Are Rugrats Dolls Worth Anything? {Reviewed}

Rugrats Dolls

Most collectors usually wonder whether Rugrat dolls are worth anything because most of them come at cheap prices. Well, cheaper dolls don’t have a significant value but not all Rugrat dolls are cheap.

Porcelain Rugrant dolls that were made in the 1990s could be worth a fortune today as long as you maintain them in their perfect condition. For instance, some of the Rugrats Angelica collections that were made in the late 1990s and were discontinued due to poor sales are now reselling at $206.78 on sites like eBay. This is because they have become scarce as the demand increases. 

How Much is that Old Rugrants Doll Worth?

I got my first Rugrant doll when I was 9 years old, that is 20 years ago, at an amount that my mum best described as “cost her nothing by then!” I wasn’t a fan of the type of doll she bought so I didn’t even bother taking it out of her box. I took my gift and kept it in my suitcase. 

Several years later when we were getting rid of some stuff from our house, we decided to sell it to a doll collector because it was still in perfect shape in its box. We were shocked to realize the collector didn’t bargain for a price below $25! On seeing that, I decided to search online for similar Rugrat dolls (1999 collection) so that I may venture into collecting more of the brand but it was nowhere to be found. I could find dolls like her but not exactly. 

From my simple story, you realized four factors could have been the reason my doll sold well. It was an older doll in perfect condition inside its box and very hard to find in the market now. 

Most of the Rugrat doll collections from the 1990s are hotcakes to doll lovers and also valuable in terms of finance. This is because such dolls are rare in the market and therefore appear unique to doll lovers.

Meaning, if you purchase a doll now and hold on to your collection long enough, say for like 15 years, you will make a tidy sum from the doll investment in the near future. All you have to ensure is that your collection is in perfect condition. 

The dolls should have their original hair intact up to the time you will be selling it. No part of the dolls should be replaced. You should also make sure you keep your collection in their boxes with all the accessories.

No one will buy a doll that has its parts replaced or a doll out of its box at a reasonable price. A doll in its perfect condition should have smooth hair, skin free from marks, bright and clear facial features, no odor as well as clean clothing, and be in perfect condition. 

As Linda Edwards, the president of the United Federation of Dolls put it, assembling a valuable collection is about searching for that rare or unique item. Most of the original first edition of Rugrat dolls made in the early 1990s are rare and valuable now. They sell high on various sites and therefore, are worth your investment.

A good example is a “Totally Angelica Beauty Boutique” which now sells at a reasonable amount on eBay. Most of these dolls were crafted in limited numbers by famous doll makers. On average, they sell for around $89 to a hundred dollars.

On the other hand, Rugrat doll collections that were produced in mass and are available in abundance sell as low $1 to $25. Mass production is usually common with company-made dolls.

How Do You Determine if Your Rugrat Collection is Older Dolls?

If you have a collection ready now, this is how you determine if it comprises older dolls:

Check the Stamp for the Year it was Made

As I mentioned before, Rugrat dolls that were made in the 1990s are worth a fortune today. Therefore, the best way to determine what a doll is worth should be to check the stamp for the year it was made.

Rugrat dolls usually have stamps on them indicating the years they were made. Most older Matell Rugrats have stamps on their thighs or back.

Rugrat dolls are not the oldest brands you will find in the market today, but some of them date back to the late 1990s. Dolls from this time can now fetch up to $30 on average.

Examine the Physical Appearance and the Clothing

Some Rugrant dolls don’t have a mark on them or maybe the mark faded. If that is the case, you can determine whether or not they are older dolls examining the body appearance and clothing.

Most dolls made in the 1990s have different physical appearances from the recently made ones. Older Rugrat dolls were produced with a lot of details. For instance, their fingers were well divided. The clothing was often in bright and neon colors. 

What are Some of the Rugrant Collections Over $100?

Some Rugrant dolls are more valuable than others. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on the following collections, you are assured of fashionable fortune.

Seven Vyonage Cynthia Doll: made in 1977, Seven Vyonage Cynthia doll features a pretty box and a dark brown gown. This collection sells on various sites for around $100.

Flower Twirl Grown Up Kimi: this playset figure doll was made in 1999. It is a holiday collection that costs up to $138 on various sites.

Totally Angelica Beauty Boutique: This is the most expensive Rugrant doll we came across. It is a 1999 collection and comes with several accessories. It sells for more than $200 on various sites.

Final Thought

Rugrat dolls may not be the best-selling brand but are a worthwhile investment too, particularly for those who are planning to stay in the business for a long time. That said, you should look for a rare collection and hold it until its value increases then sell at a good sum of money. Buying a doll today and reselling it for more money two months later won’t give you a good profit. In fact, you may end up losing money.