Are Exmark Mowers Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

Exmark Lawn mower

While I was growing up, I loved watching my dad, and then my brother, use the lawnmower. I couldn’t wait to grow tall enough to use one myself.

It took some years of growing up before I realized it wasn’t always smooth sailing like I had thought. The lawnmower we used then was nothing close to smooth.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the same experience. Now, there are top-level lawn mowers that can give you the most beautiful lawn, and you would enjoy operating them.

You may even find yourself looking forward to the weekend every time. Exmark Mowers are one of the companies that can be credited for this significant change in narrative.

Even though the first lawn mower dates way back to the 1800s, Exmark began making lawnmowers in 1982 and has since built powerful mowers. Although they are now under another management, Exmark remains a top brand with different series of innovative lawnmowers. Here, we would be discussing everything about Exmark mowers. Are they any good or not? Find out below.

While there are other lawnmower producers that are doing a good job, the Exmark stands out among them. Exmark mowers are popular for quality components, delicate manufacturing, and outstanding power. They have created a very wide range of mowers for almost any property type or size.

Exmark mowers aren’t just good, they are a great addition to the list of machines your property needs. They are producers of lawnmowers that pack a lot of power, speed, and durability. They have different price ranges as well as warranties depending on the series and particular lawn mower’s ability.

Warranty Strategy

There are different points to note when purchasing a mower. It ranges from the area you want to use it on to your driving skills, its capacity, and your budget. The reason you decide to purchase a mower will determine the brand you would go for.

In your quest to get a suitable mower for your lawn, Exmark is a reliable choice you can trust. I do not doubt the authenticity of the different products that the company puts out in the market. This is because they are tested and trusted. Over the years, they have supplied quality equipment that has served its purpose efficiently and effectively. The reviews they get often show their commitment to serving clients consistently.

Have you had double thoughts on whether you should consider Exmark? Think no more. With Exmark, you are given a different range of products that meets your varying demands. Among the reasons which make Exmark a first choice is the guaranteed warranty for every purchase.

Your warranty is guaranteed if the damage on the mower is a result of a lapse in any of its parts. However, if the fault is a result of poor handling, avoidable damage, and lack of maintenance, you will bear the cost. But if you are absolved of any fault, you would enjoy the warranty of the products which falls under the following categories.

  • Exmark Lazer Z mowers have a 5-year warranty.
  • Lazer Z X series presently has a 5-year, 1500-hour warranty, with no hour limit for the first two years. 
  • Lazer Z E & S series have a 5-year, 1250-hour warranty. 
  • The new Radius X series has a 4-year, 1000-hour warranty. 
  • The Radius S series has a 4-year, 750-hour warranty.
  • The Radius E series has a 4-year, 500-hour warranty.

With Exmark mowers, value for your money is guaranteed.

Cost Range

There are different ranges of equipment manufactured by Exmark Mowers. Therefore, the prices are also in ranges. The size of property and terrain you have, the kind of grasses present, and your budget are some of the factors that determine which one you choose. It is pertinent to note that they have different capacities in relation to the cost. 

The mowers in the Zero-Turn category start at $2,999 and $3,999 for the Quest series, between $4,799 and $8,399 for the Radius series, while the Layer Z and Navigator series range between $9,499 and $21,499. In the Walk-In family where there is series such as Commercial 21, Commercial 30, Metro, Viking, and Turf Racer, the prices range from $1,099 to $8,899.

The Stand-On category has three series – the Staris E-series costs $6,999, S-series costs $9,999, and S-series EFI goes for $10,399. Exmark mowers also have a Specialty Feature category where the mowers cost between $8,399 and $22,399.

General Pros and Cons

Just like it is with every piece of equipment that you buy, Exmark mowers also come with their pros and cons. That is, the upsides and benefits, while not forgetting about the downsides.


  • Speed

Exmark mowers come in different models as you might like. However, a unique feature of Exmark is that they come with deck widths ranging from 34 to 96 inches. If you want your lawn mown in less time, then I’d recommend you an Exmark mower as they are faster. They can cover large areas within a short period.

  • Durability

Exmark mowers have been designed with well-tested engines that are often easy to maintain. Some of these engines include the Kawasaki and Kohler, with each of these engines having an estimated life span of at least 3,500 hours.

With a good maintenance culture, you could have your mower running longer than you expect it to. The durability of these engines makes it tough enough to tackle any type of grass and easy for navigation.

  • Accessible Parts

Once in a while, there’d be a need to change a rusted part of your mower or replace a worn-out blade and I understand the frustration of having to run around looking for parts that are difficult to find. Well, Exmark mowers usually have their parts readily available at your regular automobile shop if you want them and they can also be easily replaced. 

  • Available Options to Cchoose from 

Exmark mowers are highly reputable for customer satisfaction. That is, If you’re searching for a zero-turn riding mower, a rear discharge mower, a walk-behind mower, or a stand-on mower, Exmark mowers have it all mapped out for you. 

  • Productivity and Efficiency

A major pro to using Exmark mowers is its low cost of maintenance and high productivity. I’m guessing this is every customer’s dream. The ability to spend a little while getting the job done. Exmark mowers are usually very easy to maintain and have a high durability tendency. This pocket-friendly feature is one you should put into consideration before making any purchase.


There are minor downsides to using one of Exmark mowers. However, Exmark mowers are built to be beasts, and it is evident in their weights. This is usually a big disadvantage when you’re handling delicate soil as they tend to ruin the ground

These machines run on only petrol and no diesel. Oftentimes, people want to fuel their mowers with diesel because of their availability. In addition to these, generally, like other machines, poor maintenance is sure to make your machine faulty. You’ll find your blades rusting or your engines failing when you do not oil them as needed.


Exmark mowers are one of those machines with intimidating looks, and you find yourself wondering if you’ll ever be able to mount them and control them the way you’d like. Here are some of its operation features that help you tame these beasts.

Users Operation Manual 

They have a well-structured user operation manual. This is the first thing to look out for when handling machines, especially heavy-duty machines like a lawnmower. Once you go through the user manual, you can easily get a hang of how the machine works. This operations manual contains safety instructions, maintenance, navigation pattern, and caution. Basically, everything you’d need for easy operation of your land mower.


One good thing about Exmark mowers is that their navigation system is built and designed by people who definitely know how painful it is not to be able to operate your machine. Navigation is usually sleek and easily maneuverable.

Conducive control system

In addition to these, the control panel has easy-to-follow instructions. The most important thing is knowing what each function performs and this is detailed in the operations manual.

Furthermore, they have an enhanced control system that reduces most of the stress that comes with your fingers and hands gripping on transitional handlebars. For example, their walk-behind mowers provide for shorter grip levers that reduce fatigue and vibration.


Another good operation feature of Exmark mowers is the ergonomics. The seats of Exmark mowers are really comfortable and you have less to worry about while taking the rough ride around your bushy lawn. This also limits the pain that accompanies the body making an impact with a rough surface.

Exmark mowers are designed for easy operation. Whether you’re a first-time user of a lawnmower or you’re familiar with other machine brands, it is pretty easy to find your way around Exmark mowers. 

The Users’ Reviews

Exmark mower users have a lot of reviews about the features of the various mowers they must have tried out. This feedbacks tell how useful these machines are, their durability, and longevity amongst other features.

A lot of these users have figured out how best to utilize the features of these machines, how often you ought to oil its engines, how best to adjust the blades, and the best deck sizes that would suit your lawn and soil type.

Users however agree that the pros are worth giving it a shot as they outweigh the disadvantages of the cons. As opposed to its heavyweight, its speed and durability are enough cover-ups. This is coupled with the fact that it is easily operable and cost-effective. 

Exmark mowers come highly recommended for those seeking to have a change in the kind of machines they use currently or in search of something more suitable for their lawns. Reviews also show that these brands of mowers come in handy when you’re in search of efficiency and a wallet-friendly means to clear out your lawn. In addition to these, there are comments on its low-cost maintenance. However, you could try one of these brands to decide for yourself


Exmark mowers continue to remain a favorite for many due to the unique features that they offer. These mowers are known for their speed and power. If you’re looking for a brand that produces a wide range of lawnmowers that serves different property types, then Exmark is a good option that would not disappoint you.