see for yourself. 

Remember, before buying a rug, research its quality, delivery, and whether the store has a money-back guarantee. 


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