Are Kegco Kegerators Good? (9 Helpful Tips)

Kegco kegerators good

Draft beer connoisseurs across the world would agree on one thing. A house without a kegerator loses a massive chunk of its hospitality. Of course, you can’t hold a valid discussion on kegerators and ignore Kegco. But then you may have wondered: are Kegco kegerators just famous or really good?

Kegco kegerators stand out in the beer dispensing and refrigeration industry for their innovativeness. With an extensive lineup cutting across homebrew, under-counter, outdoor, commercial, and even kombucha kegerators, Kegco kegerators are renowned for their versatility, effectiveness, and ease of use. Their stainless steel contact parts count among the best in the industry. And in our experience, their customer support is one of the most exquisite we have seen in the refrigeration industry.

Where are Kegco kegerators made? 

Cydea Inc. – a titan in the beer dispensing and refrigeration space – manufactures Kegco refrigerators. Starting operation in 1997, Cydea has its operational headquarters situated in San Diego, CA, United States. That said, the bulk of its manufacturing facilities are spread across China and Asia.

Which type of taps do Kegco Kegerators have?

Unlike the generality of kegerator brands that stop at single and dual taps, Kegco presents single, dual, and triple tap kegerators. 

The triple tap kegerators can be really helpful when you intend to dispense more than two beer kegs from your kegerator draft system.

The 20″ wide single tap stainless steel kegerator features prominently among Kego’s single tap offering. 

Similarly, the 24″ wide dual tap stainless steel built-in right hinge kegerator is one of the most popular among Kegco’s dual tap offerings. 

Talk about triple-tap Kegco kegerators and the 24″ wide triple-tap all stainless steel outdoor built-in right hinge kegerator comes to mind.

What capacity are Kegco kegerators?

Here again, Kegco amazes with its versatility. Kegco provides an overwhelmingly broad range of keg sizes, from residential to commercial kegerators.  

The typical single-tap, dual-tap, and triple-tap Kegco kegerator can hold a full-sized keg, about three sixth barrel kegs, or two slim quarter kegs.

Still on the capacity, a mini Kegco kegerator can serve up to 1.32 gallons of beer, equivalent to 10 pints. 

For freestanding Kegco kegerators, you can expect a serving capacity anywhere from 1.32 -15.5 gallons.  

This means this category of Kegco kegerators can serve you from 10 pints of beer to 124 pints. This same capacity range extends to Kegco’s built-in and outdoor kegerators. 

Are Kegco kegerators easy to use?

What good is a kegerator if you have to work your life off to enjoy the beer? Kegco understands this hence the remarkable simplicity their Kegerators are famed for. 

The seamless user experience is evident primarily in the temperature setting. Of course, this is one aspect some producers flop at. 

The latest Kegco kegerators are equipped with push-button controls. Courtesy demands we applaud the intuitiveness of these button controls as they make it so easy to accurately modulate the internal temperature between Kegco’s allocated range of 32F-75F.

Some other Kegco models come with mechanical control, typically stationed at the back of the kegerator, and it is not difficult to use either. 

This kegerator further spoils you with convenience. That convenience starts with the plastic grill, which, enhanced with the removable recessed drip tray, makes cleaning the kegerator less exerting. 

Further on convenience, this kegerator comes with ready rolling casters making it super-easy to move the kegerator. 

Are Kegco Kegerators durable?

Overall, we can say Kegco kegerators don’t disappoint when it comes to longevity. The CO2 tank is designed to hold its own against corrosion. 

The towers are strong, being made of commercial-grade stainless steel. Some models come with cabinets fortified with stainless steel doors.

It is important to point out that in our investigation, we came across Kegco kegerator users who were not satisfied with the durability of their kegerator tower and CO2 regulator.

Are Kegco Kegerators safe and efficient?

Kegco kegerators boast the prestigious CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certification. They meet NSF/ANSI 7 specifications, meaning they are safe to use in residential and commercial settings.

Moving the discussion further to environmental friendliness, most of the Kegco kegerators we have seen work with R600a refrigerant. This is one of the most eco-friendly refrigerants in the market.

For efficiency, Kegco kegerators dazzle with a design that beats the traditional kegerator by 25%. This means a lovable chilling experience for your beer without costing you much – neither significantly damaging our beloved planet.

For us, the Deep Chill functionality of Kegco kegerators is its standout performer relating to efficiency. Prominent in Kegco models like the HBK309S, this feature slashes the time conventionally expended in cooling a warm beer bag to a servable temperature. 

Once you press this Deep Chill button, the compressor gets to work. It tirelessly operates for the next 24 hours to chill your beer to serving temperature. If you desire the compressor to return to normal, simply press the Deep Chill button again.

How much do Kegco kegerators cost?

Kegco does well in offering a kegerator in almost every price tier in the market. In the mini-kegerator category, you can budget from $50-$500 for a Kegco kegerator, depending on the quality and size you want. 

If you are keener on versatility and want to personalize your kegerator more, a freestanding Kegco kegerator could be more suitable. This category costs between $600 and $3,000.  

If you have a kitchen upgrade and need a kegerator that readily integrates into a countertop, you should go for Kegco’s built-in kegerators. You can anticipate spending anywhere from $800-$5,000 for this sect of kegerators. 

Lastly, should you intend to use your kegerator for some memorable outdoor drinking time – say on your patio or backyard – then a Kegco outdoor kegerator best answers the call.

This is considering their streamlined resilience against outdoor weather elements. Kegco outdoor kegerators cost between $1,800 and $5,000.

Do Kegco kegerators have a warranty?

A 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty covers Kegco kegerators. Thanks to this warranty, any component of your kegerator that malfunctions within 12 months of purchase, either from defects in workmanship or material makeup, will be replaced free of charge.  

Note that this warranty coverage is not eligible to buyers outside the 49 states of America and the District of Columbia. 

Best Kegco Kegerators review

Kegco K309 Keg Dispenser

Kegco’s K309 is arguably one of the best kegerators around. Its versatility, portability, efficiency, and ease of use readily stand it out among the hordes of kegerators available in the market today.

It is spacious. Coming at 33 x 24 x 25 inches, this supposedly small-sized kegerator manages to contain just any full-sized keg you could throw into it. 

We appreciate how sustainably it can keep your beer – or just any other drink – cold. In our situation, it could store our beer cold for weeks running.  

Also worth applauding is the stress-free user experience. This kegerator is supplied with rolling casters for easy mobility. 

Cleaning the K309 is also easy. The drip tray can be removed when you desire to enable a seamless cleaning experience.  

The chrome guard rail was particularly beneficial in stabilizing items atop the unit. This saved us the infamous nightmare of glasses sliding off atop our kegerators.


It gives a lasting chill to stored beer

It is spacious and generously accommodating

Temperature can be readily modulated


Costs a fortune

Dual Tap Full Size Beer Dispenser

This Kegco dual-tap kegerator quickly finds its way into our list of best Kegco kegerators. Starting with the compressor, very few kegerators can compete in the dual-tap category with this Kegco.

Coming at 3200 terms, this kegerator’s compressor assures you of excellent cooling for your beer, wine, coffee, and kombucha. More thanks to this compressor capacity, temperature pulldown with this kegerator is remarkably fast. 

This keg’s vast temperature range is rare to come across in this category. Specifically, this kegerator’s 23F-59F setting is a novelty.

It is impossible to neglect the deluxe hand pump pressurized cleaning kit this kegerator is decked with. This spares you the rigor of removing the faucet. 

With this hand pump, the work is lovably reduced to just unscrewing the draft beer line from the keg coupler. Next, you screw it right to the cleaning kit. Voila!


Easy to clean

Corrosion-resistant CO2 tank


It can’t be used outside 



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