Are Blomberg Freezers Any Good? (Helpful Tips)

classic-kitchen with Blomberg freezer

Low-temperature storage is fundamental to increasing our foodstuffs’ lifespan. This makes a freezer a critical appliance to prevent your groceries from easily going bad. Blomberg freezers are some of the most popular mid-range freezers around. But are they any good?

Blomberg freezers are famed for their solid German engineering. These freezers are reliable, portable, and also cost-effective. Blomberg freezers are furnished with cutting-edge technologies like BlueLight technology and Duo-Cycle cooling. They also stand out for their eco-friendly design.

Let us learn more about these freezers and if they are worth your money.

Where are Blomberg freezers made?

Blomberg is one of the most reputed home appliance companies around, with over 130 years in operation. These freezers are mostly made with German engineering. 

The majority of their freezers are produced in factories scattered across Germany, Turkey, and China. 

What technologies distinguish Blomberg freezers?

Blomberg freezers are spoiled with some of the most exquisite technologies you can see in mid-range freezers today. Top of this collection is Blomberg’s BlieLight and Duo Cooling technologies. How about we examine this exciting duo?

How does Blomberg’s BlueLight technology work?

The Bluelight technology excels at extending the shelf-life of perishables like vegetables and fruits. By sustainably supplying the crisper with blue light rays, Blomberg freezers can mimic the organic photosynthetic process. 

This way, the nutritional value, texture, color, natural flavor of such perishables are better preserved in the freezer. This technology is particularly marvelous in Blomberg’s Two Door + Two Drawer Fridge freezers.

How does Blomberg’s Duo Cycle Cooling work?

Blomberg freezers come with controlled cooling in two sections. This enables you to simultaneously preserve items at different humidity and temperature conditions.

For example, the fresh-food section can be exclusively dedicated to foods you want to stay fresh for longer. At the same time, the freezer section can be used to save items you wish to freeze more quickly. 

These sections are buffered so that air doesn’t escape from one into another. This increases your refrigerating efficiency as odors don’t spread across the board. 

Are Blomberg freezers durable?

Traditionally, when you hear of German engineering, durability and sturdiness are the first words that should come to mind. 

Therefore, you can expect freezers like Blomberg – with German engineering at the core of their design – to stand the test of time. 

Blomberg freezers easily pass the European and British quality regulatory standards. Aside from having such sturdy construction, these freezers are adequately protected with flame retardant backs. This can be in the form of aluminum foil or metallic. 

How efficient are Blomberg freezers?

Fresh is one mantra Blomberg religiously adheres to. Blomberg freezers are outfitted with Ion Fresh technology. Closely replicating natural freshness, this technology decks your refrigerator with negative ions. 

The results in the microbes triggering odor, ethylene gas, and the bacteria (inside your fridge’s airspace) being trapped and eradicated. Consequently, your groceries are fresher, enjoying improved air circulation, altogether keeping them smelling well for longer.   

How easy are Blomberg freezers to use?

Blomberg freezers – thanks to their wealthy supply of technologies – are relatively easy to use. Everyone who has used freezers for some time can attest to the rigors of managing piled-up ice.

The good news is that Blomberg freezers are decked with frost-free technology. This relieves you of having to manually keep your freezer dry. 

More than that, the latest Blomberg freezers are fortified with digital display systems. This makes it way easier to program your freezer’s performance. Consequently, you are totally in charge of the way the freezers work.

Are Blomberg Freezers eco-friendly?

Freezer manufacturers are increasingly taking the eco-friendly route in their design. Leading this pack are Blomberg freezers. 

At least 85% of the materials Blomberg produces in its freezers are recyclable. These materials have only 0.01% lead composition and in no way contribute to global warming.

Blomberg freezer factories meet the prestigious ISO 14001 environmental management certification. So obsessed has Blomberg been with sustainable freezer manufacturing that it bagged the 2018 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year in the manufacturer category. 

How much do Blomberg freezers cost? 

Blomberg freezers can be generally classified in the mid-range section. The prices of the freezers run from as low as $300 to premium models upwards of $2,000. Expectedly, the prices vary with parameters like size, quality, and functionality.

What is Blomberg freezers’ warranty policy?

Blomberg freezers are backed with a 3-years parts warranty policy. Depending on the condition of your freezer, this could extend into a labor guarantee.

Blomberg freezers procured through Euronics Retailers have their warranty coverage extended into five years for parts and labor.

This warranty policy typically covers repairs your freezers could need owing to manufacturing defects. Blomberg offers you the replacements for parts you need to get your freezer working again within this window. 

If you are working with an engineer approved by Blomberg, you wouldn’t be charged for the repair itself. Take note that this warranty package does not cover defects arising from poor usage and negligence.

Are Blomberg freezers same as Beko freezers?

This is one question that is commonly thrown around in the home appliance world. A Turkish company called Arcelik (which also owns Beko) acquired Blomberg in 2002.

Despite its Turkish ownership, Blomberg freezers have stuck with their indigenous German engineering, yet retaining the theme of their freezer design from old. 

With some Blomberg appliances being rebadged as Beko freezers, you can say Beko and Blomberg freers are the same. These days, Blomberg freezers are distributed via independent resellers. 

Best Blomberg Freezers Review

After testing a bunch of Blomberg freezers, we can authoritatively identity a couple of their best offerings. Here we go!

Blomberg BRFB1822SSN 30-Inch Bottom-Freezer 

Splendid would be just the right adjective for this freezer. This 30-Inch bottom freezer comes at a sizable capacity of 16.2 cu-ft. It packs a huge fraction of the technologies Blomberg freezers are renowned for.

Starting with the Bluelight technology, this is a freezer you can trust to keep your groceries fresh for very long. Its dual evaporator facility provides against odors escaping to the freezer from the fridge compartment.

This freezer automatically defrosts and is compatible with an automatic ice maker that can churn out as much as 6lbs daily ice.

Moving on from the technologies, the Blomberg is amply stocked with mechanical facilities that get homeowners drooling. 

First are side walls furnished with internal LED lamination, triple glass shelves, fan ventilation, a crisper drawer, and a digital inner display. 

This Blomberg’s freezers have robust door bins, and these bins can amply accommodate tall battles. And for durability, this Blomberg answers with a stainless finish that holds up against those notorious fingerprint stains and scratches that easily spoil our freezers’ exterior finesse.

Blomberg Tall Frost Free Freezer

This is one of the most rugged freezer offerings from Blomberg. The Tall frost-free freezer can hold up against ambient temperature, even dropping as far down as -15°C. 

This means the freezer wouldn’t complain much if you store it outdoor or in your rough garage. This fridge would quickly alert you with LED lights stationed inside the freezer’s trim if the internal temperature climbed too high.

Another feature we wouldn’t forget in a hurry is the door seals this freezer presents. They are neat and close tightly. 

More excitingly, these doors readily reverse so that regardless of your kitchen layout, you can comfortably install and use this freezer.