Are Nutone Range Hoods Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Nutone Range Hoods

You can’t talk about kitchen ventilation without mentioning the NuTone range hoods. NuTone range hoods are one of the most popular products in the kitchen ventilation industry. 

Though they are one of the dominant in various American kitchens, not everyone has used these products. And just like any other product, anyone who is planning to give them a try must inquire whether they are good or not. 

Today, we are here to answer one of the most important inquiries people make in the kitchen ventilation industry: are NuTone range hoods good?

NuTone Range hoods are high-quality ventilation fans that offer a variety of performance levels, functionality, and style that will suit the needs of any of your home cooking areas. Whether it’s a focal point in your kitchen or concealed in custom cabinetry, trust NuTone. The best part, you will get these products at a wide range of pricing and have your pick as per your wallet. 

However, when choosing the best range hood, people always consider factors beyond what we have just mentioned in our answer above. In this article, we explore everything that could be the reason behind NuTone range hoods’ popularity.

Will NuTone Range Hoods Work For My Kitchen?

NuTone range hoods offer all four basic configurations each designed for a specific application. These include under the cabinet (both vented and non-vented), wall chimney, Island, and downdraft location. They range from 33- to 66-inch widths.

The brand offers a ventilation solution that matches every cooking style. Whether it is concealed in custom cabinetry or a focal point in your kitchen, you can trust NuTone range hood products to provide the optimal solution.

The layout of your kitchen determines the type of range hood that you will choose. But always be sure to choose a range hood that is at least as wide as the cooking surface it goes above. The good news, NuTone range hoods are all over the market. You can find them on various Homes and online stores at any time.

What are Some of the Outstanding Features of NuTone Range Hoods?

NuTone range hood offers a plethora of features that make it appealing to many stores and home users. Let’s take a look at some of its great features. 


NuTone range hoods that we tested had amazing airflow. We learned that the higher the CFM rating the more powerful they are. But generally, NuTone range hoods have average CFM. Most of them are not too robust, and you can get a 36’ under cabinet model with only 200 CFM.

More airflow means faster ventilation, but that doesn’t guarantee better smoke capture. Many of their products that claim to have modest airflow vented as much as those that claim to have twice the airflow. 

With that said, you can get a NuTone range hood with a lower CFM and relatively less airflow but still, have the job perfectly done. Having range hoods with low CFM will be ideal for homes and offices since they are less noisy. 

Number of Fan Speed

NuTone range hoods offer from 3 to 6 fan speeds. It is always prudent to get one with 2 speeds: a high speed and a low speed. You can set a high speed when cooking and a low speed when you are done cooking to continue to ventilate the space while eating.

Anything beyond two speeds isn’t necessary. In fact, more than three speeds will be too much for a home kitchen. Keep in mind that the higher the speed the louder the range hood. 

We learned that most complaints from consumers are about their loud fans. We later realized that such users always go for three speeds and above. When such range hoods with 3 speeds (low speed, high speed, and very high speed) are in their top speed, it always feels like cooking closer to a jet. 

Thermostat Control

Most over-the-range microwave from NuTone features a built-in temperature sensor that automatically turns on the fan if the temperature below the hood gets too high. The main purpose of these thermostats is to protect the hood from being damaged by the high temperature.

Stylish Look

NuTone range hoods have a stylish appearance thanks to their stainless steel body. Their esthetic look adds a lot of value to your kitchen. If you are planning to sell your house and you don’t have a range hood in your kitchen, I recommend installing one from this brand to help increase the value.

The good news is that some of their products are made from other materials as well, so you even have a material option. We saw one of the most expensive products at eBay made of copper. Whatever the material, these products generally have a sleek stylish look. 

Are NuTone Range Hoods Expensive?

Normally, what you would expect from a popular brand is elevated pricing. However, that is not the case with NuTone range hoods. They offer a wide range of pricing that everyone will get what their pocket can offer.

You will find NuTone range hoods almost everywhere in home depots, sears, online stores among others. Check their prices on such sites and see how you have a range of options. 

While you can get some of their hoods at as low as $40 on such sites, some can cost more than $700. But it isn’t easy to find a price beyond $1000. 

The prices may significantly increase depending on the accessories you include in the package. For instance, there was a Broan Flue Extension for a range hood that cost $235 on eBay at the time of this review.

Is NuTone Range Hood Durable?

NuTone range hoods are made with durability in mind. The fact that most of them are made of stainless steel sounds great. Meaning, you have a product that can resist a harsh condition, be resistant to rusting, and maintain consistent color throughout the lifetime of the product. But the ones made from copper are likely to last you years as well.

Besides, most NuTone range hoods feature thermostat control that protects them from being damaged by the hot temperature. The built-in temperature sensor automatically turns on the fan if the temperature below the hood turns high.

Even more, the hoods are made of easy-to-clean features like large dishwasher-safe filters, top oriented circulation louver, and a fully integrated light panel. Cleaning helps maintain the range and will add to its lifespan.

However, it will all depend on the care you give your hood range. If NuTone range hoods are handled with care, they can outlive the owner.

Are NuTone Range Hoods the Most Popular Brand?

From our research, we can conclude that NuTone range hoods have around 40% market share. They are available in various online market sites than any other brand we tested. 

One thing is for sure, they cannot be sold in large numbers just for the sake. It is likely that they are in demand for them to have such a large market share.

Research has it that Boran-NuTone products, including their range hoods, can be found in more than 110 million homes. This includes range hoods as well.

If you fancy brand power, NuTone range hoods are products worth considering. 

What Do Customers Say About NuTone Range Hoods?

Most customers love the NuTone range hoods for their quality and variety. You can get NuTone range hood reviews on various sites. In fact, we came across not less than 3,000 customer reviews on various sites.

Most of the customers gave this brand 4-5 stars with an excellent 75% of rating. Most of the customers that offered them negative reviews complained about the noise. 

As I mentioned before, if you install a range hood with a higher CFM in your home, you are likely to experience such loud noise. You should go for such loud ranges for commercial purposes. 


NuTone range hoods are fantastic products and are very popular. They are found in various homes courtesy of their performance and durability. Some people easily trust products that are commonly used. If that is you, then you have all the reasons to give NuTone range hoods a try.