Are Costco Deep Cycle Batteries Good? (Explained)

buying Deep Cycle Batteries from Costco

A deep cycle battery is a reliable, high-capacity battery used for applications that require a constant power supply. 

You might need such a deep cycle battery, but you aren’t sure whether acquiring one from Costco is a good decision. 

Are the batteries good?

The answer is yes. Costco has some high-quality and affordable batteries. Their batteries are made by Energizer, Duracell, and OPTIMA Batteries. The three brands are renowned for their brilliance and good-quality batteries. 

So, if the batteries are good, then how good? How long will they last? What are their warranties?

If you’re planning on buying a Costco battery, read on first to make an informed decision. 

Why Buy a Costco Deep Cycle Battery?

Deep cycle batteries are reusable batteries that produce steady power over long periods. Charge the deep cycle battery every time it’s sufficiently discharged (usually when it has less than 20 percent of its full charge remaining). 

To prolong its lifespan, you can opt to recharge it when it nears 50 percent of the entire charge.

Listed below are some advantages of Costco deep cycle batteries.


Durability is one primary determinant of how good a battery is. Some might say that Costco’s batteries might be less stable than other expensive batteries in the market. 

You shouldn’t use a battery’s price to determine its value, as Costco deep cycle batteries have more than 2000 charge cycles. They can equal or outlast some premium battery brands.  

Very Efficient 

Costco deep cycle batteries are very reliable and efficient. 

Whether it’s a Kirkland, Energizer, or OPTIMA battery, you can be sure that your battery will store sufficient energy and discharge at a slower rate. The batteries’ efficiency is one reason why most RV owners prefer them.


Deep cycle batteries provide steady power for power-draining applications such as in RVs, solar stations, and boats. 

Costco deep cycle batteries can sustain a high power demand better than others in their price range.

Not Maintenance-Intensive

Costco batteries require little regular maintenance to keep on powering. 

They’re compatible with battery maintenance systems to ensure that they last longer and have fewer battery-related issues.

Why Are Costco Deep Cycle Batteries Cheaper?

Costco deep cycle batteries fly off the shelves due to their excellent build and local popularity. Costco has a huge following locally and makes a lot of money from membership fees.

Some might argue that the batteries are cheaper since they’re defective or nearing their peak life while still on the shelves, but it isn’t true. Costco, much like Walmart, sells cheaply to lure customers. 

If you want to buy a battery, you might as well buy some snacks from them or even a carbonated drink. Costco believes in volume sales rather than high pricing. 

And, because they have the financial power and a loyal customer base, Costco can sell its batteries for a lower price and end up selling more. 

Costco Deep Cycle Batteries Warranty

Knowing a battery’s value is quite challenging as you can’t tell how good it is until you’ve used it for some time. 

What if your battery has craft defects and fails after two months of use? Who should you blame? Is it Costco? Maybe. 

Costco doesn’t manufacture its assortment of batteries but retails batteries made by other manufacturers. It partners with the manufacturers to shield you from losses resulting from battery defects and give you good warranty covers.

OPTIMA Batteries

You’re eligible to get a warranty cover of up to 36 months if you buy OPTIMA Redtop, Yellowtop, and Bluetop batteries. 

OPTIMA batteries are some of the best batteries in the lead-acid category. They’re durable, resistant to heat and vibrations, and last longer than other lead-acid batteries. 

Kirkland Marine batteries 

Marine batteries can power equipment or vehicle components in addition to cranking it up.

Kirkland marine batteries have the following warranty policies.

  • You’re eligible for a free replacement if your marine battery is less than a year old.
  • If it’s less than 18 months old but older than a year, you’ll get a refund equivalent to 40% of the battery’s purchase price.
  • If the battery is less than three years of age but older than 18 months, you’ll receive a refund equivalent to 20% of the battery’s purchase price. 

Kirkland Flooded Battery 

Costco recognizes Kirkland Signature’s preference to make good batteries at lower and pocket-friendly prices. Kirkland Signature automotive batteries have varying warranties according to age. 

  • You’ll get a free replacement if your battery is less than 48 months old and you haven’t voided any warranty terms.
  • You’ll get a lesser 50 percent refund if the battery is older than 48 months but less than 66 months old.
  • If your battery is more than 66 months old, you’ll be eligible for a 25% refund.

Deep cycle batteries older than 100 months don’t qualify for refunds. 

Kirkland Lawn And Garden Battery

You’ll receive a free replacement on the condition that it’s been in your possession for less than a year. 

The Energizer Premium AGM 

Energizer AGM batteries are durable batteries with high vibration resistance. Like the Kirkland Signature batteries, Costco offers warranty covers for Energizer batteries. 

  • You’ll get a full refund for defective batteries that are less than 60 months old. 
  • If its age is between 61 and 80 months, the customer receives a 50 percent refund. 
  • You’ll get a 25 percent refund if your battery is between 81 and 100 months old.

Energizer Batteries (Marine And Powersports)

 You’ll get a full refund if you buy a defective Energizer battery. 

Interstate Batteries

Interstate batteries have a 36-months warranty cover. 

What Do Reviews Say?

Costco batteries are popular due to their durability, low maintenance, and fair pricing. 

They also have excellent warranties that you won’t find in other battery stores across the country. 

Costco customers at gave positive reviews meaning that the batteries are genuine and free of defects. 

And given that deep cycle batteries usually last close to six years, having a cover that lasts for 100 months ( 8 years four months) is an added advantage. 

Final Remarks

If you’ve been planning on buying a Costco deep cycle battery, now is a good time to do so. 

The retailer has an immensely customer-friendly business environment. The staff is friendly and professional, and you’ll get the battery you went for at an affordable price. 

If your battery is defective, you should return it to Costco’s tire center or the returns department, depending on your location. Do so on the condition that you have the original battery and receipts with you. 

Also, Costco states that you have to be the original purchaser of the deep cycle battery.

If the warranty still covers you, you’ll get either a full refund plus the core charge or a new battery. 



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