Are Elica Range Hoods Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Elica Range Hoods

Comfort, elegance, and hygiene are some of the goodies range hoods bring to your kitchen. While others essentially focus on functionality, some manage to marry charm and functionality. Among this latter category is Elica range hoods. Famous for some of the most stylish range hood offerings in the market today, do Elica range hoods match their good looks with quality?

Elica range hoods perform satisfactorily. They are durable, with most of their range hoods made from heavy gauge stainless steel construction, boasting a solid touch of Italian craftsmanship. Elica range hoods marvel for the number of advanced functionalities they pack. These range hoods come with remote control, a unique sound suppression system and CFM reduction system, touch control, and heat guard.

Where are Elica range hoods made?

Elica Corporation, a leading manufacturer of kitchen accessories, produces Elica range hoods. While the company was founded far back in the 1970s, the bulk of Elica range hoods being distributed in the United States and North America, in general, are produced by the Elica Americas division.

Elica Americas division operates facilities in Mexico, Queretaro, and Poland, where some 4,000 employees work diligently to produce at least 21 million range hoods annually. 

Which type of range hood does Elica have?

Elica produces under-cabinet, ceiling, island, wall-mount, and outdoor range hoods. Elica models like the Sora and Allasio are most prominent in ELica’s under-cabinet range hood offerings.

In the category of ceiling range hoods, Highlight and Illusion models are some of the most recognized models from Elica. Elica was impressed with her ceiling range hoods. 

Not only are they space-saving (in your kitchen), they readily integrate into your kitchen architecture, sparing you the typical obtrusiveness of the likes of wall-mount and under-cabinet models.

The Salice Leone Island and the Valvano Island are some of the most popular island range hoods in Elica’s product lineup. For wall-mount, Elica has models like the Stoney and Calabria. The Capri is the only outdoor range hood we know Elica to have. 

Are Elica range hoods durable?

Elica range hoods are sturdy and can reasonably stand the test of time. Most of the range hoods from this manufacturer are fitted with heavy gauge stainless steel. 

Some other models like the Elica Haiku are further fitted with a block system that goes a long way in protecting the range hood from the supposed impact of unpremeditated falls.

Are Elica range hoods noisy?

No, Elica range hoods have moderate sound levels. Models like the Haiku are as low as 1.74 sones. Elica illusion models come around 2.1 Sones, which is yet comfortable.

It is a higher-performing Elica range hood with extraction power as high as 1200CFM like Elica Trento and Arezzo models that can be as loud as 5.9 Sones.

Which ventilation type do Elica range hoods have?

Elica range hoods typically come with ducted or recirculating ventilation systems. Yes, some rare Elica models are convertible. 

Admittedly, most of the Elica range hoods we have seen have ducted ventilation, with Elica’s Maku, Highlight, Illusion models usually furnished with ducted systems. Very few Elica models like the Toblino, Easy, and Star come with recirculating ventilation.

Which size are Elica range hoods?

Elica range hoods have an extensive array of sizes, varying from 12.5-70 inches. The Haiku HK613SS is one of the smallest we have seen from Elica, coming at 12.5 inches. 

On the other side, the Haiku EHI670SS is the biggest range hood Elica has, strutting a massive size of 70 inches.

Which color finish do Elica range hoods have?

Ask anyone who has used Elica range hoods. They are tremendously eye-catching. A lot of such aesthetic awe can be traced to their sleek design and color finish. 

Elica range hoods commonly come in stainless steel, black stainless steel, white, black, and panel-ready finishes.

Elica Trento models like the ELica ETR634SS, Highlight models like the Elica EHL640SS, and Valvano models like the Elica EVV648SS are some of the commonest that have stainless steel finish. 

The Varina EVR636BL is one of the very few Elica range hoods we know to have a black stainless steel finish. Elica Haiku models like the EHK636WH and Highlight models like the EHL640WH count among the most bought Elica range hoods with a white finish. 

The Haiku Island EHI648BL has a black finish, while the EIL640DW is the only Elica range hood we know to have a panel-ready finish. 

Which blower type do Elica range hoods have?

Elica range hoods have three types of filters. These are the internal, external, and inline filters. 

Elica range hoods with internal blowers have the blower situated close to the filter inside the range hood. Elica Illusions, famously the EIL640DW, has an internal blower.

The blower is stationed outside your house for Elica range hoods with an external blower, commonly on the roof. Most Elica Highlight models have external blower systems. 

Elica range hoods with inline blowers have a remote blower design with the blower strategically positioned in your ductwork (commonly between the ducting end and the range hood itself). The Elica Siena ESNX43SS falls into the inline blower category.

What is the extraction capacity of Elica range hoods?

Elica range hoods have a suction power range of 250CFM-1200CFM. That said, a considerable fraction of the most popular Elica range hoods have a 600CFM extraction capacity.

Elica Arezzo models like the EAR134S4 and Trento models like ETR134S1 are among the very few with as high as 1200CFM extraction capacity. 

What type of filters do Elica range hoods have?

Elica range hoods have five filter types. These are the 3-layer aluminum mesh, microhole, perimeter aspiration, aluminum filter, and baffle slot filters.

Elica Maggoire models like the EMG636S1 come with microhole filters, famed for their durability and performance. The likes of Illusion EIL640WH have aluminum filters, while Elica’s Lugano ELG630S3 comes with a 3-layer aluminum filter.  

The Perimeter Aspiration filter system is an advanced filter system that you don’t easily see around. This filtration system leverages an extra panel (stainless steel or glass) to produce a venturi effect. The consequent constriction enhances the retention of oil, grease, steam, and smoke. 

Like other brands, Elica range hoods also have baffle slot filters. Compared to the conventional baffle slot filter, Elica has a patented baffle slot filter design that excels more at trapping grease and oil.

Erica Palermo models like the EPR628S1 count among range hoods with the said baffle slot filters. 

What type of lighting do Elica range hoods have?

Elica range hoods typically have either Halogen, LED, or strip LED lights. Elica Star models like the ELica EST319GL come with halogen lights.

Others Elica range hoods like the Illusion EIL640WH combine LED and halogen light. The Elica EIL640DW is among the rare Elica range hood models that combine ELD halogen and LED lights. 

Are Elica range hoods expensive?

Compared to what is obtainable in the market, we would place Elica range hood among the high-end category. Some of their best range hoods come from around $1,200 to $2,300. 

Such relative steepness in price is yet validated when you consider the wealth of sophistication these ranges have, their unique Italian craftsmanship, and the fascinating elegance these ranges have.

What is the Elica range hood warranty policy?

Elica range hoods are backed with a 2-year limited warranty. This means that within 24 months after buying your hood, Elica will provide zero-cost replacements for non-consumable components which underperformed due to manufacturing flaws.

Best Elica Range Hoods

For a quinquagenarian manufacturer like Elica (founded in 1970), they have hordes of range hoods introduced over the years. After exhaustively looking through their product lineup, here are some of the best range hoods we think Elica boasts.

Elica EHL640SS 

This is our favorite ceiling-mounted range hood among Elica’s collection. Surely, our affection for it is not misplaced as it comes with an impressive 600CFM extraction capacity rate.

Yet, for such suction power, this range hood is incredibly noiseless. At working speed, it has a comfortable sound level range of 1.2-1.7 Sones. Its four-speed setting allows you to choose the befitting speed for just anything you cook.

This range hood’s illumination doesn’t disappoint. Fitted with dimmable strip LED bulbs, you can readily modulate the brightness this hood brings to your kitchen. 

Sophisticated is what you get from the Elica EHL640SS. Fitted with remote control, this allows you to access every functionally this range hood presents fully. 

We also love the filter. This range hood is supplied with a grease aluminum filter. It is dishwater safe and doesn’t need more than washing once in 8-12 weeks.


Remote control

Impressively noiseless


Pretty expensive 

Elica EHK636BL

This is arguably the best wall-mount range hood to emanate from Elica. Just like the EHL640SS mentioned above, this baby comes with a maximum extraction capacity of 600CFM.

Add that to a 6-layer mesh filter, and you get a super-performer when it comes to eradicating smoke, dirt, and grease from your kitchen. 

This range hood spoiled us with comfort; its 3S + 2B Touch Control allows us to control the hood’s performance readily. 

Well, EHK636BL’s inventiveness doesn’t stop at that. The SHIFT 3238 System is another unique addition to this range hood, allowing easy depth adjustment befitting your cabinetry.

And if you thought the EHL640SS was the only quiet guy Elica has got, the EHK636BL proves you wrong. The latter is furnished with Elica’s signature Deep Silence System. 

Thanks to this technology, you can run a 4-speed fan at the highest speed yet keep it notably quiet.


SHIFT 3238 System 

6-layer mesh filter


Not too portable