Are Soap Dispensers Worth It? (Listed 3 Tips and 8 Products)

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Are you interested in learning more about soap dispensers? In this article, I will explain to you why soap dispensers are worth it. I will use facts to bring out the importance of soap dispensers. Besides, I will guide you through some of the best dispensers that you can buy. Keep reading to find out more.

Soap dispensers are among the essential items that can be added at the place of work or in a household. Apart from reducing bacteria and germs, they help in saving on the cost of buying soaps. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using Soap Dispensers?

Many people are now using soap dispensers in their offices, homes, and public venues. Here are some of the benefits of using them to wash our hands.


Soap dispensers help reduce bacteria and germs because they do not allow users to come into contact with the soap. This has made them increasingly popular. They will also ensure that your bathroom or kitchen is tidy.


Dispensers usually give users enough liquid soap with just a touch. This makes them cost-effection options since a lot of soap is not required when washing hands. Refilling them is also easy and quick.


Soap dispensers are perfect options when adding accessories to our bathrooms when we want them to look more admirable and appealing. There are many colors, shapes, and styles of soap dispensers that we can choose from to decorate our bathrooms. They also come in a variety of materials.


Dispensers help in protecting soaps against various forms of contamination. Such forms may include hazardous chemicals, infection, and climatic effects. They will also help in the preservation of soaps for more extended use.

Things To Consider When Choosing Soap Dispensers

Making the correct choice of a product can sometimes be challenging. We all want to buy things of the best quality. Here are some of the things that I think must be considered when choosing a soap dispenser:


The capacity of the soap dispenser must be adequate. It can be determined by the size of the family. If the dispenser is serving a lot of people, then a bigger size can be appropriate. Smaller dispensers, on the other hand, are suitable for smaller families or individual use.


A soap dispenser must be very convenient for use. This will help a lot of people of different age groups are using it. A suitable dispenser is easy to use and can easily be placed in the bathroom or kitchen. 

The dispenser can have brighter colors and designs if it is meant for kids’ rooms. For me, it can even be better if it is animated as it can help promote the handwashing habit among kids.

Type of Material Used

We may all want to buy things that are cheaper and very affordable. However, cheap can sometimes be expensive. Buying a cheaper soap dispenser may not guarantee you its durability and quality. 

I can recommend a plastic soap dispenser if you are looking for one that is affordable and durable. For those of us who are fans of elegance, there are a variety of good-quality exquisite dispensers that are available.


The place where the soap dispenser is intended to be placed is also an important thing that must be considered. Its design must allow it to fit well in the area where you plan to put it.

I recommend small soap dispensers for spots that are not spacious. Placing more large dispensers in such locations may easily cause unease.

Type of Soap

The type of soap to be used must be considered when choosing the most appropriate soap dispenser. Different kinds of dispensers are designed to use various soap forms, either powder, foam, or liquid soap.

Best Soap Dispensers To Buy

Soap dispensers come in a variety of colors, finishes, sizes, and materials. Some of them will automatically dispense soap, while others have manual pumps. I prefer automatic dispensers because of the technology used and how convenient they are. 

Here is my list of the best soap dispensers that are worth buying.

Umbra Step Dispenser

My best overall soap dispenser is the Umbra Step Dispenser. It is made of sleek and durable melamine. This pretty bottle can look great both in the kitchen or bathroom by complementing the already existing decor.

The Umbra Step Dispenser is about 3 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall. It is an affordable dispenser that has a 13-ounce capacity. Besides soap, the dispenser can be filled with hand sanitizer or lotion for a stylized look and easy access. I have also noticed that it comes with a five-year warranty.

iDesign Cade Pump

Of all the quality dispensers I have seen in the market, the iDesign Cade Pump is the most wallet-friendly. It is a 12-ounce dispenser made of plastic. The dispenser comes in six different colors, with each having a matte finish meant to bring out a uniquely modern appeal.

iDesign Cade Pump is about 6.5 inches tall. It has a strong base that prevents it from slipping or tipping on wet surfaces. 

The Simplehuman Touch-Free Dispenser

For those looking for the best automatic soap dispenser, the simplehuman Touch-Free Dispenser can be the best option. It has a capacity of 9 ounces and is made of stainless steel in our choice of shiny silver, white, rose gold, brushed nickel, or brass. 

The simplehuman Touch-Free Dispenser dispenses the required amount of soap after sensing a hand. It has a funnel opening that makes it easy to refill. Another advantage of having this dispenser is its rechargeable battery that can run on a full charge for about three months.

OXO Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

My best option for a kitchen soap dispenser is the OXO Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser. It is a sleek pump from OXO that can look great when placed next to any kitchen sink.

The dispenser has a clear bottom that will tell when the soap is over so that another one can be added. Besides, it has a non-slip base that helps keep it in the proper position, no matter how sudsy or wet the counters are.

Nomo Soap Dispenser

For an excellent soap dispenser in the bathroom, I recommend the Nomo pump from The Container Store. It has a smooth and straightforward profile and can hold up to 10 ounces of lotion, hand sanitizer, or liquid soap. The dispenser is made of durable plastic that can last for about five years.

It has a white ceramic base and a black pump that are both elegant and neutral. The dispenser can therefore fit in easily with our decors.

Forever Ceramic Dispenser

Ceramic products will always look timelessly elegant. For those interested in buying a ceramic soap dispenser, I can recommend the Forever Ceramic Dispenser. It comes in five different brilliant hues, including jade green, black, blush pink, gray, and white. Its gold pump will give the sink area an undeniable luxe look.

The Forever Ceramic Dispenser measures 2.8 x 7.8 inches and has a capacity of 14.2 ounces.

Blomus Sono Dispenser

Most of us prefer contemporary things. I can recommend the Blomus Sono Dispenser for a modern soap dispenser. It has a smooth matte finish and is made of durable ceramic. 

Blomus Sono is a modern dispenser that has a calming and clean appeal. It has a slightly broad base and measures about six inches tall. I have seen it in a variety of colors such as gray, charcoal, and white.

Gray Hylton Dispenser

The Gray Hylton Soap and Lotion dispenser is a product from Gracie Oaks. It is suitable for a farmhouse and is designed with the best and unique parts of a modern farmhouse. The dispenser is made of waterproof resin and has a metal-inspired finish. 

One thing that I like about the Gray Hylton Dispenser is that it comes at an affordable price.


Soap dispensers are worth spending our money on because of their several benefits. I can, however, advise that you only purchase the best quality soap dispensers of your desired make.