Are Insignia Freezers Good? (8 Helpful Tips for Beginners)

Good Insignia Freezers

While Insignia is a relatively new refrigerator brand, it has accumulated very high popularity in the US market.

So, really speaking, are Insignia Freezers any good?

Of course, Insignia Freezers would be a good purchase. They are an optimal choice for customers seeking a pocket-friendly price for home freezers and are a familiar store brand. There are several refrigerator and freezer options for customers to select from, based on their budget, desired size, and any other peculiarities they may seek.

Insignia Freezers have also been known to be very energy-efficient. So, if anyone is on the lookout for a cost-effective, energy-saving brand, Insignia is the best bet. They are also ideal for smaller-sized kitchens.

Who owns insignia Freezers, and where are they made?

The Insignia freezer is made by Frigidaire for Best Buy under the brand ‘Insignia.’ Best Buy, based in Richfield, Minnesota, sells a variety of kitchen appliance brands.

Refrigerators, freezers, and various small appliances are available from Insignia, which is meant as a low-cost, “store brand” choice. Best Buy outsources the production of its major appliances to Chinese companies like Haier, which also controls General Electric’s appliance division. 

What color finishes are Insignia Freezers?

This is the beautiful part because Insignia finishes cut across finishes like black, white, hot red, creamy vanilla, mint green, stainless steel, and stainless black, so it is entirely up to you to choose based on aesthetics preferences.

Although, Insignia’s model plays an essential role in the finishes, as seen. Most of Insignia’s refrigerators, which come with a chest freezer, have white finishes. While you would predominantly find black finishes in Insignia freezers that come with a top-freezer.

Which sizes are Insignia freezers?

You do not have to worry about sizes because Insignia freezers have made it easy to choose from different levels of sizes. Cool right? 

The smallest Insignia freezer produced so far is the white Insignia chest freezer, which is literal because it has a capacity of just 3.1 Cu.Ft. 

While on the other hand, the biggest freezer produced so far is the Stainless-steel ft. French door refrigerator. This giant holds a capacity of 26.6 Cu.Ft. 

For the height, most Insignia freezers range from 60-70 inches. And for the depth, they are typically found between 20-33 inches. 

The size of an insignia freezer should not be a major problem when you consider buying as most of them have a side-by-side design that doesn’t allow it to take much space and give you more room in your kitchen.

How many doors do Insignia Freezers have?

All Insignia freezers come with two doors, be it side by side or top and bottom doors, except the Insignia™ Chest Freezers. These Insignia freezers come with just one door.

How much do Insignia freezers cost?

If there is one of the headliner features of the Insignia brand, it is their affordability. They have been dubbed to own the lowest-budget, best buy brand for refrigerators. 

The white Insignia Top-Freezer NS-RTM18 has the lowest price of $599.99 but is frequently on sale for as little as $499.00. A stainless-steel version costs $679, but it’s frequently on sale for $579. 

The most expensive Insignia models are the freezers with French doors, and the prices range from $3599.99 to $3679.00. Of course, this varies because it totally depends on the color finishes as well.

What warranty do Insignia freezers have?

The Insignia NS-RTM18 comes with a one-year limited warranty from Best Buy, which includes free repair or replacement if it’s found to be defective, as is customary in the industry. 

You’ll need to take the appliance to a Best Buy store or contact customer support at Best Buy. Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection package now offers a 3- or 5-year extended warranty. This service starts at $90 and includes in-home servicing and coverage for typical wear and tear failure.

Best Insignia Freezers Review

This section would quickly compare the two hand-picked Insignia freezer models according to their productivity, functionality, durability, cost, and efficiency. The Insignia NS–RTM18 Top-Freezer and The Insignia NS-CFR32C1 Retro Mini Fridge with Top Freezer are some of the finest models, and we will take a look at them. Shall we?

Insignia NS–RTM18 Top-Freezer 

With a list price of $599, this Insignia model is an affordable option. Wi-Fi connectivity, touch control panels, and in-door ice and water dispenser are all missing from the fridge (the ice maker is available separately for $60).

However, with a total storage capacity of 18 cubic feet, it is best suited for tiny homes.

It’ll also fit in smaller kitchens because it’s smaller than all French door models and a little shorter than the other top freezer type at 66 inches in height and 29 inches wide.

The Insignia freezer handles also make it easier to fit in small kitchens. Inside, tall objects may be stored on the insignia freezer’s movable shelves. In addition, its in-door storage racks can be moved around for more flexibility.

Insignia NS-CFR32C1 Retro Mini Fridge with Top Freezer 

The primary function of a refrigerator is to keep food cool. Style seldom enters the equation, but with the 3.1 Cu.Ft. But, the retro mini freezer has a Top Freezer, so you won’t have to choose between appearance and utility.

This Retro Mini Fridge’s diminutive size is ideal for a basement, workplace, or dorm room.

It also features a specialized crisper drawer that is ideal for preserving fruits and vegetables and an adjustable shelf that allows you to organize everything exactly how you want it.

It also has a separate freezer section with 0.9 cubic feet of storage capacity for your frozen delights.

It features old-school metal handles, and the color gives it a nostalgic appeal that will make it a terrific accent piece.

With as low as $235.49, you can purchase this freezer whose glass-covered crisper is included. This is designed to maintain a high level of humidity to keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.


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