Are Quinn Hand Tools Any Good? 7 Helpful Tips

quinn hand tools are good

Quinn hand tools have been around for a while now. They are mostly known for offering hand tools that are appropriate to those who can’t afford tools from popular brands that usually have hefty prices.

But the main question that most people ask is, are their hand tools any good? 

Quinn hand tools are advancing in quality. Most of their tools are now durable and don’t easily strip, bend or break like those from other cheaper brands. Besides, they tend to care a lot about user experience. 

We are aware by just saying some Quinn hand tools are affordable, durable, and comfortable won’t be enough information for many readers. You must be seeking specifics because this brand offers a wide variety of hand tools. 

Just keep on reading. We offer you a rundown on everything you would want to know about these products. 

Are Quinn Hand Tools Worth Buying?

Whenever I want to test if I can use a particular hand tool, Quinn hand tools are my best option. This is because I regard them as the most affordable tools but with good quality in the market.

I remember when I wanted to test if I can use a snap spring plier with a reversible action. I bought Quinn made online at $25. There was no way I could spend on the Stanley proto at $35 just to find out if I could use such a type of pliers.

After gaining experience with the affordable Quinn hand tools, I would upgrade to high-quality and expensive tools from other brands. I never knew I could upgrade within the brand and still get the quality. 

Well, you can now get Quinn hand tools of good quality but still at better prices. Even with their premium screwdrivers, a 15pc set is sold at $25 on most sites. The same sets from Husky will cost you $30 or more on various online stores. $25 may only afford 12pc of craftsman screwdrivers. 

Though the quality may be slightly different, I am sure you won’t get annoyed simply because something you purchased at $25 is not the same quality as the same product sold at $30. 

If all you need is just a DIY home hand tool, there is no point in going for a popular brand that will cost you extra. Quinn hand tools offer great homeowner hand tools at slightly affordable prices. 

However, for professional hand tools, you may consider other brands. Most Quinn hand tools are not designed to withstand vigorous daily professional use. And it is obvious Quinn hand tools will not be the same quality as tools from brands that cost 2 times more. 

Are Quinn Hand Tools Durable?

Durability is one of the most critical factors when choosing a hand tool. Quinn tools are durable as long as you use them for the right purpose. 

They offer a range of hand tools that vary in quality. There are tools from this brand that will last you years just like those you will get from the top brands. 

I really love their socket that is constructed from rugged chrome vanadium steel. This product is very resistant to scratches, corrosion, and rust. If handled with care, it will take you to the next generation.  

Generally, most of their hand tools are not designed for vigorous professional abuse. While some of them can withstand slight professional use, you have to handle them with care.

Anyway, every hand tool will need care for it to last long. If you handle any Quinn hand tool with care, it will outlive those from other brands. 

What Are Other Things You Will Love About Quinn Hand Tools?

Affordability and durability are very important factors to consider when buying a hand tool. However, there are two factors that will influence your decision, and we can’t assume them. 

User Friendly 

Quinn hand tools offer a competitive ergonomic level. Their tools like hammers and screwdrivers provide superior hand protection. This is another reason they are popular among hobbyists and DIY homeowners.

These tools are easy to assemble and most of them come ready to use. 

Overall Design

Personally, I like the look of most Quinn hand tools. The beautifully looking black and blue screwdrivers from Quinn are one of the favorite hand tools I have ever had. 

Most of their tools are black and this creates a uniform look in your garage tool. So, if you like uniformity, Quin Hand tools will serve you right.

Do Quinn Hand Tools Come With a Warranty?

One of the biggest strengths of Quinn hand tools is the warranty. Whether you buy their cheaper tools or a high-end set of tools, all Quinn hand tools are protected by a secure warranty. 

Most of their hand tools have an unlimited warranty. This shows how the manufacturers are confident with the quality of these products. 

If any part of these tools covered in the warranty gets damaged, you can have it replaced in any of their stores.

Are Quinn Hand tools ANSI Certified?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) creates standardized guidelines for various products. These standards include material quality, durability, design efficiency, and overall strength.

This institute has guidelines that a product has to meet in order to get certified. Without going deep into the guidelines, it is fair to say Quinn meets most of their guidelines quite easily. That means they are ANSI certified. 

What Do Users Say About The Products?

Quinn doesn’t have a lot of reviews online, but there are some specific tools from this brand that enjoy great reviews on sites like Amazon. We found a digital torque wrench that many users praise for precision.

Quinn hand tools are also rated high in their parent company site Harbor Freight. For instance, we came across a 35 Pc. socket set with 3/8 in. drive from Quinn with at least 4-star rating among users. These products have a 4.8-star rating on average out of 264 reviews. 

That said, it is not easy to come across a negative review on most of their products. 


Quinn hand tools are excellent options for homeowners who want inexpensive hand tools that still meet their needs. The tools just work fine and are very comfortable to handle. They offer a lot of quality considering what you will spend. 


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