Are Ego Mowers Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Ego Mowers

We all love to have a pristine lawn or backyard with neat grass, and perhaps, a few bushes or trees to enhance the landscape. If you want to maintain that curb appeal, though, investing in a decent lawn mower is highly recommended. 

While there are a wide variety of lawn mowers available, it seems like the Ego mowers are rising to the top.

So Are Ego Mowers Good?

Overall, Ego mowers have Lithium Batteries to make them environment-friendly, compact storage, ease of use, relatively low maintenance, an amazing cooling system to keep stability, and great vibration to make lower noise. However, Ego Mower’s electrically-powered feature may not enough to mow a larger backyard.

All of these tempting offers make us want to take a closer look at the offerings from Ego and see whether they’re worth getting for our yards. 

What Do We Know about Ego Lawn Mowers?

At present, the company by the name of Ego has launched three separate lawn mower models. All of these are powered by a 56-volt battery. 

Ego Lawn Mowers are an environmentally-friendly option. With the battery, you just have to charge and go. No refueling using precious fossil fuels and no unhealthy fumes to breathe in!

It’s important to keep in mind that the Ego lawn mowers will probably not be useful for very large lawns or backyards. For the usual small to medium-sized lawns that are attached to single-family homes, though, one of these three models might be the perfect option. On average, these lawn mowers will get you 35 to 45 minutes of mowing before they need another recharging session. 

While recharging can be a pain, we don’t think it requires much more than one charge to mow a regular-sized lawn. Even if you do need to recharge, it won’t take long with an Ego lawn mower. The process isn’t as instant as pouring in some fuel. 

Several other features recommend using Ego lawn mowers for your every day mowing needs. We especially like the cooling fan. However, several other technological additions also make these mowers a reliable investment. 

We also have to consider the limited power in these models. They might not give the cleanest cut either. So, we have to weigh all the pros and cons before making any decisions. 

At the end of the day, though, it all depends on what we need from a lawnmower. The reviews are the best way to get honest and reliable feedback. That’s why it’s worth pursuing them as well. 

What’s the Quality of Ego Lawn Mowers (Including Battery and Cutting Features)?

The main features of Ego lawn mowers are based on technological advancements. This brand uses POWER+ Arc Lithium batteries. That makes for a unique shape along with cooling technology to ensure that the power usage lasts for as long as possible. 

Since heating up usually causes any machine’s batteries to drain fast, the design of the Ego lawn mower is focused on minimizing that issue. There’s also a charger included in the whole package. This has a keep-cool fan. So, the charging time is just around half an hour. As far as recharging time goes, this is relatively short.

These lawn mowers only have one 5.0 Amp battery when you buy them new. But you can always buy another battery. That way, you can continue mowing without stopping for around two hours. 

There are several cutting heights and at least two widths that we get with Ego lawn mowers. If we raise the deck a bit more than usual, these mowers are also able to deal with coarse, thick grass. This feature is outstanding since battery-powered mowers are known for struggling when cutting such grass.

What Models of Ego Mowers are Available on the Market? 

At present, there are three main models on offer. Let’s see whether they live up to the hype: 

Ego Power+ Select Cut Mower 

This is a self-propelled mower with a battery that can last for up to an hour. It can easily mow down any overgrown grass without the maintenance issues, noise factor, and harmful emission of gas mowers. 

With this model, we’re sure to get speed control, efficient mulching, and a fairly even cut. It might be a bit expensive but the features are second to none. 

Ego Power+ Self-Propelled Mower 

This is the next best deal from the companyand is a great choice. It’s better for a tight budget and still gives us a fairly long running time. 

On the downside, we might have to compromise on stellar speed control. The cut is also more likely to be a bit ragged than with the more expensive options. Still, this cordless mower gives us a lot of value for our money. 

Ego Power+ 20″ Mower

This is the basic model that’s probably best for a flat lawn that doesn’t incline a lot. It has all the main features of Ego mowers: compact design, low noise, easy cleaning, and a push-button start.

The battery life of this model might be less than the 21-inch option. Overall, we might want this one for a small and even lawn. We’d get a low-maintenance model that can work well with delicate grass. It will also cut thicker growths but with a bit more time. 

The Cost Range: Are Ego Mowers Good Value for Money?

With all the excellent features of Ego lawn mowers, it does seem like they give you a lot of bang for your buck. We get all these technological advantages that make mowing much more convenient than before. While the price tag might be staggering for those with an average income, it might be worth saving up for an Ego lawn mower model!

The lowest price you can get an Ego lawn mower for seems to be around $369.99. The highest price is around $749. However, several owners might prefer to purchase an additional battery and charger, which can cost around $157 and $100 respectively. These items can take the final price tag up to $1000 at the most.

What are the Pros and Cons of Ego Lawn Mowers?

Here’s a glance at the general pros and cons of using Ego lawn mowers: 


  • The Ego mowers are lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Suitable for mowing novices
  • The handle slides in for storage purposes and also adjusts for comfort at any height
  • The models are easy to clean by spraying since there aren’t any fluids like gas or oil
  • LED headlights enable easy mowing after sunset
  • The cooling system minimizes heat
  • Easy startup
  • Limited vibration and low noise
  • Environmentally-friendly option


  • Takes longer to recharge than a gas-powered mower
  • Not powerful enough for a larger yard
  • The cost factor might make these mowers inaccessible to come

Are Ego Lawn Mowers Easy to Operate?

The verdict is in; it seems like Ego lawn mowers are surprisingly easy to operate! With the electric power source, we don’t have to run the risk of breaking any cord or applying all our strength towards a pull-start mechanism. 

All we have to do is slide in a charged battery and we’re good to go! Pressing a button will propel the mower forward while pressing another will start the blade spinning. One lever will adjust the mowing height but you can also choose between the side discharge, bagging, and mulching modes. 

If it’s getting dark, you don’t have to halt your mowing session either. A row of lights at the front will light your path. However, you’d have to be careful to keep your hands away from the adjustable speed knob while mowing. 

Overall, this mower is easy to use but it doesn’t take some getting used to. Once you get the hang of it, the mowing time will be shorter. 

What’s the Warranty Strategy for Ego Lawn Mowers?

The warranty policy on Ego lawn mowers includes a 5-year limited warranty on power equipment for personal use. There’s also a 3-year limited warranty on the Ego battery packs plus any chargers we get for our personal use. 

In general, all Ego products have a warranty to protect against defects in the workmanship and/or materials. This warranty is applicable from the date of purchase. If there’s any defective product, it will get a free repair. 

This warranty is applicable only when we purchase from an authorized retailer. It’s voided if the mower is rented out, damaged from unauthorized repair, altered, or modified in any way. It also doesn’t cover normal deterioration such as dents, chips, scratches, corrosion, heat damage, chemical cleaning, etc. 

What Do the Reviews Say about Ego Mowers?

If we want to get unfiltered feedback from customers who have used Ego Power+ mowers, checking the reviews is one of the best ways forward. These are easily available online. So, we should peruse them before purchasing any model from any company. 

We have checked,,, and to summarize the general reviews about this mower brand.

According to the top reviews, one of these mowers will be able to cut through several kinds of grass and also provide an easy experience while mulching. It’s also fairly quiet. So, family members and neighbors won’t be disturbed too much.

However, there might be an issue about the price of these mowers. When you consider the additional battery, charger, and accessories, the overall cost might reach near the thousand-dollar mark. Some people might not find the running time long enough to justify this expense. 

At the end of it all, though, it seems like these mowers are a game-changer for the market. They’re easy to use and store, and have several features to make things better for the average lawn owner.

Should You Buy an Ego Lawn Mower?

Buying an Ego lawn mower is a logical decision at this point. We don’t want to struggle while maintaining our property; nor do we want the risk of harming the environment. With these mowers, any family member can easily mow the lawn when necessary. 

Overall, though, Ego lawn mowers wouldn’t guarantee an immaculate lawn. Uneven cutting in some patches is something to expect, even with the high-powered models. If we have a huge yard or want a perfect-looking result, these mowers might not be the best choice. However, most average homeowners would overlook such small issues and opt for the convenience of these electric mowers. Let’s choose one model and see how it fares!