Are Hammocks Good for Bearded Dragons? (9 Facts)

Bearded dragon

Bearded dragons are gaining a lot of popularity as pets. To ensure your pet is comfortable, it’s critical to create an environment that works well for them. Their natural habitat extends throughout most of Australia, so they’re going to like areas that remind them of home – warm, desert-like, with subtropical woodland elements.

Are Hammocks Good for Bearded Dragons?

Hammocks can be placed inside of a cage or enclosure for your bearded dragon. While dragons aren’t the best climbers, a hammock allows them to be comfortable while staying fit.

Where Should a Hammock Be Placed?

A hammock should be placed low enough that your beardie doesn’t have to strain to get up into it. If you place it too high, they won’t have the means to get up, no matter how active they might seem.

Most hammocks will come with suction cups, allowing you to place them against the tank wall. The curved front edge should be facing toward the open area of the enclosure. That way, they have plenty of room to maneuver in and out. Plus, it will give them a chance to enjoy the view of their surroundings.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Like Hammocks?

There are a few reasons why hammocks are good for bearded dragons. Just as you have cozy furniture in your house to enrich your lifestyle, you need to offer the dragon equivalent inside of their habitat.

Hammocks are capable of offering a significant amount of enrichment. They can climb in and out of it whenever they please.

Your beardie can enjoy the hammock without your help. It’s not like feeding time or enrichment play. They’ll figure out the fun they can have when you’re not watching.

Additionally, when they’re shedding or just feeling itchy, the roughness of the hammock gives them something to rub up against to help with the shedding process.

9 Facts to Remember About an Hammocks Environment for Bearded Dragons

As you look at hammocks for a bearded dragon, there are quite a few facts to remember about their total environment.

1. The Size of the Enclosure Matters.

Your bearded dragon will spend more time in its enclosure than anywhere else. The standard size is 40 gallons. If you have an adult dragon, though, it might be too small – and a small enclosure will cause a significant amount of stress on your pet.

2. Wood Makes an Excellent Enclosure Material.

While you can choose PVC plastic or glass for an enclosure material, wood and glass have become a popular combo. There are a few reasons for it. First, it offers a natural look that reminds them of their Australian habitat. Second, it’s an excellent heat insulator so that your dragon stays comfortable.

3. A UVB Lamp is a Must-Have.

Sunlight is good, but you don’t want to get the temperature so hot that it threatens your beardie’s life. Instead, a UVB lamp provides them with the light and heat they need to maintain homeostasis. Once you place your UVB lamp, it can make it easier to know where to place other things. Hint: Place the hammock on the opposite side as the lamp.

4. One Beardie Per Enclosure.

It’s easy to fall in love with bearded dragons once you realize how much personality they have. You might want to get a second one – and to save money, you consider putting them in the same enclosure. This is rarely a good idea as they can become territorial and kill each other. It’s best to keep it to a one dragon maximum inside of the enclosure.

5. Not Every Substrate is Safe.

You have to choose the flooring that is safe for your dragon. If you’re going to be a good dragon keeper, consider whether live insects can hide in the substrate and if it can cause impaction or even eye/nose irritation. Coconut fiber, reptile carpet, and tile are all great options but you don’t have to use any substrate.

6. Feeding Essentials Have to Be Incorporated.

Shallow dishes are a must inside of your beardie’s enclosure. It’s best to have three or four small and shallow dishes inside so that they can have access to water, fruit, greens, and even supplements. You can also place live insects in a dish.

7. Space is Important.

The space for the enclosure should be plentiful. It’s not just enough to give the bearded dragon space inside of their enclosure. Pay attention to where it’s placed so that there aren’t things too close. Additionally, if you have small kids around, be sure that they can’t knock it over.

8. Dragons Like to Lounge.

If you’re going to be a great dragon keeper, remember that they like to lounge. Beyond the hammock, they should have a rock or log so that they can bask in the rays of the UVB light.

9. Enrichment Activities are a Must.

Toys are important for every type of pet – and a bearded dragon is really no different. Granted, you’re not about to engage in a game of tug of war with your beardie. However, you want to ensure that they don’t grow bored or stressed inside of their environment.

A hammock is certainly one type of enrichment activity.

Others you might want to consider include:

  • Hides
  • Crinkle ball toys
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Mirror
  • Laser pointer

Things to Consider When Buying a Hammock for Your Bearded Dragon

Once you’ve outfitted your bearded dragon’s enclosure and have chosen to buy a hammock, there are a few final thoughts to consider.


Heat resistance is one thing to consider as you don’t want the hammock getting too hot or getting damaged by the UVB light.

Another thing to think about is the weave. A large weave can look great but it’s problematic if their feet or claws get stuck. You don’t want your beardie to get injured all in the name of chilling out.


Your dragon’s hammock will need to be cleaned periodically to get rid of dirt and feces. Some materials are easier to clean than others. Use a toothbrush to remove most of the dirt while the hammock is dry.

Plastic or seagrass hammocks can be soaked in hot water and air-dried.

Many other materials can go directly into the washing machine. Just be sure to use a mild detergent.

Explore the Different Dimensions

You might have to buy new hammocks as your bearded dragon grows, too. Otherwise, the dimensions simply won’t work out for them any longer.

In the End, Give Your Beardie What They Really Want

Your bearded dragon wants to bask in the lap of luxury. The bigger enclosures that have space for a hammock will allow your beardie to thrive – and go on to live a long and happy life.