Are RCA Freezers Any Good? {4 Helpful Tips for Beginners}

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RCA freezers are designed to cater to the needs of the low to midrange market.

While they are not the most expensive models available, they are great for their price.

But should you buy one of these freezers?

Are RCA Freezers Any Good?

RCA is a popular brand known for creating good-quality freezers. These freezers are great for the price you pay. The definer, “price you pay” is important, as RCA freezers are primarily built for the low to midrange market and should be compared to competitors in that market segment.

What Type of Freezers Does RCA Make?

RCA freezers come in two types, namely, chest freezers and upright freezers. 

For people who want something a bit more economical, RCA makes chest freezers that come in a variety of sizes ranging from as small as 3.5 cubic feet to as big as 7.1 cubic feet.

With the design, it appears that RCA understands that most chest freezers are placed in a basement utility room or garage in a home. 

Chest freezers do not typically come with a fan and that limits air circulation. This can cause temperature levels to become inconsistent. 

Thankfully, RCA uses technology that can ensure that the internal temperature remains consistent.

RCA also makes upright freezers ranging from 1.1 cubic feet to 20.6 cubic feet. 

This means there is an RCA freezer for just about everyone, regardless of their needs. 

Typically, the upright freezers have a higher price range compared to the chest freezers. This comes down to the added convenience they offer. 

Regardless of where the freezer is kept, whether in the garage, basement, utility room, or main kitchen, an RCA upright freezer ensures that users are able to keep food items fresh and frozen for a long time. 

With an upright freezer, there is no need to bend forward and riffle through the piles of frozen items like one would with a chest freezer. 

Also, upright freezers allow users to stack their food items using fridge-like shelves. 

Most freezers usually come with auto defrosting capabilities. This means they can be maintained quite easily. 

An RCA freezer is no different.

What Features Do RCA Freezers Have?

The majority of freezers in the RCA product lineup come with quite a number of features.

Some models come with internal thermostats that let users track the internal temperature of the freezers.  In some upright freezer models, you can get three or more adjustable and removable wire shelves. 

For both the chest and upright freezers, a bright interior LED light helps you see the content and make choices quicker, especially in low light situations such as during the night. 

Users can also look forward to a front-easy access door complete with a conveniently reversible hinge. 

This ensures that the swinging direction of the freezer door is not limited by where you place it. 

There are also front legs attached to the upright freezers. This allows you to effortlessly balance the freezer on any floor surface.

For the most part, the control panels you see on all the chest freezer models are pretty similar. With RCA chest freezers, users can look forward to a dial with seven temperature settings as well as an “off” setting. 

There are also two bright indicator lights for “Run” and “Power.” Depending on the size of the chest freezer, you can expect to have a wire basket that allows you to place more food items in the freezer at an elevated level.

When it comes to energy efficiency, you can expect a 7.0 cubic feet RCA Chest freezer to use 0.5 kWh per day. 

This totals to roughly 180 to 240 kWh per year, making RCA freezers one of the most energy-efficient brands in this market segment.

Another reason why RCA freezers are sought after is that they offer an easy to defrost drain. In addition to this feature, they also come in a compact, sleek look.

The gaskets and interior are easy to clean.

Plus, the freezers come with warranties that can last anywhere from 1 or 3 years, depending on the specific product.

What Are the Common Issues with RCA Freezers?

RCA Freezers offer a lot of value, especially for their price range. But they are not without some faults. 

For one, there are some reports of customers purchasing the freezers online and receiving models with dents all over.

While this may come down to shipping issues, it seems that the build quality of these products leaves more to be desired, especially on the smaller freezers. 

The majority of the complaints are about the chest freezers. 

The construction materials seem to have some durable issues, which show up particularly during shipping.

There are also some complaints about the freezers suddenly stopping to work after about a year after purchase. The familiar pattern is that the unit starts to make a clicking noise, which eventually causes the unit to stop cooling.

Although this problem can easily be fixed by someone who knows how to repair start relays, not everyone has that knowledge. 

For a brand that prides itself on providing quality appliances, including freezers, this can leave a sour taste in the mouth. Thankfully, a majority of the products don’t have serious issues.


RCA is a brand with a simple philosophy: provide homes with affordable appliances. So, you’ll likely find great freezers with simple features for a good price from the manufacturer.

This doesn’t mean that some of the products don’t have a few problems. This is particularly the case with the chest freezers models. They leave more to be desired, especially when it comes to build quality. 

In a nutshell, RCA freezers might not be the choice for you if you are searching for a top-of-the-line freezer that meets high expectations in interior and exterior design, and impeccable performance.

However, if you are in the market for an affordable freezer that may have one or two compromises, you may want to consider getting one of these freezers. 


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