Are Kobe Range Hoods Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Kobe Range Hoods

Enjoyable kitchen time often translates to delicious foods. Yes, it is fun cooking when you don’t have to battle all that smoke and grease. This is especially when you have got range hoods installed in your kitchen. Talking about range hoods, Kobe is one brand that readily comes to mind. But how good are Kobe range hoods?

Kobe range hoods are easy to use, durable, and efficient. Even if they don’t have the highest CFM in the market, they perform impressively in eliminating smoke and grease from your kitchen. Kobe range hoods are further enhanced with unique technologies like the QuietMode™ for noiseless cooking and the ECO Mode function for improved energy optimization.

To satisfy your curiosity regarding Kobe range hoods and their quality, here are some important things to learn about this manufacturer.

Where are Kobe Range hoods made?

Kobe is the company behind Kobe range hoods. This company has been operating since 1998 with operational facilities in Arcadia, Los Angeles County, California. 

That said, the designs for these range hoods come from Tosho & Company, Ltd, Kobe’s parent company located in Japan.

Are Kobe range hoods durable?

When you get Kobe range hoods, you can be assured you are getting a hood that will serve you enduringly. These hoods are commonly girded with stainless steel construction (running up to 18 gauge). Some models like the KOBE RAX2830SQB-2 Brillia have stainless steel construction as high as 19 gauge.

Still, on durability, these hoods have blowers outfitted with double horizontal squirrel cages to prevent accidental damages. As an overall confirmation of their sturdiness, Kobe range hoods boast the prestigious CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and ETL (Intertek’s Electrical Testing Labs) approvals.

Are Kobe range hoods easy to use?

You need minimal technical experience to use Kobe range hoods efficiently. They are pretty easy to install and get operational. 

Also, Kobe hood’s unique ECO Mode saves you the hassles of trying to turn your hood yourself. In every 60 minutes of usage, this ECO Mode functionality automatically runs your hood for 10 minutes, eliminating odor, moisture, and otherwise invisible particles.

Furthermore, Kobe ranges – both the recirculating and ductless models – can be cleaned with zero fuss. 

What extraction power do Kobe range hoods have?

Kobe range hoods have their extraction power typically ranging from 300-750CFM. You barely see these hoods have up to 1200CFM like other heavy power hoods commonly used for professional cooking.

That said, 300-750CFM would do just fine for a homely kitchen cooking experience. The KOBE RAX2136SQB-1 Brillia is admittedly the highest we have seen based on suction power, and it comes at 750CFM.

What speed do Kobe range hoods have?

Most Kobe range hoods have 3-speed settings. However, two Kobe range hoods deviate from this speed standard. 

These are the Hoods IN2636SQB (which has a fantastic 6-speed electric button) and the KOBE CH9130SQB, which has 4-speed settings.

Our latest investigations reveal the KOBE CH9130SQB model could have been discontinued.

Are Kobe range hoods noisy?

Kobe range hoods arguably count among the quietest range hood in the market. Most of them have a comfortable 1.2 Sone sound level.

But there is even more. Kobe’s famed QuietMode™ functionality enables your range hood to work efficiently with sound levels as low as 1 Sone. 

For context, this means you can adequately vent your kitchen with a functioning range hood while the sound is yet comfortable enough to hold a conversation. 

What lighting do Kobe range hoods have?

Kobe range hoods come with either LED lights or halogen bulbs. Those with LED lighting typically come with double 3W LED lights. 

Kobe range hoods with halogen illumination are not common. The Kobe CH-191 Collection is one of the scarce models provided with few 20W halogen bulbs.

What sizes are Kobe range hoods?

Most of the Kobe range hoods we have seen are within the 30-42 inch spectrum. The KOBE RAX2136SQB-1 Brillia is among Kobe’s widest hoods, coming at 42 inches.

To get maximum efficiency from your Kobe range hoods, install them at least 30 inches (if you have a Kobe island model) and 26 inches (if you have Kobe wall-mount or under-cabinet models).

Which type of blowers do Kobe range hoods have?

Kobe range hoods have two major blowers. These are the single horizontal cage and the twin vertical turbine impeller.  

Both have outstanding filtration, with their energy consumption and sound levels optimized for your convenient usage.

Do Kobe range hoods have timer delay controls?

Some Kobe range hoods have time delay control functionality, taking control of your hood ventilation to new levels. This functionality allows you to set definitive timelines when ventilating your kitchen.

There is the 30-second delay shutoff, 10-second standby startup, and immediate shutdown. Consequently, your range hood works efficiently even with minimal supervision, keeping your kitchen fresh and clean. 

What distinguishes Kobe Deluxe models from Brillia?

Kobe Deluxe models have superior extraction capacity than their Brillia counterparts. More than such airflow rate superiority, Kobe Deluxe models boast higher energy efficiency and a more extensive fan speed setting. 

Are Kobe range hoods expensive?

Kobe range hoods are generally affordable unless you go for Kobe Deluxe models. This category is lavishly packed with modern features and doesn’t come cheap. If you have a tight budget, it is safer to go for Kobe Brillia models. 

What are Kobe range hoods’ warranty and return policy?

Most Kobe range hoods are backed by a 2-year warranty. With this warranty effective, Kobe will bear the financial brunt of replacing components with manufacturing defects. 

Note that a handful of Kobe range hoods come with both 2-year limited parts warranty and a 1-year limited labor warranty.

Should you want to return a Kobe range hood, you must reach out to the retailer (from whom you procured the hood) within 30 days to secure an RMA (return merchandise authorization). 

The returned hood will be accepted if it is still new, its quality has not been degraded in any way, and the hood can be readily resold. 

Best Kobe Range hoods

KOBE RAX2136SQB-1 Brillia 

In our opinion, this is the best under-cabinet range hood Kobe has produced since its inception. We were thrilled with its sophistication.

You barely see range hoods this affordable come with the stack of features – like 3-speed setting, highly energy-efficient lighting, and the ultra-quiet run mode – this Kobe hood is fitted with. 

Specifically, the ultra-quiet run mode enables the KOBE RAX2136SQB-1 Brillia to run almost noiselessly, even at rates as high as 750CFM. Its lowest airflow rate is 300CFM, and this runs at 40dB. 

And yes, this is a robust guy despite its compact design. This Brillia model is decked with 18-gauge commercial grade stainless. This gives you a loyal dishwater-safe hood ready to serve you through the years. 

This range hood typically comes in three sizes – 42″,36″ and 30″ – allowing you to choose which is most suitable for your kitchen space. The 42″ and 36″ are typically supplied with a 3-pcs baffle filter while the 30″ variant is fitted with 2-pcs baffle filters


It is robust and long-lasting

Incredibly quiet despite running at high speeds

Easy to install 

Highly efficient baffle filters 


May be too weak for bigger kitchens or professional cooking

KOBE RA3830SQB-WM-5 Deluxe 

If you want real power and you have got the bucks to spare, the KOBE RA3830SQB-WM-5 Deluxe is your guy. 

Yes, this wall-mount range hood is loaded with as much as 700CFM (if you have got the 36″ version) or 680CFM (for the 30″ variant), ready to ventilate your kitchen space with untiring diligence. 

Equipped with 18-Gauge commercial grade stainless steel, you get a range hood that can sustainably tolerate rough usage. 

The Kobe deluxe is furnished with a 3-speed setting, with switching between speeds significantly simplified thanks to the mechanical push button. More interestingly, the KOBE RA3830SQB-WM-5 Deluxe comes girded with 3-baffle filters. 


Simplicity and sleekness in design

Noiseless at higher airflow rates

Easy maintenance


LED lighting doesn’t provide as much illumination as halogen bulbs when utility lights are off

KOBE CHX2230SQB-1 Brillia 

This is one Kobe under-cabinet hood that also impressed us. This comes close to the KOBE RA3830SQB-WM-5 Deluxe in durability and compactness in design.

Of course, this is not a short-lived guy, with its 18-gauge stainless steel making it a range hood compatible with relentless usage.

The baffle filters got us gushing with their levels of efficiency. They readily sucked up all the grease and smoke when we cooked. 

This Kobe hood also gives you two size options. These are the 36″ and 30″ variants. Also, their motor doesn’t let us down, dishing a pretty 680CFM air flow rate.

At this high speed, it is not uncommon to hear rattling noises from a range hood. But the KOBE CHX2230SQB-1 Brillia deviates from the pitiful norm, amazing us with sound levels as low as 1 Sone when operated on Quiet Mode.

The lighting was also cool, with the LED lights providing reasonable luminesce. Also, coming at 37.5lbs, this is a pretty portable hood for your kitchen.


Excellent control courtesy of mechanical push button

Sturdy and resilient to rough usage

You don’t need to disband it when cleaning


The electrical connections need to be improved on

It may struggle in a big kitchen