Are Lane Recliners Any Good? (13 Hacks To Know)

a woman sitting on a Lane Recliners

Lane started the manufacture of recliners in 1970 and has maintained a vital presence in the furniture industry as a leader in reclining chair manufacturers. Lane is a pacesetter in the industry with a wide variety of recliner styles, from traditional to contemporary.

But are Lane recliners good, you may ask? Yes. As with any item you buy, there will be differing opinions on comfort, quality, wearability, etc. But the overall consensus of the Lane recliner is that it is an attractive, well-constructed piece of furniture.

In fact, the reclining chair line of the Lane Company was developed as a result of consumer demand for a high-quality recliner from a company that stands behind its products.

Lane’s designers, marketing staff, and engineers have worked together to develop top-quality, attractive, innovative recliners that support Lane’s mission to be the “most comfortable seat in the house.”

Are you looking for an elegant high-leg or a chaise recliner with features such as massage, tray table, or hidden storage? Lane has the style to meet your needs.

Lane offers an array of styles of reclining chairs, ranging from traditional to transitional to contemporary. They offer hundreds of different fabrics and luxurious leathers. Many of their styles are available in a wide range of configurations to suit your lifestyle.

If you want a traditional couch/loveseat combination or something more configurable such as a chaise sectional, the reclining line was designed with today’s customer in mind. All of their styles are assembled on a steel superstructure for high-quality performance and years of hassle-free operation.

Lane’s Recliners Provide Comfort You Want

Lane’s goal is to develop furniture that provides customers the ultimate place to unwind, escape, and relax. Here are four reasons why the Lane recliner passes the test of time.

Lane’s Comfort King

This line offers the most in comfort and durability.

  • Steel seven-gauge reclining mechanism
  • Fully unitized high carbon steel seat frame
  • Coil base spring system of welded steel
  • Seat cushions made of 2.5 high resiliency foam
  • Reinforced steel frame on the arm supports

Lane’s Innovation

Lane is dedicated to bringing to consumers innovations, new technologies, and the evolution of products. This is based on consumer testing research and assures our dealers that Lane is at the forefront of innovating products that consumers desire, such as:

Lane’s Value

Lane’s mission is to deliver quality, comfortable, and innovative furniture that today’s consumers want. Their price is just as comfortable as their furniture. Lane also stands behind their products with a limited lifetime warranty.

Lane’s Warranty

  • Lane warranty states its products shall be free of defects in material and workmanship due to manufacturing for the time period indicated from delivery date to the original buyer 
  • All warranties apply to first quality Lane furniture bought from an authorized dealer
  • Are valid for the original purchaser only
  • Are not transferable to another owner 
  • Any alteration or modification of Lane products by the consumer or any other party that Lane does not explicitly authorize will void this warranty.
  • All warranties apply to normal residential usage under climate-controlled conditions. 
  • No warranty applies to:
    • floor samples or display models
    • any product sold as is  
    • marked final sale or with similar designation
    • products used in business, rental, institutional, commercial, in recreational vehicles, or other non-residential uses
  • Damage occurring during delivery, storage before delivery, or transportation, are excluded.  These damages are not the result of manufacturing defects and should be handled by your authorized Lane retailer. 

Lane’s Quality

Lane’s commitment is to produce the highest quality, engineered products that will withstand time, provide comfort, and offer style and design for both consumers and dealers.

Lane’s History

In March of 1912, John Lane bought a small plant located in Altavista, Virginia. Ed, his son, was 21 then and had little manufacturing experience. The Lane family had no idea how successful their new venture would be. Therefore, they didn’t start using their name. They incorporated under the name of the Standard Red Cedar Chest Company instead.

In 1972, Lane purchased a chair company in Tupelo, MS, called Action Industries. They sustained remarkable growth for the next 20 years. Eventually, Action changed its name to Lane Furniture. Today, Lane is owned by United Furniture Industries, one of the fastest-growing and most prominent manufacturers of upholstery and furniture in the country.

Lane’s State-of-the-Art Technology

Lane works continuously to offer its workers the latest technology to manufacture their recliners. They were the first to use a computer numerical control or CNC, a precision cutter used for cutting all frame patterns.

Their computerized inventory system allows tracking of products for their location at any time during the manufacturing process. Lane stays ahead of the competition by searching for the latest technology for product production.

Lane’s Power Recliners

Lane’s Power Recline has three easy ways you can enjoy leaning back with the touch of a button:

Each recliner provides you with a complete range of motion with no work on your part.

Massage + Heat

Two-motor massage and heat are available on Gliders, Wall Savers®, and Rocker Recliners. Heat and massage CANNOT be combined with power on recliners.

Fabric Cleaning and Care


All of Lane’s furniture fabrics carry the cleanability code adopted by the furniture industry in 1969. It provides information about proper methods to clean specific materials. Each item in our catalog lists a specific cleaning code for that particular fabric or leather.

If you spot clean, pre-test fabric for discoloration on an inconspicuous part of the furniture. When overall cleaning is needed, professional cleaning will often achieve the best results. Do not take off the cushion covers or arm caps to clean separately, as this may ruin the backing, cause shrinkage or color changes.

Fabric Selection

The longevity of an upholstered piece of furniture or recliner can be increased by following a few basic rules. It is vital to pick a fabric that is appropriate for its intended use.


Light brushing or weekly vacuuming helps to remove soil and prevent the embedding of grime or dirt between fibers, increasing wear and abrasion.

Health Benefits of Owning a Lane Recliner

Each brand has its own strengths, and when it comes to Lane recliners, they provide size and relief. This combination is the primary reason they are in demand. Owning a Lane recliner creates a welcoming and cozy feeling in your home and, in addition, provides some health benefits.

One of the significant benefits of purchasing and using a Lane recliner is that you will find relief from lower back pain. Even the smallest amount of reclining ensures that a bit of weight and pressure is lifted from your lower back. If reclining daily, your lumbar muscles can relax a little more.

Also, when you recline your legs, your circulation improves. Individuals with poor circulation benefit significantly by using a Lane recliner. Elevating your feet ensures that swelling is reduced, making walking more comfortable.

When you work actively towards reducing and relieving edema (excessive fluid), your overall comfort will skyrocket.

Lastly, and obviously, it provides comfort. For many reasons, reclining is much more comfortable than having your legs dangle due to a higher risk for poor circulation. When reclining, you reduce and relieve the pressure against your legs that restricts blood flow.

Lane Recliner Basics

Before purchasing a Lane recliner, consider your budget. Because recliners are common, you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune — although it’s possible. Thanks to modern technology, features like massages, MP3, and speaker capabilities are available in some Lane recliners. Not only does this provide luxury and convenience, but comfort as well.

But you don’t need all of these luxury features to have a Lane recliner. But these luxuries are made affordable by Lane, despite technology itself being somewhat expensive. Consider your budget, research where to look, and your dollar will go further than you thought.

Never consider buying a Lane recliner if you don’t know the general measurements of the area where it will be placed. You don’t want to buy any piece of furniture too large to feel comfortable in your home or buy a chair that’s so small, it will feel out of place in a larger home.

It’s also worth noting that you should think of the recliners’ measurements when it’s in full reclining mode. If you don’t, there is a chance there will not be enough room between pieces of furniture, walls, and end tables.

The point of having a recliner is to recline. If you are unable to do that, you have basically wasted money.


People rave about the comfort, durability, and quality of Lane recliners. The seat is firm and perfect for larger occupants. One person commented about the longevity – he had his first one for 15 years, and it is still usable.

If you are thinking of a recliner for comfort, health reasons, or falling asleep in, consider Lane – you will be glad you did.