Are Morrison Chainsaws good? (Explained For beginners)

Man working by professional Morrison chainsaw

Morrison has a range of chainsaws: from an electric chainsaw to the more heavy-duty petrol chainsaws. 

Morrison petrol chainsaw comes with engines that range from 26cc to 52cc engines and bars from 16-inches up to 20-inches bar.

This high-quality chainsaw is known for durability and job efficiency. Users of Morrison attest to the chainsaw’s capacity to handle heavy-duty jobs without breaking a sweat. So are Morrison chainsaws good really?

Morrison chainsaw comes packed with an anti-vibration damper and an effective chain brake system to keep the operator safe. They have also incorporated an inertia-activated brake system that helps manage a throwback and prevent workplace hazards.

Below is a highlight of Morrison’s chainsaws and all the accrued qualities.

Morrison Electric chainsaws

Morrisson produces a variety of lightweight electric chainsaws. 

It comes fitted with a tank that holds its chain fluid for bar and chain lubrication. The beauty of this chainsaw is that there is no petrol engine to fuel up, and there is no need for a constant pull to start.

It works with a simple trigger squeeze as soon as it’s connected to a power outlet. It is vital to plug your power equipment into a reputable residual current device to prevent electric shock. 

Connect your power cord into the RCD and power it on. Remember to adorn yourself with safety apparatus before using the chainsaw. 

Activate the chainsaw by squeezing the trigger, and the gear would rotate the chain at an appropriate speed. 

The electric chainsaws are ideal for moderate garden work.

Features of Morrison Electric Chainsaws

Each piece of Morrison’s electric chainsaw comes with a powerful 1800-2000 watt motor

They have an optimized chain brake system designed for the safety of users. 

The motor powers a durable Oregon chain on a bar of 16-inches to 20-inches. 

The manufacturer incorporates a tool-free chain tension adjustment process to make the operation seamless. 

Morrison’s electric chainsaw engine operates on an automatic oiler to maintain the chain’s efficiency and the blade.

Features of Morrison Petrol Chainsaw

Morrison Petrol chainsaws are rugged and versatile garden implements that serve several functions. 

A 2-stroke engine powers the chainsaws, giving them enough force to perform heavy-duty tasks. 

The mobility and versatility of this engine make it very useful in all forms of light garden work

The engine operates on a gasoline fuel mixed in a 40part gasoline to 1part oil.

Is Morrison Chainsaw Safe?

When operating Morrison Chainsaw, ensure you fill-up the tank with a recommended proportion of fuel mix and fill the oil tank with appropriate oil. 

It would help prevent malfunction and accidents. 

When you start the engine, turn on the switch, prime the carburetor, and pull the choke out. Hold down the rare handle with your foot and hold down the engine compartment with your hand.

Following this simple instruction keeps you safe and prevents unwarranted hazards.

Is Morrison Chainsaw High Quality?

Morrison petrol chainsaw uses Walbro carburetors. 

Walbro produces high-quality and durable carburetors that have served power engines for years.

The chainsaw also uses chrome-lined engine cylinders that prioritize efficiency, performance, and reliability. 

All Morrison chainsaws incorporate an effective chain braking system that ensures the operator’s safety. They have a proven record of quality and durability. 

They also make use of chrome-lined engine cylinders, which place priority on performance and reliability. 

How Long Is the Warranty on Morrison Chainsaw?

Morrison offers a four-year domestic warranty on all their products, including the chainsaw line. 

Effective from 1st July 2020, the warranty terms cover all Morrison products.

Operate Morrison Chainsaw: Is It Hard or Easy?

Morrison’s chainsaw functions like every other chainsaw. 

The electrical chainsaw only needs to be connected to a power source. Once connected, the trigger activates the gear, and the chain roars into action. 

Also, the petrol chainsaw works like a simple generator. Once the choke is pulled, the carburetor is primed. A pull at the starter ignites the engine, and the throttle launches the chain. 

Handling the chain is very easy. You only need to set it on the log appropriately and ensure that the engine is as close to the log as possible. 

All Morrison Chainsaw is lightweight and easy to carry about

If you are looking for a more versatile chainsaw, the petrol chainsaw is the best option. 

The length of the connecting cable much limits the electric chainsaw. But the petrol chainsaw carries its power source as it moves.

User Review of Morrison Chainsaws

It is normal to know if using Morrison’s chainsaw will not pose any problem. Thankfully, many reviewers had a lot to say about their experience with the chainsaw. 

After a month of heavy use, a user revealed that he was surprised that the chainsaw performed excellently without breaking a sweat. As a result, he recommends the saw for everyone. 

Another user revealed that the chainsaw cuts smoothly without any glitch

Well designed and reliable, with the ability to take on a lot of jobs were another user’s words. 

Morrison’s chainsaws will neither disappoint nor pose an issue for users.

What Kinds of Work is Morrison Chainsaws Good For?

Morrison Chainsaw covers a wide range of sizes. 

The electrical chainsaw is ideal for moderate cutting and pruning tasks due to the limited power provided by the engine. 

The petrol engine supplies a significant threshold of energy to the blade. Therefore, it is ideal for heavy-duty jobs.

How Long Do Morrison Chainsaws last?

There are testimonials of customers who have owned a Morrison chainsaw for over three years.

Besides sharpening of the blades, Morrison’s chainsaw has few known problems. 

However, proper maintenance would prolong the life of your chain saw.

While the user experience of Morrison’s chainsaws was great, not all users had a great time with the product. 

A customer complained of a jamming issue with the clutch release. This could be frustrating, especially for a user who is not tech-savvy. 

A loose or rattling chain is common with most chainsaws and is nothing to worry about. In this case, all you need to do is adjust and increase the chain’s tension. 

Are Morrison’s chainsaws Reliable?

When you invest so much money buying a chainsaw, it needs to do what you got it for. As a result, before purchasing a Morrison chainsaw, you want to know if it cuts wood seamlessly

A couple of users have some things to say about chainsaws.

It is excellent for the price and cuts through log like butter – were the words of one of the reviewers. 

This is good and expected as you, it is essential to have a reliable chainsaw that will do the job. 

Morrison Chainsaws: Recommended Best practice

Here are some precautions and guides to ensure you have the best time with Morrison Chainsaws: 

  • You need to keep your cutting chain at the required tension for effective cutting is essential.
  • Avoid drop starting the chainsaw in a standing position to avoid hazards from dropping.
  • If your chainsaw engine throttles back after starting, repeat the startup process.
  • Allow the engine to warm up for a few seconds before squeezing the throttle to rev up the engine a few times.
  • Always activate the chain brake when the chainsaw is not in use.  
  • Use the entire bar length when cutting. Avoid push and pull motion when cutting to prevent throwback.
  • If you notice that you are applying excessive pressure during operation, you may need to sharpen the blade of the saw.

Wrapping up

Morrison is one of the most efficient chainsaws in the industry. 

As a beginner, you can opt for the electric chainsaw to reduce the learning curve and gain mastery within a short period. 

Before operating any machinery, thoroughly read and understand the owner’s manual for full safety and operating instructions. 

This will help identify any potential hazards before operating the chainsaw

Moreover, always use the right chainsaw to get optimal results for every job. For safety, equip yourself with adequate protective gear.


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