Are Kingseven sunglasses any good? (Explained for beginners)

Kingseven sunglasses good

Despite the name “Kingseven” commanding a sense of royalty, the brand can’t be classified as a household in the apparel accessories industry. Kingseven lacks the fame of brands like Randolph or Burberry, and thus you would be forgiven for being curious about the quality of Kingseven eyeglasses. Are they any good?

Kingseven sunglasses are made from premium-grade materials, harnessing top eyewear craftsmanship. They are portable, comfortable, and resilient, surviving rough usage for years. These glasses provide top UV protection, with the polarized models excelling at managing glare in high-intensity sporting activities.

Who produces KingSeven sunglasses and where?

Kingseven is the brand behind the Kingseven sunglasses. While they have a robust online presence, with manufacturing lasting over a decade now, much is unknown about their physical operation.

Kingseven glasses are distributed across 200 countries globally, but there is little to no information on where Kingseven’s factories are located.

Are KingSeven Sunglasses comfortable?

The relative physical anonymity of this brand becomes forgivable when you evaluate how comfortable the sunglasses are.

Most of the Kingseven sunglasses we inspected were fitted with silicone nose pads. These delicate premium pads were exquisitely soft and comfortable on the face.

Kingseven’s engineers did an excellent job in getting the glass’s ergonomics right, especially how firmly and yet conveniently they sit on your nose. 

Specifically, Kingseven sunglasses with silicone pads adjust to your facial configuration, leisurely blending with the contours. This is far more comfortable than having the traditionally rigid plastic nose pad stifling your nose. 

Unfortunately, we noticed that some of Kingseven’s silicone nose pads tended to trap oils (secreted by the wearer’s face). A sustained accumulation of such oils would irritate your skin.

The polycarbonate lens of Kingseven’s sunglasses is another comfort-screaming feature we can’t ignore. These lenses are less exhausting when worn longer.

Lastly, most Kingseven sunglasses are fitted with enhanced spring hinges. This contributes significant flexibility to the temple. Consequently, this makes them easier to extend.

What type of frame do Kingseven sunglasses have?

When the discussion comes to frames, Kingseven presents an extensive array. While aluminum was the prominent frame type, Kingseven had other models like natural wood, plastic, and alloy.

Admittedly, we had a bias for the Kingseven sunglasses with aluminum frames. First, they were so good on the eyes, which helplessly dragged us to them.

Upon testing them, we saw that they were strong and yet lightweight. Courtesy of the aluminum frames, Kingseven could integrate thicker lenses into their sunglass design without making them too clunky or heavy on the face.

The sturdiness of these aluminum frames was commendable. They could take a beating far better than Kingseven sunglasses with plastic frames. 

The Kingseven sunglasses with wooden frames were stylish and strong also. We will tell you more about them down the line.

Are KingSeven Sunglasses safe?

Yes, Kingseven sunglasses come with reliable UV protection. Most of the models we came across had Cat 3 UV 400 grading. 

This means these glasses could shut off dangerous UV radiation as far as a 400nm wavelength. This protects the wearer from both UVB and UVA radiation. 

More than UV protection, such category 3 sunglasses excel at reducing incident glare. 

It is also worth mentioning that most Kingseven sunglasses are furnished with polycarbonate lenses. While excellent at UV protection, they offer a superior refractive index relative to CR39.

The Kingseven sunglasses with wooden frames pose zero toxic risk to the wearer. They are entirely free of pesticides while being more environmentally friendly.

Are KingSeven sunglasses durable?

Kingseven sunglasses are produced with an emphasis on longevity. You see the manufacturer’s determination for their product to last not only in the quality of the components but the choice of the components themselves.

For example, most Kingseven sunglasses are furnished with polycarbonate. This is deliberately to amplify the impact resistance of these glasses.

For those who don’t know, polycarbonate lenses – compared to conventional plastic lenses – are ten less likely to crack. This means you wouldn’t have to worry about your Kingseven sunglasses getting too smashed too soon in high-intensity physical engagements.

It would be unfair to ignore the longevity of Kingseven wooden models. Particularly, the Kingseven sunglasses with bamboo frames are spectacular at moisture absorbance. 

This means they would still last long (retaining their structural integrity) despite sustained exposure to profuse sweating when you wear them for sporting activities. 

This is thanks to the capacity of bamboo to withstand moisture and not break down or wear when exposed to water.

What style are Kingseven sunglasses?

The versatility of Kingseven sunglasses is also demonstrated in the assortment of style options this brand presents.

The most common styles we saw in Kingseven’s lineup include Butterfly, Square, Square, rimless, and shield. 

The Kingseven Luxury Polarized Sunglasses Ladies Gradient was one of the loveliest we saw in the butterfly category. 

The Kingseven Aluminum Men’s Sunglasses Polarized Brand Design Temples readily come to mind for the square style. 

The Kingseven 2019 Aluminum Square Polarized Coating Mirror sunglass is one of the most eye-catching models with a shield style. 

Lastly, the Kingseven 2020 Polarized Walnut Wood Mirror sunglass was our favorite pick in the rimless section.

How much do KingSeven sunglasses cost? 

Kingseven sunglasses are exceptionally affordable. This brand endears itself to the heart of eyeglass aficionados because they present high-end features for low prices.

For example, the Kingseven Men’s Polarized Sunglasses Ultra-Light Pilot Stylish K725 model was one of the finest sunglasses we have ever laid our hands on below $20.

This supposedly lowly guy packs premium features like polycarbonate lenses, a coating that is fairly resistant to scratches and dents, and a high-grade polarized HD lens. 

It is also worth noting that this cheap sunglass features a unique Al-Mg Metal Stylish Frame. This frame is very durable and better resists fracture and deformation.

Coming at an attractive lens width of 65mm, this Kingseven Men’s Polarized Sunglass is multifunctional, fitting for use in driving or other outdoor applications like golfing and skiing

At the other end, the KINGSEVEN 2020 New Retro Bamboo Natural G5916 was one of the costliest we saw, coming at $140.

Do KingSeven sunglasses have warranty cover?

Kingseven offers a lifetime damage warranty on its sunglasses.

This is further enhanced by the varying warranty packages you could get from dealers.


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