Are DD Hammocks Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

DD hammocks

There are fans all over the world for every hammock. Campers have their go-to hammocks and will always support them. 

As a camp newbie, it can be hard to make a hammock decision. Everyone has their biased opinion. 

I like exploring the wilderness through backpacking, hiking, and camping. This also means exploring my hammock options to see which suits me best. So, I gave DD Hammocks a try. Are they any good? This article will give you an objective insight into everything you need to know.

Are DD Hammocks Any Good?

DD Hammocks are great for beginners. With combined features such as a 10m webbing, a built-in net, and a two-layer design, they make setting up camp easy. On the other hand, they do have their cons. DD Hammocks have a maximum weight capacity of 125kg/275 pounds and are not fit for two people. 

What is the History of DD Hammocks?

DD Hammocks has existed since 2005 and was founded by a camper called Nick Vansittart. He has been all over the world and started his camping adventures with a tent. However, his life changed when he discovered a hammock. It was lighter and could pack only a fraction of the tent. 

During his tour, he tested various hammocks and wanted to find one with the best features combined. This meant finding a hammock that had insect and wind protection, lightweight, comfy, and affordable.

Unfortunately, this type of hammock did not exist in the market. So, he came up with one – the dd hammock. Through extensive research, development, and testing, they came up with a whole range of gear. 

DD Hammocks are popular for having the lightest hammock worldwide, a hammock-specific sleeping bag, and a high spec fully modular hammock. They are based in the UK, but their products reach people all over the world. DD Hammocks have fans such as campers, bushcraft schools, and TV survival shows. 

What are the Features of DD Hammocks?

DD Hammocks have a range of hammocks with different features. Whether you are in the jungle, forest, desert, or mountain, a dd hammock will come in handy. Most campers recommend them for beginners starting their exploring journey. Here are some of the features DD Hammocks has.


DD Hammocks have different weights. Their lightest hammock is DD Superlight Hammock which weighs 270g. DD Superlight Jungle Hammock is the heaviest, with a weight of 1520g.

DD Hammocks are comfy for people with 125kg/275pounds. However, the DD superlight hammock and the DD Scout hammock are comfy for people with 100kgs/220 pounds. 

Most of their hammocks measure 2.7m in length and 1.4m in width, which means they can be used by people who are 6ft. 


DD Hammocks have two zippers making entry and exit effortless.

Two-layer design

These hammocks have a two-layer design which is suitable in colder environments. You have the option to add a mat underneath to seal the heat and increase comfort. 

10m webbing

DD Hammocks come attached with ropes ready to hang, making them perfect for beginners. The 10m webbing is long and more than enough for any camper.

Stuff sack

DD Hammocks come packed in their own 30 *10cm packed stuff-sack. You can carry this sack anywhere anytime and set up your hammock in a nice spot. You can sit or rest on your hammock after long walks during hiking or backpacking.

Mosquito net

Some DD Hammocks come with a built-in mosquito net. The DD Frontline Hammock, DD XL Frontline Hammock, and DD Superlight Jungle Hammock have built-in hammocks. 

Color options

All the DD Hammocks come in Olive green. However, the DD Frontline hammocks have various color choices, including Olive green, Coyote brown, Jet black, Sunset Orange, and MC.

The DD scout hammocks, DD camping hammock, and DD superlight Jungle Hammock only come in Olive green. 

Which is the Most Popular DD Hammock?

The DD Frontline hammock is the most popular dd hammock. It is made with polyester making it super comfy. It also has a two-layer design with Velcro patches on the inside. Other features include:

  • 10m of webbing, which weighs 230g.
  • A small stuff-sack.
  • It has a built-in mosquito net.
  • It has zippers on each side of the mosquito net, which makes entry and exit easy. Zippers also allow you to keep the mosquito net out of the way when not needed. 
  • It is not waterproof, which makes it breathable.
  • It is best for people who are 6ft since it measures 2.7m by 1.4m.
  • It weighs 860g to 1250g and can accommodate a maximum of 125kg/275 pounds.
  • It comes in various colors, including olive green, coyote brown, black, or MC.
  • Its two-layer feature allows people to cocoon themselves between the layers for warmth and comfort. 

What is DD Hammocks’ Return Policy?

DD Hammocks return policy includes;

  • They accept returns within 45 days from the purchase date as long as the product is brand new and unused.
  • The product must be clean, unused, in new condition, and odor-free. DD Hammocks do not assume any responsibilities for outbound and return shipping costs. 
  • If there are any manufacturing defaults on your product within a year of purchase, they cover both outbound and return shipping costs. However, they do not cover pricy return shipping costs. You need to consult before shipping.
  • One has to contact them before shipping any product. 

What is DD Hammocks’ Warranty Policy?

DD Hammocks offer a one-year warranty from the purchase date. They trust that their products are free from manufacturing defects and only cover products within the limit of reasonable use. 

They do not cover products that have the damage brought about by; abuse, misuse, design adjustments, typical wear, and tear or improper storage. 

Additionally, they do not repair or replace the following hammocks or products;

  • Machine dried, or machine washed.
  • If they were used together with non-DD hammock products.
  • Improper storage involving high temperatures or a damp environment.
  • Used in extreme temperatures (below -15 degrees Celsius or above 40 degrees Celsius
  • Damaged by sharp objects.
  • If their damage is due to UV rays or sunlight. 

Are DD Hammocks Environmentally Friendly?

DD Hammocks are always trying to improve the sustainability aspect of their business. Their goal is to reduce the overall carbon footprint by examining every area of their business. 

Over the years, they have been trying to reduce waste which includes packaging. All their hammocks are packed with their respective stuff-sacks. As for the products without stuff sacks, they have plastic packaging to hold instructions. DD Hammocks claim to be looking for another way to store their products.  

If they manufacture a substandard product, they either sell it at a lower cost in a sale or donate it to scout groups. This only happens when the product is still usable with minor issues. If the product is not suitable for use, re-use the material during manufacturing for stuff sacks or other products when possible. Additionally, they reuse or recycle all boxes depending on their condition. 

How Much do DD Hammocks Cost?

DD Hammocks cost between $20 to $171, and the cheapest is the DC scout hammock designed for youth and groups. The DD Superlight Jungle Hammock is the most expensive since it is all-in-one. Their most popular hammock ranges from $61 to $117, depending on the color and whether it is super light. The basic DD camping hammock goes for $32.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using DD Hammocks?


Two-sided layers – DD Hammocks have two-sided layers that give a camper the option of cocooning or putting a mat inside the layer for warmth and comfort.

In-built mosquito net – Not all DD Hammocks have an inbuilt mosquito net but most do. 

Zippers – DD Hammocks have zippers on each side of the mosquito net which makes entry and exit easy. 

10M webbing/robe – DD Hammocks have 10m webbing or rope which is more than enough for any camper. It comes attached to your hammock, which means you do not have to buy anything else.

Perfect For beginners – DD Hammocks come ready to use and are easy to set up. The only thing you might need is a tarp and extra insulation if needed. 


It’s too tiny – I never came across this problem, but other people complain that it is small. They end up falling over whenever they move during their sleep.

It’s claustrophobic – You can feel claustrophobic when zipped up in the hammock with a mosquito net hanging on your face. You have to hang the mosquito net with a tarp to avoid direct contact with your face.

It’s not a 2-person hammock – DD Hammocks are not fit for two people unless their combined weight totals 125kg. However, even the base is not wide or flat enough to give two people comfortably. 

Final Word

Is this your first time camping? Then, you need a hammock that is ready to use and easy to set up like a DD hammock. They are pocket-friendly and have a variety of hammocks to choose from depending on preference and use. You just need to evaluate your needs and choose the right one.