Are Klutch Hand Tools Any Good? (8 Helpful Tips)


Professional mechanics depend on hand tools to work, and Klutch Hand Tools is a household name in parts of the USA.

The brand has been a dependable source for reliable and affordable tools for decades. 

So, are Klutch hand tools any good really?

Klutch Hand Tools is the go-to choice for many mechanics when it comes to quality hand tools.  The tools come in different sizes for all types of tasks. They are reliable so there is little need for frequent repairs.

The Klutch brand has been in operation for years, with positive reviews to their credit. Let’s walk down their history lane.

History of Klutch Hand Tools Manufacturers

Klutch hand tools are manufactured and sold by Northern Tool + Equipment. The company was established in 1991 by Don Kotula. It is also known as Northern Tool. 

Asides from the Klutch brand, the company also owns NorthStar, Powerhorse, Ultra-Tow, Ironton, Gravel Gear, Bannon, Strongway, and Roughneck. The company headquarter is located in Burnsville, Minnesota.

In addition to hand tools, Klutch manufactures industrial tools, including small engines, log splitters, pumps, generators, hydraulics, welding equipment, air compressors, sprayers, and other industrial equipment. 

The Northern Tool + Equipment Company has grown with a manufacturing site located in Faribault, Minnesota. It has 120 retail store locations spread across 22 states in the United States.

Also, the company has an online store where users can order tools and have them delivered to their location.

The Klutch brand is built on honest and affordable products.

If you compare the company’s products with other hand tools in the market, there is a remarkable difference in favor of Klutch both in price and quality.

What Are the Types and Features of Klutch Hand Tools?

Klutch 4-Pc. Adjustable Wrench Set

The adjustable Klutch wrench comes in different sizes, including 6in., 8in., and 10in. 

These wrenches are made of carbon steel and covered with a black oxide finish to elongate shelf life.

The features include:

  • Carbon steel body with black oxide finishing for corrosion prevention.
  • Max opening between 3/4in. and 11/2in.

Klutch Tap and Die Set (The 110- Pc)

The Klutch Tap and Die set is perfect for all threading tasks. The set consists of 35 taper taps, 2 die wrenches, 35 dies, 35 plug taps, 2 tap wrenches, a T-type tap wrench, an insert tray, and a storage box.

The features for this hand tool include:

  • 35 Dies: with a metric ranging from 6 x 1.0 to 18 x 1.5 and a pipe thread with NPT 1/4-18 and NPT 1/8-27. 
  • 35 Plug Taps: with a metric between 6 x 1.0 and 18 x 1.5 and pipe thread measuring between NPT 1/4-18 and NPT 1/8-27.
  • 35 Taper taps: these have a metric ranging from 6 x 1.0 to 18 x 1.5 and pipe thread measurement between NPT 1/4-18 and NPT 1/8-27.

Klutch SAE and Metric Mechanic’s Tool Set

This set is the complete collection for the modern professional mechanic. 

It is designed for optimal performance with the set consisting of 1/4 in, 3/8 in, and 1/2 in. of sockets, drive tools, bit sets, and ratchets. 

Some of the features include:

  • Drive sockets with the design fasteners allow for quick, secure, and safe fastening into the screw. 
  • Manufactured with chrome alloy steel sockets and finished with polished chrome to prevent rust. There are also hi-vis markings. 
  • Equipped with a molded case for easy movement. 

Klutch 3/4in. Drive Socket Set 

The Klutch 3/4in. Drive Socket is consists of a 21-piece set, which is suitable for heavy-duty industrial projects. 

The Klutch hand tool is designed with lots of muscle to reduce the amount of effort for your project. 

The set includes a ratchet, three extension bars, 16 sockets, and a sliding T-bar. 

It comes with the following features:

  • A plastic case for conveniently carrying the set around.
  • It is constructed with chrome vanadium steel to prevent corrosion.
  • It is equipped with state-of-the-art grab fasteners to hold big torque on the side and eliminate or minimize the fear of stripping the corners. 
  • The sockets have different sizes ranging from 7 /8in. to 2in.

Other Klutch Hand Tools 

Some of the other Klutch offerings in the hand tools lineup include:

  • Klutch Mechanic-Grip Screwdriver Set (12 pieces)
  • Klutch Ratchet Accessory Set (17 pieces)
  • Klutch Torque Multiplier

Does Klutch Hand Tools Have a Warranty?

All hand tools from Klutch come with a lifetime warranty. 

I believe that this is largely due to the high-quality materials used in constructing these tools. The company is very confident in its offerings, which explains why it offers a lifetime warranty for all its hand tools.

You will need to meet the following requirements if there is a need to ever replace any of the tools under the warranty:

  • Proof of date and place where you purchased the hand tool.
  • The situation or condition in which the tool was used before resulting in damage. 

How Affordable are Klutch Hand Tools?

The Klutch hand tools are highly affordable and won’t hurt your wallet, whether you are buying a single piece or a complete set.

A single piece such as the Klutch Dead Blow Hammer is priced at $23. Single pieces are all within the same price range. The complete set can be purchased for around $500.

The price range of the hand tools is quite reasonable and affordable for most people, especially when compared to similar hand tools in the market. 

Apart from being affordable, the company offers a few different payment options that make payment more convenient. These options can be accessed from the company’s online store.

Final Thoughts

Klutch hand tools are a must-have for every modern mechanic who wants to do a good job with ease. 

All the tools are high-quality and durable and come with a lifetime warranty. 

Each of these tools is specifically designed to beat corrosion and last longer. You should consider a set of these tools if you want to spend less time and enjoy higher efficiency in your jobs.


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