Are Grasshopper Mowers Any Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Grasshopper Lawn mower

My husband and I use Grasshopper Mowers for both our personal 2-acre country property and our expanding landscaping business. I’m excited about sharing our experiences with you.

We’ve been using Grasshopper Zero Turn Mowers for more than 10 years now, and we find them to be of excellent quality for the price. Built to last, these mowers are suitable for personal use or commercial, depending on the model.

Because we have a large property and we own a business, we have the opportunity to use several different Grasshopper models.  

These are comfortable to ride, with many accessory options available to make the ride even more enjoyable.

They are durable with good resale value and can withstand various terrains. The warranty covers both parts and labor for the first two years and replacement parts are easily attained both online and offline.

Overall, Grasshopper Mowers are a good investment and will last many years. They are not meant for small city-sized or suburban lots, but for those with large farms, plenty of acreages, or commercial sites like schools and sports fields. Some of the models use clean diesel instead of gas, making them more fuel-efficient and a better environmental choice.

There are financing plans available so if you’re looking to invest in Grasshopper Mowers for your business or commercial use, there are options for those who are on a budget.

Choosing the Right Grasshopper Mower  

There are several models to choose from, ranging from the 100V Series to the high-powered 400D Series, which used clean Diesel fuel. For our personal property, the 124V does our 2-acre lot nicely. We have plenty of trees and gardens, and this machine maneuvers around rough and smooth terrain alike.

We have several landscaping clients with more than 10 acres of land, so our fleet of 400D mowers is high-powered enough to get the job done in a timely fashion. We also have a few 300 Series mowers that are perfect for small and mid-size lots.

The 124V is a mid-mount style mower, while some of the other models are front mount. There is a great article that we found explaining the pros and cons of each.

Are Grasshopper Mowers Low Maintenance?

The last thing my husband wants to do after a day doing clients’ lawns is fixing or maintaining the equipment. He loves the fact that Grasshopper Mowers are made for busy people who don’t have mechanical backgrounds. The Mid-Mount models have just 5 lubrication points, and there are less than 10 on the front-mount models. This shaves a lot of time off of maintenance duties. Belts and other parts are easily accessible. With more than five mowers in use at any given time, this really helps save time and effort.

Are Grasshopper Mowers Easy to Use?

I am tasked with mowing our personal property at least twice a week and use our 124V model. I find it incredibly easy to use. It takes me less than two hours and I sit in comfort the entire time. I’m not stiff and sore when I get off, nor are my legs covered in grass cuttings.

The seat provides padded support which adjusts quickly and easily. I don’t feel a lot of vibration in the seat, thanks to the iso-mounting feature.

The cup holder is perfect for my morning coffee, and the operational controls are all easily identified and operational. All of the controls and switches are easily within my reach.

Are Grasshopper Mowers Zero Turn?

Each Grasshopper mower is equipped with zero turn technology, making getting around quick and painless. Whether the area is flat and smooth, or rough and hilly, navigation is made easier. Trees, shrubs, gardens and ponds can be easily navigated around. We have several small ponds, and trees, vegetable gardens and shrubs that I can get around fairly quickly and easily.

Zero-turn mowers do take a bit of time to get used to, but once you do, you’ll never go back to the traditional turn style of mower. Spend about 30 minutes in an open area to get used to maneuvering the machine and getting used to the controls, and you’ll be ready for those hills and rough terrain.

What Cool Gadgets come with the Grasshopper Mower?

When you’re in the hot sun mowing lawns like my husband and employees are all day, you’ll appreciate the canopy option that Grasshopper provides.

There are plenty of other gadgets you can purchase to make your mowing even easier. I personally love the foot pedal extension kit, as I’m only 5’ tall.

LED work lights make it easier to see when dusk arrives, and the yellow beacon light is a must-have when you’re in high traffic areas.

There are collection bags available if you don’t want to go with regular discharge or mulching options.

How Much do Grasshopper Mowers Cost?

The price ranges from $6,995 for the 124V model to $11,995 for the 400D. Your local dealer may offer financing plans; or, you can check out financing options at the official Grasshopper website. Additional components and options will add to your total cost.

How Durable are Grasshopper Mowers

I have had the pleasure of mowing lawns for most of my adult life and have used many different lawn mowers. Grasshopper is one of the most durable models I’ve used. Some of the areas on our personal property are quite rough and Grasshopper can handle all of it.

Over the past 10 years or so, we’ve had to replace small parts on all of our machines, but overall these are quite durable in all kinds of weather (even hail storms!) and we are quite happy with the results. More importantly, our clients are happy with the results that Grasshopper mowers provides.

Is Diesel Powered better than Gas Powered?

A few of the Grasshopper models, like the 400D, use clean diesel instead of gas. The fuel-injected diesel engines are powerful for just about any job and can save 650 gallons of fuel over 1,000 hours of use. These mowers use EPA Tier 4 Final emissions compliance. Bottom line? You’ll save thousands of dollars in fuel costs while lessening your carbon footprint. A win-win for everyone, including Mother Earth.

That isn’t to say that gas powered mowers won’t get the job done – just expect to pay a bit more in fuel costs. If you’re using the mower as part of a business, you can pass those costs to your client.

Are Grasshopper Mowers Comfortable to Ride On?

From my own experience, I find my 124V model to be quite comfortable to ride on. Generally, I use it for about 2 hours at a time, once or twice a week. Our employees are on the mowers much longer, every day for at least six hours a day. Of course, they take regular breaks every hour or so, but they have never complained about an uncomfortable ride on either the 300 series or the 400 D models.

The seats provide good lumbar support and covered with quality material that won’t crack or fade over time.

Can Grasshopper Mowers be Used for Snow Removal?

We live in the southern part of Florida, so snow removal is not an option we’ve ever needed on any of our machines. There are snow removal components you can purchase that will make clearing snow from driveways, walkways and parking lots more efficient.

Depending on how much snow there is to clear, there are heavy duty options available, such as snow throwers. Leaf blower attachments are also available for the fall season.  

How good is the Grasshopper Mower Warranty

The extent of the warranty depends on the model and intended use of the mower. For example, our 124V that we use for our own property is covered for 2 years or 500 hours, whichever comes first. That covers parts and labor. Our fleet of 329B models that we use for our business covers 3 years unlimited hours. The first 2 years cover labor and parts; year 3 covers parts only.

Does Grasshopper Provide a Better Cut?

Grasshopper mowers use a superior blade system that cuts with precision. The blades are manufactured to provide minimal grass buildup, and a cut quality that is second to none. Optimum airflow is achieved whether you use the rear discharge, side discharge, mulching or collection options.

You’ll get a clean, even cut whether it’s your first job of the day or your last.

What do the Reviews Say?

I checked the reviews on three different online sites:

I found more than 50 reviews, with an overall rating of 3 out of 5. The majority of consumers are happy with their Grasshopper mower products.

Are Grasshopper Mowers A Good Investment

Grasshopper mowers are a good investment and will last for many years, whether used in a commercial or residential setting. As with most machines, there will be replacement parts needed over the mower’s lifetime, such as deck wheels, handle grips, and oil filters. These are readily available from online retailers as well as Amazon.