Are Milwaukee Hand Tools Good? (9 Helpful Tips)

Milwaukee Hand Tools Good

Like any market trendsetter, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is often the subject of debate on whether the price tags placed on its products are justified. 

And one area of Milwaukee Tools that is primarily scrutinized is its hand tools. 

Are they that good? Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t.

This article will calm any voices of doubt you might be having about the brand.

Are Milwaukee Hand Tools Good?

Absolutely! Milwaukee hand tools are my number one go-to brand for highly effective hand tools. The company has invested almost a century of research and development in ensuring that its hand tools are functional, durable, and safe to use. 

Is Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation A Trusted Brand?

Milwaukee Tool is a very trusted tools manufacturer of both hand tools and heavy-duty power tools worldwide. 

Two key pillars that drive the company’s operation are its unwavering commitment to delivering advanced solutions for the trades that increase productivity while being very durable and focusing on disruptive innovation. 

As a company founded in 1924, Milwaukee has continued to supply high-quality tools at reasonable prices. Secondly, Milwaukee tools were initially designed and crafted to meet the standards of the US Navy, a tradition that they have kept to this day. 

The company has been the biggest supplier and producer of cordless power tools in the US and Canada since 2016, leading the likes of Bosch and Stanley Black & Decker, who fall in second and third places, respectively.

The Quality Of Milwaukee Hand Tools

Milwaukee hand tools are US Navy standard and thus high quality. 

Milwaukee Tools’ manufacturing model is end-user-oriented, with the company producing tools that suit the needs and the highest standards demanded by the industry. 

The company has been in operation for almost an entire century, meaning that it has built a name for itself by delivering very durable and easy-to-use hand tools that can be used by professionals and amateurs alike.

Also, apart from durability, Milwaukee continues redesigning its hand tools, focusing on grip, comfort, and ease of use. 

The company’s hand tools rival those made by renowned hand tool makers such as Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, Stanley Black & Decker, and Craftsman.

While you might be tempted to go for one brand or the other, there isn’t much difference in quality and the best value for your money amongst these brands. Instead, opt for one that offers a better deal for you regarding the warranty, customer support, cost, and options available.

What Kind Of Hand Tools Do Milwaukee Tools Make?

Milwaukee is the most trusted maker of non-professional hand tools in the US. 

Reliability has been a critical driver to the company’s continued growth in North America and Europe. 

The company makes high-quality hammers, mallets, hand-cutting tools, hand ratchets, hand grease guns, nut drivers, levels, marking and layout tools, measuring instruments, and screwdrivers. 

Other tools include pliers, storage compartments, sockets, tool belts, wrecking and pry bars, and wrenches.

Are Milwaukee Hand Tools Comfortable And Easy To Use?

Milwaukee Tools is a user-oriented company that makes tools that are easy to use and yet very effective. 

An integral part of Milwaukee tools is its sophisticated design that ensures that its hand tools are functional, easy to use, and crafted to fit perfectly in the palm without compromising functionality.

A vast majority of its hand tools are made to be used by both professionals and DIY-ers.

Milwaukee designs and produces its hand tools with a focus on the following four factors of comfort.


Milwaukee hand tools are specially crafted to produce a measured effect with minimal effort. Tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, nut drivers, and hand-cutting tools are made using high-quality steel, rubber, and aluminum parts. 

The high-quality rubber provides a soft and firm grip to minimize injuries that may come when a tool malfunctions. The teeth and jaws are made of steel to ensure durability.

Posture and Muscles

Some hand tools are challenging to use due to poor design but not Milwaukee hand tools. As already highlighted, Milwaukee makes all of its tools with the end-user in mind. 

And one way they do this is by ensuring that its tools are designed to be used even in awkward positions while ensuring that the user is safe from work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). 

You’ll never find yourself with poor body posture while using a Milwaukee hand tool.

Irritation And Pain Of Hand

Milwaukee tools are comfortable and grippy enough to ensure that you don’t waste a lot of energy and time using a slippery tool. If you’re not a fan of compression of soft tissue in the palm, numbness, and blisters, go for Milwaukee hand tools. 


Milwaukee hand tools are some of the most aesthetically pleasing tools in the market. 

We all know some companies that make tools that are functional yet lacking in the aesthetics department. 

Milwaukee Tools isn’t one of them as its tools are comfortable to both the eye and the hand. 

Are Milwaukee Hand Tools Durable And Warrantied?

Milwaukee hand tools are very durable to the extent that the company has a limited lifetime warranty for all its hand tools. 

If the hand tool is kept free from misuse, abuse, alterations, lack of maintenance, and accidents, you’re guaranteed to use the tool for a lifetime. When subjected to the harshest of working environments, Milwaukee tools will often perform well and outlast most other brands.

A Milwaukee’s lifetime warranty is guaranteed to the purchaser of a hand tool and covers only that the tool is free of defects sustained in craft or material. 

The company has an excellent customer support desk, so if a hand tool fails, which it rarely does, you need to take the tool back to the company. An original receipt is required for the defective item to be replaced.

To ensure that your Milwaukee tool is durable, always perform the standard tool maintenance procedures on the specific tool. 

Are Milwaukee Hand Tools Expensive?

From experience and research of many tools, especially hand tools, it’s pretty apparent that Milwaukee hand tools are pretty expensive compared to brands such as DeWalt. 

Milwaukee is a high-end product that produces excellent hand tools whose price tags are warranted. We have other cheaper brands in the market that offer similar hand tools at a lower price. However, note that the lower price comes with a significant reduction in the quality of the tool.

You should note that there isn’t a significant price variation between Milwaukee’s hand tools and other high-end tool company prices. Bosch, Makita, and Craftsman have comparable prices to Milwaukee. 

On the other hand, hand tool companies such as Hilti are so expensive that they make Milwaukee seem like a budget brand by comparison. They don’t offer anything close to what we can assume as fair prices for most users. 

So, whether Milwaukee hand tools are expensive or not depends on what brand you are comparing them with based on value. 

Overall, I wouldn’t label Milwaukee hand tools as expensive because, with Milwaukee Tools, every cent spent on buying their hand tools is worth it.

Are Milwaukee Hand Tools A Good Investment?


You’ll rarely find a commodity with the most significant support like Milwaukee hand tools. Why should you hate them? Milwaukee Tools might seem expensive to new buyers but before buying, take some time to research the tool’s longevity. You’ll be amazed. A tool with a limited lifetime warranty has to be an excellent hand tool.

Milwaukee hand tools maintain their functionality, grip, edges, and threads for a lifetime!

What The Reviews Say

A look at and confirms that Milwaukee is a good and trusted brand. 

A vast majority of their hand tools have a customer rating of 5 stars on

Similarly, tool owners at praised the company for its continued supply of high-quality hand tools.

The only negative reviews on the items stem from the pricing. 

Some of the hate towards the company stems from the company being quite pricey, yet they shifted production to Asia, which should have lowered the price tag placed on some hand tools. 

My Take On Milwaukee Hand Tools

If you ever think of buying a hand tool, go for one that offers you the best service, at the right price, and without inflicting any injuries and damages. 

You’ll get all that, plus more unique features such as a limited lifetime warranty, excellent customer support, and durability from Milwaukee hand tools. 


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