Are Gravely Mowers Any Good? (For Beginners)

gravely mowers

I have used Gravely mowers as part of my commercial landscaping business for more than 5 years now. I am happy to share my experiences.

When I have a contract for my hometown in Montana for various sports fields, city-owned buildings, schools, and other property, my five employees use various landscaping equipment throughout the day. All of our mowers are Gravely, and have proven to be reliable for all of our jobs.

So, Are Gravely Mowers Any Good Really?

Gravely mowers are a great investment if you have a commercial landscaping business. They are tough, durable, and can mow just about any terrain. They have a decent selection of mowers, from walk behinds to heavy-duty zero turns. The price is affordable, with a good ROI.

How Do I Choose the Right Gravely Mower for My Business?

If you’re just starting out, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which mowers will give you the best results. As a general guideline, look at how many clients you have now, and how many you want to have in the next few years. Start with a walk behind and a zero turn if you just have a few clients right now. You can always add more to your fleet as your business grows.

The PRO QXT walk behind will give you a great cut if you have an acre or less to mow. The 14HP Hydro-Gear Drive system can manage just about any terrain and the 48” deck blade will get the job done efficiently.

For larger areas, the PRO-TURN 400 makes for a valuable addition to your landscaping arsenal. The air-ride suspension seat is just as comfortable as sitting on your couch at home. The deck size options range from 52” – 72” and it gives a great cut every time. I’ve had this model for about 2 years and it’s one of my favorites.

There is a great article here about selecting the right mower for your needs.

Are Gravely Mowers Durable?

My mowers run 5 days a week, from about 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. Other than small repairs, I haven’t had any major issues with any of my mowers. I do regular maintenance on them, like belt repairs, oil changes, blade cleanings, etc.

Gravely mowers are built to be tough, and I believe they are one of the most durable brands on the market today. They are made with landscapers in mind, not for homeowners with only one lawn to cut.

These machines can handle all kinds of weather – they’ve been exposed to rain, sleet, hail and snow as well as intense sun. We use them for snow clearing in the winter, leaf clearing in the fall and of course grass cutting in the summer.

When the machines are not in use, some are stored indoors, and some are stored outside under a tarp.

Where Can I Get Replacement Parts From Gravely Mowers?

Replacement parts can be purchased through your dealer or from select online parts stores, like

If the part you need replacing is under warranty, it’s best to go through your dealer, where the warranty info will be on file. Keep in mind, though, if you bought your Gravely mower second hand, any previous warranty may be null and void.

You can access this website to find Gravely Mowers Dealers Information.

Are Gravely Mowers Easy to Use?

When I first saw a Gravely mower, I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed – they are big and slightly intimidating.

It didn’t take me long, though, to get used to the feel and maneuverability of the machines. All of the controls are easily accessible on the zero-turn and walk behind models. The deck height is easily and quickly adjusted as needed, and all controls are clearly marked.

Your employees should only need an hour or two to get used to the machinery, even if they don’t have much experience.

Should I Choose a Gas or Electric Mower?

Generally speaking, gas mowers are louder, but more powerful; however, there is the issue of having to refuel regularly. On the other hand, electric mowers are easier on the ears, but not always powerful enough to give you the cut and performance you need.

Gravely seems to have solved this issue. They’ve just come out with their electric model, the PRO-TURN EV, a zero turn mower with a 60” deck that lasts all day long. I do not have one of these in my fleet yet, but I plan to purchase one in the next year or so.

There is an article here that explains some of the fundamental differences between gas and electric mowers.

How Much do Gravely Mowers Cost?

Expect to pay for a quality Gravely mower. They range in price from about $5,000 for a PRO-TURN 400, to upwards of $8,000 or more for their electric model, the PRO-TURN EV.

There are several factors that can affect the final price, including accessory kits, extended warranties, and deck size.

Of course, if you buy used, you’ll pay far less, but you won’t know how much the mower has been worked: i.e. how many hours it’s been used.

In my opinion, it’s much better to purchase a new model. This way you’ve got warranty protection and you can be assured you’re going to get the best performance out of it.

Are Gravely Mowers Comfortable to Ride On?

With Gravely’s Air-Ride suspension seat, I literally feel like I’m sitting on my couch! This was an important feature for me, because I knew my employees and I would be on these machines for at least 6 hours a day. There’s nothing worse than a sore backside at the end of a long day!

No matter what type of terrain I’m covering, the air-ride suspension system keeps my crew comfortable and stable.

What Type of Engine does Gravely Mowers Use?

Depending on the model and deck size you choose, you’ll get one of three engines:

·         Kawasaki FX850V – 27HP

·         Kohler ZT470 – 25HP

·         Yamaha MX775V EFI – 29HP

All three of these engines are built for quality and durability, and each one will give you the performance you need to run your commercial landscaping business.

The electric mower is powered by a 16 kWh Li-ion and FusionCore – a swappable lithium-ion battery system.

What Accessories are Available with Gravely Mowers

There are several accessories available with Gravely mowers. Mulch kits and bagger kits are available for all models, as are snow plows for winter clearing.

Other available accessories include hitch kits, LED lighting kits, sun shades, hitch kits and maintenance kits.

The electric model has charging kits, portable charger kits and FusionCore replacement battery accessories available.

Do Gravely Mowers Provide a Good Cut?

In a word: Yes! Gravely mowers have a solid reputation for providing excellent results. I take pride in knowing that the city I live in looks great in part because of the job I do. Schools, parks and fields look as good as possible because of Gravely mowers and my crew.

With proper maintenance and care, your Gravely mower will give you a consistent clean cut for years to come.

What Type of Warranty does Gravely Provide?

I have to say I think Gravely has one of the best warranty programs in the industry for all of their models.

They come with a 5-year or (1,000 – 1,500 hours) warranty, with no hour limit for the first two years. There is also a limited lifetime warranty on the deck shelf and frame on all models.

This is pretty decent considering these are meant for commercial use. I have never had any problems where I’ve needed to use my warranty, but it’s nice knowing I have that protection if I need it.

What do the Reviews Say?

I reviewed 3 different sites for reviews from buyers:

I found more than 5,000 reviews with an overall rating of about 3.5 out of 5. Many buyers rave about the maneuverability and the way it handles. Also high on the list is the fact that very little maintenance is needed.

Some buyers had issues with various parts and engine breakdowns. The majority of these buyers purchased used models, with more than 500 hours logged on them.

As I stated above, a newly purchased Gravely mower is the better choice if your budget allows. It’s comparable to buying a new car vs. used. You can never be sure how the previous owner treated or maintained it.

Can Gravely mowers be used for residential use?

If you have a large property that you need to keep manicured and maintained all year long, Gravely should do the job nicely. They were really made for the commercial market, so buying one for your personal property may be more machine than you really need.

So, Are Gravely Mowers a Good Investment?

For any commercial landscaping business owner, a Gravely mower is a good investment. The company has a varied line of mowers that will suit just about any job, regardless of size or terrain.

If you want to become the best in your business, you have to have the best tools – and that means purchasing Gravely mowers.