Are Idylis Freezers Any Good? 9 Things You Should Know

Opened Idylis Freezers and Refrigerator At Kitchen

Are you in search of information on whether Idylis freezers are great or not? I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re filled with lots of uncertainty on your end. Well, I’ll love to take you on an adventurous journey through everything you need to know about Idylis freezers. 

With lots of amazing freezer brands around, it’s possible to have doubts about products from a certain manufacturer. With Idylis freezers not being so popular, I am certain you find it difficult to purchase one due to the doubts you’re having.

Still skeptical about Idylis freezers and how good they are?

Idylis freezers are simple yet useful and versatile, making them ideal for use by individuals, families, or businesses. These units can last for months or years if they are used, cared for, and maintained properly. You also get good customer service when you purchase Idylis freezers, which is a bonus.

Key Features of Idylis Freezers?

Idylis Freezers have lots of amazing features which I like. These features all contribute to ensuring I get an amazing user experience. Notable features I particularly love are:

The presence of an LED power indication indicates that the unit is operational

Even from a distance, the LED indicator can be seen. This makes it easy to monitor how your refrigerator is working such as its freezing degree, whether it’s on and any other indicators attached to your Idylis freezer.

Electronic temperature control allows for more precise cooling management

Everyone uses freezers for the preservation of different items. I keep food ingredients like milk, cheese, beef, bottled, and canned drinks. You’ll agree with me that bottles can get cracked by excessive cooling and some other food ingredients equally get spoilt? 

How do you solve this kind of problem? That’s where the electronic temperature control of Idylis freezers comes in handy. I enjoy using this a lot to manage the cooling degree of my freezer to suit whatever items that I have put in there. 

In comparison to traditional dial knobs, electronic controls are also less prone to malfunction. Hence, you can allay your fears of having to fix these often. You get a great deal of durability.

Up to -17.8 degrees Fahrenheit cooling capacity

Initially, -10°C was thought to be the safe temperature for storing frozen food at the dawn of modern freezing. However, with more discoveries about nature and the benefits of freezing, it became clear that lower temperatures were preferable.

The American Fruit and Vegetable Coalition argued for maintaining a freezing temperature of 0°F (-17.8°C) in the late 1930s. The rounded temperature of -18°C later got approved as the European standard for food freezing. With Idylis freezers, you get just this standard.

Manual defrosting machines that have drains in the front

These make cleaning and maintenance easier. After a long while of use, cleaning out my fridge is my top priority. Idylis freezers have drains to make this process easier for you. Within a few minutes, you have a squeaky clean freezer.

CSA, ETL, and UL certifications 

Worried about the safety of Idylis freezers? Well, the certifications above are indications that the product is safe. These bodies all inspect and ensure products like the Idylis freezers function properly before certification.

Extra removable hanging basket 

I particularly love this basket. It serves as an extra compartment for simpler food handling. Say bye to spending lots of time arranging your freezer with this Idylis freezer’s top-tier pictures.

Pros of Idylis Freezers

Idylis Freezers are quiet, simple to use, and attractive

It has a great, clean appearance and is quite easy to use. Most happy customers have also noticed that new freezers are quieter than their prior freezers. I love the fact that I can sleep comfortably when it’s quiet at night while the Idylis freezer remains on.

Electricity Saving

Worried about the extra electricity bills that complement having a great freezer? Worry no more! Idylis freezers save electricity costs. This feature is a perk that comes installed in new versions of these freezers

It’s small and easy to find space for

With their compact designs, finding space for a freezer inside the house or in the garage is no problem. Despite its small size, the freezer storage capacity is quite large.

Cons of Idylis Freezers

Idylis Freezers cannot be used in the Garage or Outdoors

The manufacturer recommends placing and using the Idylis deep freezer at temperatures ranging from 55 to 90 degrees. As a result, operating it outside or in a garage exposed to severe temperature lows or highs may have an impact on the unit’s functioning.

Relatively Small Hanging basket

Some consumers are dissatisfied with the complimentary storage basket that comes with Idylis Freezers because they don’t have enough containing capacity.

Leak in the rubber liner

Some owners complain about the freezer’s deteriorating rubber liner or weather-stripping after several months or years of use. However, an easy remedy for this is heating the rubber to cause it to expand.

Idylis Freezer Variants 

The Idylis 5-cu ft chest freezer and the bigger 7.1-cu ft chest freezer are the two models now available on the market. The 5-cu ft freezer is more than enough for individuals who only require a basic freezer to store their essential food supply. The 7.1-cu ft unit can handle products weighing up to 210 lbs and is ideal for individuals who require more cold storage space. 

These units aren’t just for usage at home or for personal use. They are popular among hobbyists and businesspeople, as well as individuals who require a kegerator.

Idylis freezers are made by what company?

The Idylis freezer brand might keep you curious about its manufacturers. Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is the brain behind this quiet and efficient freezer. Checking out other amazing products from Lowe might interest you.

What are the specifications of Idylis Freezers?

Freezers come in a variety of sizes, and Idylis freezers are no exception. White chest freezer with 33-inch height, 21.6-inch depth, and widths of 37 inches for the 7.1-cu ft model and 28.4 inches for the 5-cu ft model.

How long can Idylis Freezers last?

The National Association of Realtors reports that freezer refrigerators have an average life expectancy of 14-17 years. However, freezers can last for as long as 16 years. The licenses that Idylis freezers possess from the CSA, ETL, and UL are indications that it passes the life expectancy test. 

Warranty on Idylis Freezers

Idylis Freezers guarantee covers all faults in workmanship or materials for the following time period:

  • 12 months for labor
  • 5 years sealed system
  • 12 months for parts

The warranty period begins on the day the item is purchased, and the original purchase receipt must be provided to the authorized service center before warranty repairs can be performed.

How much do Idylis Freezers Cost?

Idylis Freezers are affordable for the value which they offer. You can get a nice Idylis freezer between $95 to $143 dollars. A fair deal if you ask me!


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