Are Hammock Stands Universal? {7 Facts About Stands}

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Every hammock user will admit to the challenge of setting up a hammock. Oh, you need trees appropriately spaced; you need to anchor your hammock delicately…sounds like too much work already, I guess. Well, with hammock stands, you get to work less and enjoy more, readily jumping into your hammock with almost no setup hassle. But are hammock stands universal?

Hammock stands come in varying styles and designs with their respective strength and weaknesses. This cuts across metal hammock stands, wooden hammock stands, and further into spreader bar, non-spreader bar hammock stands, and adjustable hammock stands. The specific hammock stand features you need, and parameters like size and weight capacity will guide your choice of a hammock stand.

In this guide, we will dive into the most universal (globally adopted) hammock stands and deciphering which hammock stand would best fit your needs amidst the plethora of options available in the market. But before then, let us briefly examine why hammock stands are getting preferable to conventional hammocks.  

Why choose hammock stands over conventional hammocks?

The flexibility and versatility of hammocks are beyond question. But hammocks have one big handicap: you must have trees with befitting space between them for anchoring. Admittedly, this can be unnerving.

Hammock stands can correct this deficit. All you need to do is hook your hammock over your stand, and you are ready for the fun! 

Given that hammock stands are free-standing, the previous need to locate anchor points is eliminated. This means you can enjoy your hammock just anywhere you are. 

This is provided your floor space can accommodate the hammock stand. Hammock stands are portable also and sturdy. The bulk of hammock stands in the market today can adequately support a weight range of 250-500lbs.  

Wood and metal are the prevalent materials most hammock stands are made from. Your space configurations and usage needs should majorly influence your choice of hammock type.

Where precisely would you be using the hammock stand? Would it be exposed to weather elements? Also, would your hammock artistically complement your space?

Let us examine the various types of hammocks, shall we?

What are wooden hammock stands?

Arguably, wooden hammock stands are the most preferred variety. The reasons behind this affection are not far-fetched. 

First, wooden hammocks better complement your space artistically, given their classiness and grace. Wooden hammocks are best suited to household settings or in your backyard.

The resilience to atmospheric elements also contributes to the preference for wooden hammocks. They don’t rust that easily.

However, wood hammocks are more vulnerable to rot and warping. This necessitates the periodic staining and sealing of your wooden hammock. Yes, this costs quite some bucks.

But then, considering a wooden hammock stand will be more resilient to the rain and other elements, you can use it in a broader range of locations.

How about metal hammock stands?

Wooden hammocks are beautiful, no doubt. But maintaining that elegance comes with a lot of maintenance work. There could be lots of mildew and termites to deal with.

This explains why people prefer metal hammocks. Metal hammocks are less heavy than wooden hammocks and hold out against rust and corrosion impressively (except those made from non-stainless steel metal). 

With metal hammocks, you get to save significantly. Given their portability (over wooden hammock stands), metal hammocks are favored during long-distance outdoor fun trips. 

Which hammock stand size and weight should you pick?

Your usage requirement largely determines the size of your hammock base. While there is extensive variation in hammock stand length, a width of 4ft is commonly obtainable. 

I always recommend adding a margin of 2 feet to your existing hammock length to arrive at the befitting length of a hammock stand. 

Let us assume you have an arbitrary hammock length of 12 feet. Adding the said 2 feet means you should be aiming for a hammock stand with a length of 14 feet.

Worried you procured a hammock stand whose length exceeds your hammock’s by more than 2 feet? No problem, there is a smart hack of integrating chains to the end of your hammock, extending it to meet your hammock stand posts. 

Traditionally, a hammock stand should support a weight anywhere between 350-500lbs. But if you intend to have two adults (say a couple) sleeping on the hammock at once, then you are better suited to double hammock stands.

Which hammock stand features should you choose?

Hammock stands are universal because their varying design attends to different users across the world with different needs.

The spectrum of features allows the user more options to choose from to attain the experience they desire. I will tell you about some of these features.

Which should you choose between non-spreader bar and spreader bar hammock stands?

Outdoor lovers purchasing hammock bases commonly forget to confirm the compatibility of their hammock spreader bars with their hammock base beforehand.

Oh, you have not heard of spreader bars?

For enhanced tautness in the fabric, hammocks are usually girded with spreader bars. The latter are essentially long bars stationed at both hammock ends.

Yes, I like the ease with which you can get into a spreader bar hammock. I am also in love with the encompassing view of what is going on around you when in such hammocks. 

But just like me, many users are disenchanted with how tippy spreader bars are, and they don’t cozy your body as much as hammocks without spreader bars.

If you love the entry ease and unobstructed view enough to forgive how tippy spreader bar hammocks are, that is fine. 

For me, I find the coziness of non-spreader hammock stands really hard to sacrifice. Without spreader bars, you are cradled into an enthralling cocoon shape. This may be the better choice for people who would be spending considerable time (say napping frequently) on their hammocks.

Should you consider adjustable and portable hammock stands?

Many hammock stands are only compatible with hammocks of specific lengths. To overcome this limitation, users are going for adjustable hammock stands.

This is far more accommodating and flexible, allowing you to regulate your hammock base depending on the size of your hammock. A significant number of hammock bases I have tested are furnished with double chains and S-hooks. 

Thanks to these facilities, you can more flexibly regulate how taut your hammock gets and its height too.

But then, some users may still ask for more portability. Undoubtedly, no one enjoys the hassles of having to move a weighty hammock base around. 

This enhanced portability requirement can be assuaged by choosing a hammock stand fitted with wheels. These wheels make it less physically exerting to move your bulky hammock bases around. 

Aside from the wheel facility, other hammock stands yet make a case for portability by having a collapsible design. This way, instead of having a bulky and hard-to-move-about hammock stand, you have bases that are readily disintegrable.

These hammock stands can be dismantled into smaller parts when the hammock base is not in use and readily assembled when say, you have gotten to your camping destination, and you need to set up your hammock base. 

Best Hammock Stands Review

Having espoused the major considerations to make when choosing hammock stands, I will make your job easier by identifying some of the best hammock stands I have investigated.

It is so easy to love the Republic of Durable Goods Mock ONE

Anyone who has used the Mock ONE would attest to its magnificence. It is interesting how durability, assembly ease, and portability were squeezed into one package in this hammock stand.

The 210T parachute nylon the MOCK ONE was produced with shows how keen Republic of Durable Goods (the manufacturer) was on durability. Compared to the traditional 75D nylon, the former would better withstand rough usage.

For portability, the MOCK ONE can be disintegrated when not in use. This is as easy as removing the hammock feet, reducing the storage space it would need. 

Republic of Durable Goods boasts that setting up the MOCK ONE wouldn’t take more than a minute. The setup time was around 80 seconds for most average users, which wasn’t too far off. 

I also admire the built-in design of this hammock stand, further integrating an adjustable shade. This means you can enjoy an outdoor session even on those scorching summer afternoons. 

ENO ENOpod is a hammock for team fun

For small families or a small cluster of friends who want to enjoy some memorable memories together on a hammock, the ENO ENOpod is a hammock you should be considering.

Very few hammock stands can rival this baby when it comes to weight capacity. While it disguises like an average hammock stand, the ENO ENOpod can hold as much as 1200lbs in weight! It is almost the equivalent of three sizable hammocks.

You may think the ENOpod sacrificed its portability for such an enormous 1200lbs weight capacity. But no, this hammock stand is yet impressively portable. 

This can be attributed to how disintegrable it is. When not in use, this hammock stand can be disintegrated into 12 pieces. 

This hammock stand is furnished with steel carabiners for extra versatility, meaning it can work with a more extensive range of hammocks.

On the downside, the ENOpod is not the cheapest hammock stand you can get. But then, if you consider that this gives you the value of three hammocks, you may want to forgive its steepness in price.

Sunnydaze Steel Hammock Stand is for the “metallic” guys

If you fancy metal hammock stands, then you could consider the Sunnydaze Steel Hammock Stand. This stand is designed from powder-coated steel with commendable resistance to rust and corrosion.

This stand can accommodate hammocks within a length span of 9.5-14 feet. Weighing around 33lbs, this Sunnydaze has a holding weight limit set at 550lbs. 

Set up is easy. You can seamlessly connect your hammock to both ends of the stand leveraging the double chains (each coming at 18 inches) this hammock stand is supplied with. More interestingly, the height is as adjustable as you deem fit.

And if you happen to use this hammock deck on your fine porch, don’t worry too much about it scratching your deck. The bottoms are fitted with plastic feet.