Are Logik Freezers Any Good? (13 Helpful Tips)


Freezers are essential in every home. Human beings believe in planning, so having a freezer that’ll keep your food fresh and tasty for a long time is extremely important. Business enterprises need excellent freezers as well, they’ve become very important in today’s world, and I believe it’s safe to say that freezers are lifesavers. So, let’s talk about Logik freezers. Are they any good?

If you are looking for an affordable freezer, whether it’s for home use or commercial purposes, I would recommend Logik freezers. There are a variety of sizes you can pick from this brand, they’re energy-efficient, and they have a tone of practical storage equipment like egg trays.

Want to know if getting a Logik freezer is worth it? Read on for more information; 

Why You Should Get a Logik Freezer

Below are a couple of reasons why you should consider getting a Logik Freezer. 

Variety of Sizes

Because of the variant in capacity, Logik freezers accommodate everyone, despite the amount of foodstuff you are looking to store. 

Larger is convenient when you need to store more ice for a party or want to open up a business. Then, you’ll need a freezer of about 300-400litres. 

However, for larger homes, a freezer with around 260 liters in capacity is perfect for you. Smaller families, on the other hand, can work perfectly with a freezer with below 200 liters capacity. 

The best part is, it doesn’t matter what size of freezer you buy; the efficiency is still the same. 

Energy efficient

Unlike other freezer brands, Logik freezers have proven to be energy efficient. Despite having a lot of features that have made lives easier,  Logik freezers also save you a ton of money. 

Auto defrost

Forgetting to defrost the chicken just in time to start cooking dinner has become a major issue in so many homes. Imagine not having to stress about defrosting your food.

The auto defrost feature works on a cycle every 20-30 minutes. It’s important to note that automatic defrost freezers are better at reducing maintenance costs compared to manual defrost freezers.

A high number of Logik freezers have the auto defrost feature. Hence, it’s going to save you the time you take to defrost your fridge and regular maintenance costs. On top of that, the freezer has an anti-bacterial coating that’ll help improve its overall hygiene.  

You don’t have to worry about scraping ice off your freezer anymore; the frost-free feature in these freezers has made that easier for you.

Plenty of storage

It’s satisfying when you look into your freezer and find that everything is neat and well placed. Well, Logik freezers make things easier for you because they come with different food compartments that will help you store your groceries in the right departments and avoid overcrowding.

While the majority comes with egg trays and different storage compartments for your meat and vegetables, Logik freezers have gone a notch higher and included a wine rack for your convenience.

New fridge freezers have amazing features like fast freeze functions and water dispensers, making Logik freezers a game-changer.


Logik freezers have proven to be quite affordable compared to other freezer brands. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s inferior, on the contrary, buyers have found them to be very convenient, unlike other freezer brands. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Logik Freezers

We have done in-depth research about Logik freezers and have come across a couple of questions or concerns from buyers and we during the research we came across the answers. So, here you go; 

How often should I defrost my freezer? 

Experts advise that you should defrost your freezer once every 3-6months if you’re looking into using it for a long time. 

Ice on the walls of the freezer reduces storage space and increases the amount of energy consumed by the freezer. 

If you want to speed up the defrost process, a great hack is to put hot water in the freezer. 

What is the best temperature setting? 

The best temperature setting for a freezer is around 3°C – 4°C. This temperature range has been proven to be ideal because it’s not conducive for bacterial growth. 

Should I turn on my freezer immediately after buying it? 

No. Let it stand upright for about 4hours before turning it on. The coolant liquid inside the fridge needs to settle first before the fridge is turned on for the first time. 

Can I put warm foods or drinks in the freezer? 

No. You shouldn’t put warm or hot foodstuffs in your freezer. This is because the temperature inside the freezer will rise, which will, in turn, affect the rest of the food that’s available. 

Which setting should I choose when I want my freezer colder? 

With most Logik freezers, a higher setting means that the freezer will get colder. A lower setting on the other hand means that the temperature will be higher. 

Is a bubbling sound normal in a freezer? 

Several Logic freezers have an environmentally safe cooling agent. The substance responsible for the cooling turns into gas, hence the hissing or bubbling sound is produced. 

This is totally normal.  

How do I clean the drain hole in my fridge-freezer when it’s clogged? 

First, to prevent the hole from producing smells and remain clean, pour a few drops of chlorine bleach in the hole at least 4 times a year. 

However, to clean a clogged drain, you can use cotton swabs or get special devices specifically made for this purpose. 

How far from the wall should I place my freezer?

You should leave at least 5cm of free space from the back and sides of the freezer. This is important for ventilation purposes.  


Freezers are pretty much appliances that you set up and forget about. Things such as maintenance and cleaning, you don’t really think about that often. However, it’s important that after buying them, you carry out maintenance practice for a long life.