Are Kogan Freezers Any Good? {7 Help Tips}

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Having the right freezer is a big deal. If you make a mistake in your choice, you will have to live with it for years. Buying the wrong freezer could mean you end up with something that can’t fit your kitchen space, get stuck with a bloated bill or the freezer is not effective at all.

That is why most people will inquire how good a particular freezer brand is before stepping into a store or pressing the buy button. For those who have been researching Kogan freezer models, here is what you should expect. 

Kogan freezers offer a wide selection of door configuration styles at affordable prices. Most of these freezers are sleek and high quality with innovations that ensure strong energy efficiency. 

We offer you a rundown on everything you would want to know about these freezers so that you may make an informed decision

What Door Configuration Are Available?

Kogan freezers come in all four traditional door configurations. These include the popular top freezers, bottom-freezer models, side-by-side and french door models. 

Their top freezers are the most simple models but very effective. If you don’t fancy extras in a freezer or you have a small kitchen space this could be the right Kogan model.

Bottom freezers are slightly larger than top freezers and will offer you more space to keep your food. Most of them have advanced technology compared to the top freezers.

For premium quality, you may consider side-by-side and french door models. The side-by-side freezers have extra features but save space at the same time. 

The French door freezers are a combination of side-by-side and bottom freezers. So if you want all the qualities we have discussed in one freezer, Kogan French door freezers are the right ones for you. However, they are a bit larger and tend to take more space, and are relatively more expensive. 

Generally, as you move up the ladder, from top freezers to French door models, there is an increase in innovation and price. 

Kogan freezers also offer options when it comes to a number of doors. You can have a single-door freezer, a double-door freezer, or the commercial 3 door freezer. You can choose depending on what you find convenient.

Technology And Features

Everything you expect from a freezer can be found in Kogan freezers. Most of them come with water dispensers just like other top brands. Humidity-controlled crisper drawers are also common in all of their upright models. This technology is meant to regulate humidity in the freezer and keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. 

Some Kogan freezers feature hybrid technology with adjustable temperature settings. This allows them to be used as both freezers and fridges. You simply set the temperature that caters to your needs.

Most of them have a temperature alarm that will alert you when the temperature gets too high. This is most common during a power outage so that you can transfer food before it defrosts. 

Kogan Freezers Stylish Finish

The appearance of a freezer you settle on is not a small matter. Apart from the features and functionality, the exterior appearance of your freezer has a huge impact on your home decor.

While some top brands like LG may have the upper hand in innovative features, Kogan boasts competitive stylish finishes. They offer a variety of attractive freezers in terms of external look. 

Kogan freezers come in either smooth white, stainless steel, black stainless steel, black glass, platinum silver, or black stainless steel finish.

From this list, you are sure to get the freezer with a color that blends into and complements your kitchen decor. 

How Much Do Kogan Freezers Cost?

Affordability is one of the biggest strengths of this brand. Despite the unbelievable features, the products don’t cost as much as those of the top brands.

However, the range of price is huge. While you can get as cheap as $180 Kogan freezers, some cost up to $2,000. However, most of them cost below $500. 

Their top freezers are the most budget-friendly. The bottom freezers are more advanced than top freezers and will cost slightly high. Premium prices are mostly reserved for side-by-side and French door models.

The prices also tend to increase with the technology included. The most expensive models are the ones with hybrid technology – adjustable temperature settings. The adjustable temperature setting allows you to use these freezers as fridges as well. 

Are Kogan Freezers Energy Efficient?

You can’t purchase a freezer without checking on its energy consumption. This is the most important factor to consider. 

A freezer that consumes a lot of energy will end up being more expensive in the long run. That is why many people would rather go for popular brands that are known to be energy efficient despite their high prices.

Well, Kogan freezers are made with both affordability and energy consumption in mind. Most of these freezers are designed to help you save energy. 

At the time of this writing, we found more than 60 freezers across the model that are energy star certified. This apparently makes them more energy efficient than most brands.

For instance, 172L upright had a 4-star energy efficiency rating at the time of this writing. 

Do Kogan Freezers Come With a Warranty?

Some Kogan freezers come with a 2 years warranty which is hard to find in other brands. Even some of the most popular brands will only offer you one year.

This indicates that the products are made to last and are not expected to fail more often. 

What Do Customers Say About Kogan Freezer Brands?

Most of the Kogan freezers enjoy stellar reviews on various sites. Most customers love their energy efficiency. In addition, their affordable pricing and functionality also receive a lot of praise from various users.

The reviews vary depending on the model. Some of their most popular models like the 192L upright freezer rarely receive less than a 4-star rating on various sites.

However, we have to admit that there are some complaints. Most complaints revolve around their short cables in some models. So, when purchasing these products, please don’t forget to check on their power cables. 

Final Thought: Are Kogan Freezers Worth Your Money?

If you want a freezer with a modern feel, quiet in operation, energy-efficient, and affordable, Kogan is worth considering. The brand is continually innovative featuring updated technologies and therefore, guarantees a good result.

We are certain you will not regret giving this brand a try. Feel free to share with us how you are progressing with your Kogan freezer.