Are Ferris Mowers Any Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Ferris Mowers

So you come to mow my garden like a professional lawn maintenance expert, and I ask you about Ferris mowers, only for you to stutter “Uhm… I don’t really know about them…” Bam, I am canceling the contract!! 

Oh yes, Ferris mowers are the beacons of engineering excellence in the mower space, and there is no better way to show you are a rookie in lawn maintenance than saying you don’t know them. 

Such fame and massive adoption are not necessarily undeserved on Ferris’s part as its mowers have consolidated an eminence for topnotch quality, productivity, and versatility. 

Well, there are not necessarily new guys either. Ferris mowers have been around the outdoor power tool space for a while. But here is something exciting about these guys.

Ferris started operation in 1909 as the Ueber Milking Machine Company, serving small-scale dairy farms in New York. But by the mid-1980s, the small dairy farm business was folding up so the company pivoted intelligently to making enduring lawnmowers.

Ferris offers a broad range of lawnmowers cutting through zero-turn mowers, front mount lawn mowers, walk-behind lawn mowers, as afar as stand-on mowers.

So, are Ferris Mowers any good really?

Ferris mowers are definitely worth your money. They are strong, versatile, and yet remarkably easy to operate. Few mowers can rival the level of comfort Ferris mowers give the operator.  Their zero-turn mowers are some of the most innovative in the landscaping industry. From cutting-edge suspension systems to revolutionary cutting systems, Ferris mowers rank top of the class.

Are Ferris mowers comfortable?

No one would question your desire for a comfortable riding experience when mowing. Ferris mowers stand out for the comfortability of their mowers. A considerable part of this comfort is attributable to the integrated suspension systems these mowers are decked with. 

Thanks to this technology, these mowers save you the direct (and inevitably hurting) impact of mowing through uneven terrains. This is via eradicating the supposed shock the chassis would transmit to your body when you ride. 

Ferris’ frontline mowers, cutting across zero turn mowers, walk-behind, and front-mount mowers, have such suspension technology. Take the Ferris ISX™ 3300, one of the best zero-turn mowers in the space. It is furnished with a front suspension system enhanced with four control rods. 

Courtesy of this mechanism, the shock the mower gets (from uneven terrain) is absorbed instead of being transferred to the rider. This way, the riding experience is way smoother and more balanced.

The IS® 2600Z, another frontline zero-turn mower from Ferris, boasts its unique suspension system, coming with the installation of coil-over-shocks on the back and front part of these mowers. 

These shocks are designed to compress when the mower moves across rougher terrains, sustaining the mower’s balance. Ferris front mowers like the ProCut™ S are also girded with the coil-over-shock suspension system, enabling the deck to contour adaptationally to your lawn terrain. 

Are Ferris mowers engine good?

Engines are an essential part of a mower’s performance, and Ferris rightly emphasizes their mower engines’ design. This brand’s mowers have an overwhelming spectrum of engines depending on the model you go for. 

The Ferris ISX™ 3300 and ISX™ 2200 boast the Vanguard™ engines, arguably the best engines for commercial mowers, in terms of productivity, ease of maintenance, and reliability. Other Ferris zero-turn mowers like the new IS® 2600Z are fitted with a 24hp Yanmar 3 Cylinder Liquid-Cooled Diesel.  

The Ferris FW15, one of its leading walk-behind mowers, is provided with a powerful Honda GXV 390 engine. While the FW25 – another walk-behind mower from Ferris – possesses a 118.5 HP Kawasaki FX 600V engine.

Moving to Ferris front mount mower models, the F800X series come with a 31hp Vanguard™ engine. And the ProCut™ S mowers give you options like the Kawasaki engine or the Briggs and Stratton engine. Both engines are gasoline-powered.

Are Ferris mowers fast?

Feel free to ask the experts in the lawn maintenance space. Ferris mowers are some of the fastest. This is thanks to their engine design, compactness, and in some cases, their hydrostatic transmission mechanism. 

The Ferris ISX™ 3300 can travel as fast as 12 mph. The IS® 2600Z and the ISX™ 2200 both have a forward speed of 16km/h and reverse of 8km/hr. 

The speed offerings from Ferris walk-behind mowers are understandably lower. The FW15 has a forward speed of 6.4 km/h and reverse of 3.2 km/h. 

The FW25 has a forward speed of 9.6 km/h and reverse of 4.5 km/h. Still on speed, the Ferris FW25 is supplied with a cruise control feature that makes it ridiculously easy to switch between speeds.

For Ferris mount mowers, the F800X has a forward speed of 10mph and a reverse of 6mph. The ProCut™ S has a forward speed of 8mph and a reverse of 4mph.

Are Ferris mowers cutting deck good and strong?

No argument, you need a decking deck that has an appreciable cutting width, height adjustability, and one that can stand the test of time. 

The Ferris ISX 3300’s deck boasts the innovative iCD™ Cutting System and is supplied with a deck lift mechanism that you can efficiently operate with a foot pedal. 

This deck has an adjustable height which you can set – depending on your lawn and comfort – from 1.5 inches to 5 inches. This mower’s deck has a cutting width of 61 inches. Regarding strength, this mower is robust, with the spindles being made from Hercules™ II Cast-Iron. 

The Ferris IS 2600 is another zero-turn mower whose deck features the iCD™ cutting system. Its cutting height is adjustable from 1.75-5 inches. 

It is strong, too, strutting a fabricated double top deck, with overlap welded corners and double reinforced side skirts. The spindles are made from greasable cast iron. 

On the walk-behind category, the Ferris FW15 comes with a compact 32in deck made from 2.7 mm fabricated construction steel. This deck features dual-timed cutting blades with greaseable aluminum spindles. 

Ferris’s FW25 has a deck with a cutting width of 91 cm, made from fabricated steel, boasting double reinforced side skirts and a double top deck. Its cutting height ranges from 3.8 cm -11.4 cm. 

We can’t talk about the deck and forget to mention the Ferris F800X’s electric deck lift design. The deck (which can be either 72 inches or 61 inches, depending on the model) has an adjustable height range of 1.5-5″. The spindles are greasable, made from enduring heavy-duty cast iron.

Do Ferris mowers have good fuel capacity?

You dare not underrate the importance of fuel capacity when choosing mowers. More than determining how portable your mower is, the fuel capacity shapes the continuity of your mowing experience. This is especially when you consider those ugly refueling breaks. 

Ferris mowers present a broad array of fuel tanks depending on what you desire. The Ferris ISX™ 3300, for example, is outfitted with double fuel tanks. Each of these tanks has a capacity of 5.5 gallons.

When both are filled, you can have a durable mowing experience without regularly stopping to refuel.

The ISX™ 2200 has a fuel capacity of 11 gallons, with a gas gauge sitting on the fuel tank to indicate the extent of consumption. The FW15 has a fuel capacity of 2.1 liters, while the FW25 has 19 liters. The Ferris ProCut S comes smaller with a full fuel tank of 5.5-gallon capacity.

Cost of Ferris mowers

I really admire how Ferris spreads the cost of its mowers across different categories. This way, almost any user can get a good mower that suits his budget without forfeiting a massive bulk of functionality.

Ferris zero-turn mowers like the ISX™ 3300 have a cost range of $13,500, while the ISX™ 2200 goes for around $12,099. For walk-behinds like the FW15 and the FW25, you can budget anywhere from $3,360-$5,700.

Ferris front mowers are relatively more expensive. You can get the F800X for around $12,650-$13,000. And the Ferris Pro Cut S goes for about $9,499 to $10,000, depending on the outlet you get yours. 

Ferris mowers warranty

If you have been buying power tools for a while now, I wouldn’t need to remind you about warranty policies’ importance. Just anything can go wrong when you buy mowers, and even mowers from elite manufacturers like Ferris are not spared. 

The good news is that Ferris has heartwarming warranty coverage for its mowers and other vital parts. More specifically, Ferris has custom warranties for each of its mower categories like ride-on mowers, stand-on mowers, walk-behind mowers, as far as warranty policies for its belts and suspension. 

Starting with its stand-on mowers, Ferris has a 2+2 Year limited warranty coverage for all its stand-on commercial mowers. This spans the first four years of acquisition – the equivalent of 500 hours, depending on which happens first. Now, for the first 24 months, these stand-on mowers enjoy warranty coverage for unlimited hours.

A 90-day warranty covers the belts, brake pads, tires, blades, and batteries for Ferris stand-on mowers. Also, the transaxles are furnished with a 3-year limited warranty.

The same policy extends to Ferris ride-on mowers, spanning the unmatched 2+2 Year limited warranty for all commercial ride-on mowers, and the tires, blades, brake pads being furnished with 90-day warranty coverage. 

Furthermore, the Ferris 400s zero turn mower comes with a 4-year limited warranty, equally 500 hours, depending on which first occurs.

Ferris’ warranty policy slightly differs for its walk-behind mowers. This sect of mowers is supplied with a 24-month warranty for unlimited hours. 

As I earlier said, Ferris has custom warranty policies for its belt and suspension. Something you barely see from other manufacturers, I admit.

The double belt decks for models like the ISX 2200, ISX 3300, and ISX 800 are supported by a 3-year limited warranty, the equivalent of 300 hours. For the first 12 months, this policy covers labor and parts. For the remaining 24 months, the policy coverage reduces to just parts. 

As to the regular 1-belt deck mowers, Ferris gives a limited 12-month warranty coverage, with the policy equally 100 hours of coverage. This spans labor and parts.

Lastly, for the suspension, Ferris offers buyers who purchased riding mowers equipped with suspension systems will enjoy a 5-year warranty (for unlimited hours) policy on the coil-over-shocks system components.

What I specially love about Ferris Mowers: Ferris Pro Overview

Believe me, there is a gamut of features to fall in love with when it comes to Ferris mowers. But some features spectacularly catch my fancy, hence my affection for this brand of mowers. Let me tell you about some of these features.

Ferris’ suspension technology is top-class

Having used a lot of mowers, I definitely know the importance of comfort when riding mowers. Ferris mowers stand out for their integrated suspension systems. 

Huge applause for how the engineers at Ferris brought together the components, ultimately resulting in one of the smoothest of rides I have enjoyed on mowers. 

Top on my mind is Ferris’ cutting-edge ForeFront™ Suspension technology. As seen on Ferris ISX™ Series, this technology is the leading independent suspension technology in the turf industry. 

This mechanism utilizes four steel control rods – enhanced with coil-over shocks – guaranteeing that the mower’s caster wheel doesn’t lose its vertical positioning. Consequently eradicating caster shatter, the rider can enjoy a premium riding experience even when mowing at the highest speeds.

The IS® Series is also fitted with an autonomous suspension technology that deploys coil-over shocks and independent control arms to reduce the discomfiting shocks that would have been transferred to your body if you were mowing rough lawn terrains at high speed. This is really enjoyable on the IS® 2600 and the IS® 6200. 

The Ferris S Series suspension system comprises coil-over shocks and a pivoting front axle. Courtesy of this combo, the mower’s front wheel adjusts to the contours of your terrains. 

The result is significantly reduced jerks that would have exhausted you, the rider. This suspension system is seen on the likes of the IS® 60 and the IS® 700.

I love the Ferris iCD Cutting System

I can do so many things, but hiding for love the iCD cutting system is not one of them. This cutting system rivals the best I have seen in the mower industry regarding clippings dispersal. 

This system (which mirrors a sloped nose) presents an extended orifice through which clippings are expelled, allowing you to cut at higher speeds sustainably without the cut quality dropping.  

The deck is sufficiently protected, thanks to the double 10-gauge layers being welded together, giving the cutter deck’s top center increased strength. 

Also, the possibility of contact damage is substantially decreased thanks to this system being enhanced with a rubber flexible discharge chute.

Ferris’s unprecedented Oil Guard System is a lifesaver

Tell me, how many mower manufacturers assure you of 500 hours between oil changes like Ferris does? Not many, I bet you. Ferris’ innovative oil guard system is endearing for those irritated with regularly changing to oil. 

The innovative oil guard system from Ferris ensures that maintenance intervals are extended to 500%. This means that your mower can cut as long as 500 hours before needing you to change the oil. Miraculous, isn’t it?

More than saving you time and increasing productivity, this system saves you loads of those prized dollars, with each unit estimated to save you 60% season on maintenance cost.  

What more, this oil guard system lavishes your mower with more mileage, giving you the advantage of off-angle lubrication and drastically cutting down on the thermal breakdown of oil, acknowledging the dry-sump design.

Anything I don’t like? Overview of Ferris Mowers Cons

There is not much I could complain about Ferris mowers. Of course, I will like them cheaper, but I wouldn’t moan too much about their relatively steep prices when I objectively consider the wealth of premium features these mowers present.

But if I can advise the engineers at Ferris, I would want them to improve their mowers’ sound quality. The F800X was a bit too noisy for my liking.

An encompassing review of the best Ferris mowers in the market

In this section, I will be expanding on some of the best mowers I have seen from Ferris. I will pick the best model – in my perspective and supported by other users I have interviewed – across Ferris mower categories like the zero turning mowers, walk-behind mowers, and the front mount mowers. 

Ready for the ride?

Ferris Zero Turn Lawn Mowers 

Ferris made a mark of excellence in the zero-turn mower space due to the range of amazing models it managed to pull out in this category. Ask any Ferris zero-turn lawn user, it is no easy feat to rival their productivity. 

There is a consensus among Ferris zero-turn mowers buyers that the ISX™ 3300, the ISX™ 800, and the IS® 2600Z are the best zero turn mowers Ferris boasts. Let me tell you a bit more about these mowers. 

ISX™ 3300 Zero Turn Mowers

The ISX™ 3300 zero turn mowers are the leaders in the ForeFront™ Suspension technology. This is, particularly in the turf niche. Indeed, these mowers boast a heavy-duty dual commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400 drive system and a 2-belt iCD™ cutting system.

Put all these together, and you see a mower that is brilliantly designed for maximal efficiency without sacrificing a slice of rider comfort. 

The front caster bearing doesn’t lose its verticality throughout the mower’s range of travel, thanks to the combo of the four lower and upper control rods and the shock system.

The redesigned rear bumper in the ISX™ 3300 zero turn mowers is admirable. This design improves the ground clearance for the bumper, ensuring a hitch-free ride when coursing through curbs. The projected sidewalls also grant the engines an extra layer of protection.

The Vanguard oil guard system, which gives you 500 hours between oil change procedures, is a great feature of the ISX™ 3300. Lastly, its premium suspension seat (high-back) improves your comfort when riding, thanks to its adjustable seat recline and lumbar, and also several positions for the headrest.

IS® 2600Z Zero Turn Mower

The IS® 2600Z reveals a technological progression from the traditional design we expect from Ferris zero-turn mowers. 

First, the IS® 2600Z marks its deviation from the rest with a diesel-powered Yanmar™ 3 cylinder engine. What more, this mower’s suspension system features autonomous shocks (which are adjustable) on the front and coil-over-shocks on the rear. 

It also carries the premium iCD™ Cutting System from Ferris, with a 61-inch cutting deck width. This time, it is fitted with rugged greaseable cast-iron spindles that survive extended rough usage. 

If you are a fan of productivity like me, you will be thrilled with this mower’s 80% efficiency, enabling it to mow as high as 5 acres/hr. 

I was impressed with how Ferris designed this mower to keep off debris. The fans are installed on the pumps’ sides to cool the hydro system, ultimately giving you a cool-running mower.

Precision controls are another strong point of this mower, gratitude to Ferris arming the control mounts with pillow block bearings. 

Ferris Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers 

Ferris walk-behind lawnmowers are really innovative. They rank high in the market for manuevrability and performance. These mowers are well adapted to rough terrains and steep slopes. One Ferris walk-behind mower particularly struck me. This is the FW15 mower. Let me tell you about it.  

FW15 Walk Behind Mower

FW15 counts as one of Ferris’ best walk-behind mowers. Let me start with the engines. The FW15 is supplied with a 10.2hp Honda GXV 390 engine? For a walk-behind mower, this engine is a beast.

It also excels at user-friendliness. The FW15 makes mowing so simplistic and enjoyable, undeniably one of the first walk-behind mowers I will recommend for newbie mower operators. 

The hydrostatic transmission gives this mower sufficient traction to ride over terrains with sharp elevations, sustaining the cut quality. 

As opposed to the generality of pull-start lawnmowers I have used (which were a nightmare starting), the FW15’s engine begins running almost on the first pull of the cord.

The handlebar is outfitted with a gear that makes the mower readily adjustable, whether in backward or forward motion. Additionally, the handlebar is fitted with a speed range, allowing you to manipulate the mowing speed.

Ferris Front Mount Mowers 

Ferris’ front mount mowers’ zero-turn capability is impressive, with an equally commendable distribution of the mower weight across its cross-sectional area. Also, I enjoyed an excellent spatial view of the surrounding. This is due to the increased visibility the lowered front section offered. 

There were two mower series I really fancied in Ferris’ front-mount collection. These were the F800X series and the ProCut™ S series. Let us quickly look at them.

F800X Front Mount Mower Series

The F800X boasts remarkable cutting quality. This capacity can be credited to the iCD cutting system this mower is fitted with. The F800X’s electric lift system is exciting.

With just a switch, the deck can be raised. Such electronic feature significantly improves the ease of maintenance of the F800X, with the switch reducing the work required to refit the deck after a maintenance procedure. 

Sufficiently armed with a 31hp Vanguard™ gas-powered engine, this mower is just right for the heavy jobs. More than its great power delivery, the F800X is versatile. This versatility is essentially a product of the F800X’s out-front deck and the way its attachments were configured.

The speed is another feature I cheer on in this mower. It can hit 10mph on forward motion and 6mph on reverse. When you add this to its famed 80% efficiency, 6 acre/hr mowing rate, and a 61-cutting deck (that can be adjusted from 3.8 – 12.7 cm), this is a mower that gets the job quickly done.

ProCut™ S Front Mount Mowers

Many things attract me to the ProCut™ S mowers. Let me start with its broad range of engine options. This mower series allows you to choose between a 24hp Kawasaki FS730V 726cc engine and a 27hp Briggs & Stratton® Commercial Series 810cc engine. 

This is a tough guy, no doubt, as the deck is made of 10-gauge fabricated steel. This darling is fitted with aluminum spindles, whose greasability ensures they can last you much longer. 

Despite its robustness, the Pro Cut S is not any less comfortable. This mower is girded with Ferris’ patented suspension technology. 

When you merge this suspension system with the top-end mid-back seat (upped with armrests) that accompany this mower, mowing becomes far more recreational than work.

The ProCut™ S has an adjustable cutting height of 1.5-5 inches, which you effortlessly switch with one step. Furthermore, this mower presents a maximum forward speed of 8mph and 4mph in reverse. 

These speeds can be manipulated with the foot pedal design. In addition to such single foot pedal speed control, this is a really a safe guy to ride. Ferris fitted this mower with the clutch safety switch and an operator presence facility yet triggered by foot. Also, it can cut up to 4 acres/hr, retaining Ferris’ notable 80% efficiency ratings. And with an impressive fuel capacity of 5.5 gallons, there is much you can mow on a single fill.