Are Igloo Freezers Good? 12 Tips For Beginners

Igloo Freezers

It’s not always that I’m in the mood to go to the store to buy my favorite steak and the occasional waffles. First, shopping is not my thing. Secondly, free time means chilling! In other words, other tasks need my attention.

Thus, a good freezer means I only have to batch cook once a week. 

Freezers are a must-have in every household. 

23% of the American population has more than one fridge, with the extra one for backup purposes. 

Getting an efficient method of storing your meats and drinks is not easy. Freezers are necessary, but you don’t need to break the bank to afford one. 

We all need quick access to our favorite tub of ice cream in the middle of the night. Going to the store is not a viable option at midnight.  

Igloo freezers are the embodiment of efficient and affordable freezers worldwide. 

They are of top-notch quality and made with brilliant designs. As early as 1947, Igloo was producing metal water coolers for workers in blue-collar jobs. 

Are Igloo Freezers Suitable? 

Igloo freezers are worth every coin. They are affordable and with the customer in mind. These freezers are a perfect size and can fit perfectly inside your kitchen. They are powerful and freeze up within minutes of setting up. Igloo freezers also value your electric consumption. With Igloo freezers, expect quiet performance and efficiency. 

What are the Unique Features of Igloo Freezers? 

When buying a new freezer, there are a couple of things to check. You may be purchasing it for extra food storage purposes or because your fridge’s freezer section isn’t functioning correctly. 

For whatever reason, the freezer must perform exceptionally. Proper functionality eases your mind when it comes to maintaining the freshness of foods. 

Nobody wants to get home only to find their frozen items thawed. Such conditions are the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria.  

Unfortunately, you cannot refreeze thawed items. 

Igloo freezers possess the following characteristics:

  • Great sizing 
  • Affordable prices 
  • Light in weight 
  • Powerful
  • Great in all seasons 
  • Save on electricity
  • Quiet performance
  • Color variety 

Are Igloo Freezers a Good Size?

Most companies manufacture huge freezers that would not fit into the kitchen space. 

With Igloo freezers, the largest is five cubic feet and 21x24x33 inches.  

The freezer fits in perfectly inside your kitchen and is not just a hideous block that looks misplaced. 

Igloo freezers have enough space to store several items in your best-preferred organization order. With a removable wire basket that easily removes and slides, you can better organize smaller items. 

You will rarely fill your freezer due to its spacious nature. Whenever you do, you can open the Igloo freezer from the top. There are built-in strong metal hinges on the freezer door. 

These hinges let you keep the freezer door open at different angles. 

You can open the Igloo freezer at 45-90 degrees which allows you to work hands-free without the door dropping. 

How Much do these Freezers Cost? 

For a freezer that has numerous excellent features, Igloo has exceptionally affordable prices for its freezers. 

Igloo freezers cost around $200-$800, which is a great price range considering the spacious capacity. They are top in the list of good affordable freezer brands. 

How Much do Igloo Freezers Weigh?

Many are the times that you have wanted to clean under your fridge or freezer. The problem is, you couldn’t move it. 

Cleaning issues will be a thing of the past with Igloo freezers. The smart water defrost drain also makes defrosting more efficient by ensuring a clear path for water. 

Igloo freezers are easy for one person to lift and move. There’s no need to call your neighbors to come and help you. 

The biggest Igloo five cubic feet freezer weighs not more than 40kgs.  

Are Igloo Freezers Powerful?

Most fridges take a long time to freeze up. 

The Igloo freezer has a freezing temperature of up to -18 degrees. 

Once you set it up and connect the freezer to a power source, it freezes up within ten minutes. 

The D-Type Refrigeration tube contained in the Igloo freezers has a broader surface area. This feature allows the freezer to get colder faster than other freezers. 

A heavy-duty gasket and aluminum-lined interior prevent cold air from escaping. 

How do Igloo Freezers Perform in All Seasons?

Many fridges and freezers tend to perform less effectively whenever it is hot.  

During summer, the high temperatures cause foods to thaw, thus causing wastage.

Exterior temperatures influence a freezer’s performance, but Igloo freezers hold the fort. 

Igloo freezers:

  • Maintain a suitable temperature (between -10 degrees and 10 degrees Fahrenheit) 
  • Can keep your drinks and food items frozen despite exterior temperatures

Do Igloo Freezers Save on Electricity?

Most people choose not to have extra freezing space because freezers tend to hike electric bills. 

Igloo freezers have different power settings. They allow you to shift modes depending on how much you have in your freezer. 

All this is made possible without causing your items to thaw. 

Power surges also do not cause harm to your Igloo Freezer. 

With an adjustable thermostat, you can regulate temperature depending on the number of items in the freezer. 

How Quiet is this Freezer? 

I have heard people complaining that their freezers are too loud. That’s why they opt to store them in their garages instead of the kitchen. 

The Igloo freezer has high-efficient foam that makes it very quiet. You will time and again need to check if the light indicator is on. The LED indicator is right next to the thermostat dial. 

This feature is another excellent reason to have the freezer in your kitchen. 

What is the Color Variety on Igloo Freezers?

Most freezers in the market come in white. 

Lack of color variation limits design ideas for most people since they would want their appliances in either silver or black. 

Igloo freezers come in a variety of colors. Get yours in white, black, or silver grey. This variety enables seamless incorporation into whatever theme you choose for your kitchen. 

Do Igloo Freezers have a Warranty?

During the purchase of appliances, we only want the best. 

As such, Igloo makes sure the items have no dents, breakages and are in tip-top shape which increases the shelf life of the appliance. Thus, in case of any issues, you can then make changes before you make a purchase. 

So, how do you ensure you get a freezer that is not faulty and whose body is intact?

You go for Igloo freezers that have up to three years’ warranty.  

If you are unhappy with functionality or something breaks in your freezer, contact the necessary parties and solve the issue. 

Ensure your claim is genuine to avoid any inconveniences and legal issues with the brand. 

What Do Reviews Say? 

There is a lot of positive feedback for Igloo freezers. According to reviews on various online stores, many customers have stated pros like:

  • Affordability 
  • Sleek and modern design with the recessed handles 
  • Great sizing that allows fitting in the kitchen

There are very few complaints from customers about these freezers. 

Few cases indicate issues like:

  • Broken handles 
  • Dents 
  • Freezers randomly shutting down 

The manufacturers can sort these issues out if they are genuine. 

Customers should issue complaints within the warranty period for replacement or repair. 


Igloo freezers tick all the boxes regarding price, efficiency, style, and saving power.

They are top in the list of the freezer must-haves. 

The features of Igloo freezers supersede expectations. 

They provide what the customer wants and needs. The Igloo freezer even gives some additional features like the removable basket that make the experience more pleasant. 

Its versatility goes beyond home use, and you can find Igloo freezers in RVs, garages, and basements. 

When purchasing a freezer for your household, you need a dependable brand. Food storage is a sensitive issue, and you should do it carefully.  So Igloo freezers offer the best for you and your family.

Indeed they are! Trust the Igloo freezer to be your best freezing companion for drinks, meats, fruits, and vegetables.


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