Are Costco Rugs Good? (Buy or Avoid?)

Costco Rugs Good

If you feel like having a complete remodeling of your home, the rug is one of the important factors to pay attention to, depending on your floor type. 

With myriads of rug brands available, it might be quite difficult to select a befitting one for your needs. 

A simple online search for Costco rugs will give you an itinerary of various rugs, and you might even love the appearance. However, as a first time buyer, there are many things you need to know about the brand. 

I’m sure you must be wondering if Costco rugs are good?

Being one of the most popular brands and retailers globally, Costco is a household name for furniture, rugs and carpets, and other things. The fabric is soft to the feet, with a dedicated pad to ensure the rug’s longevity. The price is also good for the quality of materials used in the production.

The in-depth, honest review no one ever talks about if you are ever wondering what it means to buy a rug from Costco. 

This article is to help you make a defined decision before proceeding to get one.

Price of Costco Area Rugs

This section came up first because people are mostly scared of getting a product from a well-known company. 

With the high-quality area rugs and pads that come complimentary, the price of their rugs starts at $49.99, a perfect budget price if you ask me.

When I saw the price at first, I was not surprised as Costco is also known for its price-friendly products all over. 

They don’t do much advertising because they are well known, saving them 2% in operational costs. 

If you get a rug from Costco, you will discover much value at a lower price, better than many rug providers in the industry.

However, they also have higher prices for products. The prices depend on the quality of the rugs. Even at that, their prices are fair in the market.

How about their Refund Policies?

Here’s another feature I’ll recommend Costco for. Their refund policy says, “Risk-free, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.” As long as it has the Costco brand, you can return it within 90 days of purchase. 

The only clause is that the amount of money refunded depends on the time you make a refund request or the person you contact concerning the request.

Many people have had issues with other brand retailers with the same regret, “Had I know,” with no chance of refund. 

As long as your rug is in good condition, you can resell it back to the company

According to them, they rarely get requests for a refund, so they treat each one they get with utmost seriousness.

Costco’s Attitude on Doorstep Delivery

Well, this is a grey area in Costco’s service. If you count on Costco delivering your rug to your home, you will be disappointed. 

This inefficiency is not limited to their rugs alone. Even their furniture delivery review is not favorable. 

If you purchase a rug, you are left to either come and pick up the product or make private arrangements for a delivery company to bring it to your home. 

So, you can add the delivery fees to the low price you get. Maybe the low price and the cost of delivery can now be compared to others.

Are the Rugs Made at the Costco Factory?

All the rugs come from the careful and selected high-quality material-making Costco factory. It is also stored in their warehouse. 

This is naturally good news for anyone who needs high-resolution rugs that will last for a long time.

There’s an issue, though.

You might be expecting the after-services of the rugs will be directly from the company. In that case, you should reconsider your stand on purchasing from them.

Costco does not handle the carpeting after you have bought the rug. 

The installing agent that will come is most likely a subcontractor that Costco authorized for the handling and installation of the carpet.

 A subcontractor is even the sales agent who may eventually go after you have brought the rug home. 

This presents a huge problem. If there’s an issue with the rug, you cannot contact Costco directly for a solution. They’ll most likely refer you back to the subcontractor who came to install the rug for you. 

Secondly, is there a way to vouch for the capacity of the installer to do a clean job for you? 

Costco has been ranked as one of the best brands to buy a rug from, but subcontracting is an essential aspect of a sale as after-sales services could be disastrous for their integrity.

More Promotions and Rewards as a Costco Member.

To enjoy the great benefits of Costco, you need to subscribe to their membership and own a membership card. You can get lots of rewards, including discounts on special days. 

The company has a unique card called Costco Anywhere Card. 

A cardholder is entitled to some huge benefits. 

However, I’m not a fan of such membership plans. If you’re looking for just a rug and nothing else, the membership plan is almost useless then. 

Most people prefer walking into any random retail store without the hassles of getting a rug. 

Warranty on Costco Rugs

The 24-month warranty offered by Costco on their other products also extends to their rugs. However, the warranty is just limited to only workmanship defects and not accidental damage on the carpet

So, if you mistakenly spilled a permanent stain on the rug, you’d have to pay for it to be removed from your pocket. 

Customer’s Reviews

Reviews from customers from a reputable review forum are mixed. 

While you may find some of the comments are of high praise, some others only highlight the issues we have stated here. 

Sadly, the negative reviews are something you should be wary about.

Some people allege that the rugs are not directly from the company’s factory, and if this is true, that’s a red flag I believe.


It is now evident that although Costco is a reputable firm, their rugs may not be the high-quality products we’ve come to know them with.

Nonetheless, many people reveal that their rugs have served them for years. 

That’s not to dispel the issues known with the rug. 

I’ll leave the question to you to answer yourself. Hopefully, it helps you decide before placing an order.


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