Are Danby Kegerators Good? (10 Helpful Tips)

Danby kegerators good

If you proudly count among the global community of beer enthusiasts, you will agree that nothing beats the taste of fresh beer. That is why kegerators are essential for your home bar, given how sustainably they store chilled beer. Of course, Danby kegerators are some of the most popular in the market today. But let us ignore the fame for a moment. Are Danby kegerators any good?

Danby kegerators are efficient, durable, and relatively affordable. More than their elegance, these kegerators – with capacities ranging from 20 liters to 60 liters – keep your beer fresh for a long time, adding a unique flavor to it. These kegerators are easy to install and pack notable facilities like an adjustable thermostat, safety guard rail, CO2 airline hose, and reversible doors. 

Where are Danby kegerators produced?

Danby kegerators are made by Danby, a legend of the North American home appliances industry with over 60 years in operation. The bulk of this producer’s appliances – kegerators included – are produced in Canada. 

How are Danby kegerators designed?

Keeping it elementary, the Danby kegerators combine a D System Keg Coupler and a CO2 tank. 

Danby intentionally designed this Keg Coupler with an eye on the North American market. This would explain why a more significant fraction of domestic beer kegs in Canada and the U.S is compatible with Danby’s D System Keg Coupler.

The CO2 exerts pressure on the D System Keg. This forces the beer upward, emanating from the coupler. For the period that the keg is tapped, the pressure is consistent and uniformly distributed. This sustains the vital carbonation needed to keep your beer fresh. 

This tank – which needs to be charged – is fitted with the coupler, ensuring a seamless dispensation of beer.

Are Danby kegerators durable?

Our investigation across Danby kegerators owners revealed a general satisfaction relating to the longevity of Danby kegerators. This satisfaction isn’t unnatural considering the robust steel build of Danby kegerators. 

Add this to most Danby kegerator models’ signature metallic finish (enhanced by their spotless look). What you get are exquisite-looking kegerators that withstand years of rough usage. 

Are Danby Kegerators easy to install?

Admittedly, some users from our investigation registered difficulty in installing kegerators. Notably, the bulk of this category didn’t easily get around installing the caster, installing the CO2 tank, and the beer keg itself. 

For us, we didn’t find these too technical provided the installation instructions were rigorously followed. To install the four casters, position the two locking casters at the front. 

These front casters should be fitted with plastic washers that come with the package.

Probing the cabinet’s bottom, you will find four pre-drilled screw holes at the four corners. This will accommodate the four casters, respectively, and it is as easy as that.

Installing the CO2 tank isn’t any more difficult in Danby kegerators. Check the cabinet’s exterior walls (behind) for the four studs. Next, fit the metal support onto these studs. 

Make sure to carefully align the studs with the openings in the metal support. Once aligned, you can now apply some pressure and push down to get the studs in the slots.

Lastly, we will touch on installing the beer keg. Given the weight of Danby kegerators, you shouldn’t attempt to lift the keg yourself. This is to avoid the risk of back injury.

Preferably, get someone to lift it with you, using the keg handles. The keg should be stationed right at the entrance of the open door. 

With your companion, lift the keg’s front slightly, ensuring that the front end sits right on the bottom cabinet’s front edge. If you can get this right, your job becomes much easier by sliding the keg right into the cabinet.

Are Danby Kegerators easy to use?

If you can get the installation right, Danby kegerators are a joy to use. We were especially thrilled with their portability as these kegerators are furnished with swivel castors (this is optional). 

Several kegerators we tried in the past were quite challenging to open – either from the right or left. It was thus exciting to see Danby kegerators come with reversible door hinges. 

This made it seamless to open the kegerator’s door either from the left hand or the right. 

Temperature control was less rigorous thanks to the adjustable thermostat facility these kegerators boast. To get the coldest condition, we all need to set it to the thickest part of the dial. 

Conversely, we had to set it to the dial’s thinnest part to achieve the warmest condition. 

Which type of taps do Danby Kegerators have?

Danby kegerators have both single tap and dual-tap models. Traditionally, the single tap keg cooler limits you to dispensing only one beer while you can dispense more than one beer with the dual tap. 

The 5.4 cu. ft. Beer Danby kegerator Dispenser is one of the most popular among Danby’s single-tap lineup, while the Danby 5.4 cu. ft. Dual-Tap Kegerator features prominently among the dual-tap category.

How big are Danby kegerators?

We admire the sizable spectrum of size choices Danby kegerators allow us. Danby has kegerators with sizes ranging from as little as 20 liters to as much as 60 liters. 

Interestingly, Danby kegerators can accommodate pony kegs. This is a delight for North American beer lovers, no doubt.

Diving deeper into the respective keg capacities, a 60l full-size keg (same as half-barrel) can hold up to 124 pints of beer. 

The slim quarter barrel (about 30 liters in capacity) can hold up to 62 pints of beer. Danby’s pony keg kegerators can accommodate the exact 62 pints of beer.  

How much do Danby Kegerators cost?

On Average, you can get a Danby kegerator for anywhere between $650 and $850. Expectedly, factors like the beer label, keg capacity, and technical functionality cause prices to vary across each Danby kegerator.

Do Danby Kegerators have warranty cover?

Yes, Danby kegerators come with 12-month and 30-day warranty covers. We will explain. 

For the first 30 days after buying your Danby kegerator, all plastic parts are covered by a warranty. Next, for the first 12 months after purchase, Danby will replace any defective functional component of your kegerator at zero cost to you.

Best Danby Kegerators Review

Alright, we have learned a fair bit about Danby kegerators, haven’t we? Now, let us take the exposition further by exploring some of the best kegerators we tried out in Danby’s lineup.

5.4 cu. ft. Beer kegerator Dispenser with Single Tap

For every beer lover out there, this kegerator is a firm promise of fresher and livelier beer. This 153l-capacity kegerator features an automatic defrosting technique, leveraging the R600A refrigerant, famed for environmental friendliness. 

The look embodies engineering elegance to the fullest. There is the refined worktop which capably resists rust. 

Next is the spotless stainless steel finish this kegerator struts. The refrigerant, added to this steel finish, makes cleaning this kegerator way less exerting. 

The thermostat in this model is mechanical, with the cooler packing necessary hardware like a CO2 tank and single gauge regulator. There is no way you wouldn’t be fascinated with the other array of facilities – like the chrome guard rail, American Sankey coupler, and drip tray – that this kegerator presents.

Given that we are particularly keen on portability, it was heartwarming to have the option of using a swivel castor with this kegerator. 

Danby 5.8 cu.ft Kegerator

This Danby kegerator stands out for how encompassing it is. This kegerator can hold as much as 60 liters of beer. 

Indeed, it would be unfair to say capacity is all this Danby kegerator has got and ignored its aesthetic allure. This kegerator is decked with a spotless-steel exterior – and yes, it is smudge-free.

It doesn’t lack the accessories it needs either. This model comes with a chrome beer tower dispenser, portable drip tray, chrome guardrail, and of course, the CO2 tank.

We will not forget to mention that this model boasts automatic-defrosting functionality. This is relieving for those who have had to put up with frozen beer.   

The door hinge in this model is reversible. This means you can open it from the left hand or the right as you wish. 


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