Are Danby Freezers Any Good? (11 Helpful Tips)

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When choosing freezers, you want to keenly watch out for functionality, space efficiency, and, yes, affordability. Against these primary parameters, how do Danby freezers fare? Are they any good?

Danby freezers established themselves in the refrigeration industry for their sleek and narrow build, enabling them to save much-needed space. Danby freezers – cutting across upright and chest freezers – have spectacular internal arrangements, allowing you to pack loads of groceries into them without affecting the freezer’s functionality. In addition to this, Danby freezers are some of the most affordable you can get in the market today.

Alright, that is your introduction to Danby freezers. Understandably, there is much more to know about their cost, functionality, durability, warranty, and others. Lucky you, we are telling you all you need to know about Danby freezers. 

Who owns Danby freezers, and where are they made?

Danby freezers are owned by Danby, a reputable home appliances manufacturer with over 65 years in operation. Danby has its operational headquarters situated in Findlay (in Ohio) and Guelph (in Ontario).

That said, most Danby freezers are produced in Canada. They are distributed through a comprehensive network of independent retailers scattered through the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and China. 

Are Danby freezers easy to use?

Unlike other manufacturers who sacrifice simplicity for needless sophistication, user experience is at the heart of Danby freezers. These freezers are as easy to operate while reducing your workload with automation where necessary.

Such prioritization of user experience is seen in the adjustable wire baskets these freezers are fitted with. Thanks to this facility, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your groceries to the freezer’s bottom.

These freezers come with lift-out storage facilities, so you don’t have to exert yourself reaching bigger frozen items tucked farther inside your freezer. 

If you have been around freezers for long, you will agree the door design – to a large extent – affects the installation (and consequent usability) of the freezer. It is heartwarming that Danby freezers are supplied with a reversible door hinge. 

This makes the installation way easier. Depending on your home configuration and space allowance, you can pick between installing the door to open from the right or left.

Are Danby freezers efficient?

Energy efficiency is another aspect where Danby freezers don’t disappoint. First is the unique refrigerant these freezers use. 

Danby freezers leverage the R600a refrigerant. This refrigerant is reputed for its energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. 

Compared to compression systems that use the R134a refrigerant, the R600a is superior in power savings, COP (coefficient of performance), and cooling capacity. 

More than that, most Danby freezers are equipped with energy-efficient lids. Their cabinets are further enhanced with foam insulation. All this put together means reasonably reduced utility consumption when using Danby freezers.

Are Danby freezers durable?

Danby freezers last pretty well. They are made from premium materials with top-class engineering, ensuring that they can withstand years of rigorous usage.  

These freezers’ aluminum liners do well to resist rust and corrosion. This means less work cleaning them.

Most notable is the scratch-resistant design of their freezer tops. This gives you an additional platform for working on stuff when cooking in the kitchen. 

What capacity do Danby freezers have?

It is not out of place to be skeptical of the Danby freezer’s spaciousness. This is especially considering this brand has made a name for itself for its narrow build in the mid-size freezer category.

No doubt, Danby freezers are not the biggest in the market. But they don’t really starve you of space – even for large families. 

This is thanks to the impressive space-saving design of these freezers. Danby chest and upright freezers allow you to make the best of their compactness. 

The shelving is adjustable and fixed – depending on the organization pattern that best suits your groceries. 

Danby freezers have a vast range of freezer sizes, with their capacity ranging from as little to 3.2 Cu.ft to 16.7 Cu.ft. 

The Diplomat 3.2 Cu.ft freezer is the smallest we have seen in Danby’s collection. Conversely, the Designer 16.7 Cu.ft is the most spacious in Danby’s freezer lineup.

Do Danby freezers have automatic defrosting?

Agreed, this is one place where Danby freezers have dragged their feet compared to their automation-obsessed contemporaries.

The bulk of Danby freezers don’t automatically defrost, with you having to defrost the freezer manually. That said, in our opinion, it would be almost unjust to expect automatic defrosting from Danby freezers, given how affordable they are.

For the Danby freezer models that lack automatic defrosting, Danby strives to compensate for the deficit with a frost-free design. 

This works via a cooling coil that intermittently heats the freezer to melt the frost. The melted frost collects in the drain pan from where it would evaporate. 

Are Danby freezers loud?

No, Danby freezers don’t have unsettling noise levels. The bulk of this manufacturer’s freezers works at noise levels between 35-46 decibels. 

Compared to what is obtainable from other manufacturers, this is optimal decibel range. 

Are Danby freezers garage ready?

Danby freezers have an admirable ruggedness about them. They can cope with elevated temperatures in a shut-off garage. 

But don’t push your luck too far. That Danby freezers are rugged doesn’t mean they can survive in outdoor conditions, with direct exposure to weather elements like snow and rain. Of course, no electrical appliance would do well in such situations.

If you must use your Danby freezer in a garage, the garage must be enclosed. The temperature within the garage must not exceed 110 F either.

Are Danby freezers expensive?

We have touched slightly on this before. Danby freezers are some of the cheapest around. This is interesting when you consider the top grade these freezers are made with – and also that they are produced in Canada (a country with high labor rates).

You can get a Danby freezer for lower than $250. For example, the Danby 4.4 Cu.ft goes for as low as $242. 

The most expensive freezer we have seen from Danby is the Danby DUF167A3WDD 16.7 Cu.Ft. This guy goes for around $1600.

What is Danby Freezers warranty policy?

Danby offers two categories of warranty coverage for its freezers. These are 5-year parts and labor coverage (enhanced with in-home service) and 12-month parts & labor carry-in warranty. 

It depends on the model you get. The likes of the Danby 3.8 Cu.ft. chest freezers are backed with the 5-year warranty policy, while others like the Diplomat 3.5 Cu.ft. chest freezer has the 1-year warranty variant. 

As you would expect, these policies don’t cover your annual maintenance or installation. Also, these warranty policies would be voided if you use your Danby freezer outside.

Best Danby Freezer Reviews

Great, we have extensively learned about Danby freezers. But we wouldn’t leave you on your own to go find out Danby’s best offerings among their broad freezer lineup. 

So we dug further into their available models, investigating the best. 

Here are our picks for the best Danby freezers.

Danby DCR031B1BSLDD 3.1 Cu.ft. 

This Danby freezer is provided with dual compartments for the freezer and fridge, ensuring a lovable demarcation between items you want frozen and others you want fresh. 

The Danby DCR031B1BSLDD 3.1 Cu.ft comes with double doors, offering a portable capacity of 3.1 Cu.ft. Its energy efficiency is equally impressive, readily bagging the Energy-Star compliance certification. 

Keeping your kitchen clean is one of the Holy Commandments of hospitality. And yes, a clean kitchen and freezer are what you get with this Danby. 

It sports a sparkling steel finish with a scratch-resistant top. The freezer is adequately lighted on the inside. 

The interior build features a translucent vegetable crisper with ample spaciousness for long bottles. Supplementing this with the door handle’s integrated design adds some extra sleekness to this freezer’s design. 

You can readily regulate the storage temperature with a thermostat stationed at the top.  

Danby 11 Cu.ft Chest Freezer 

This is a far bigger guy. Coming at a capacity of 11 Cu.ft, this freezer can preserve enough food for a large family. 

The storage basket is easily within reach, enhanced with an adjustable wire design. Also, this Danby freezer’s efficiency gladdens the homeowner’s heart. 

Fitted with an insulated cabinet, the interior coldness can be sustainably retained with corresponding drops in energy consumption. Further efficiency (and environmental friendliness) is achieved with this fridge using the R600a refrigerant.

This freezer’s interior liner excels at withstanding rust. Defrosting is manual – but not too complicated, thanks to the front outfitted with a drain facility. 


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