Are Bloc Sunglasses Any Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Bloc Sunglasses Any Good

It goes without saying that the eyes are some of the most delicate body organs deserving of protection. Sunglasses do just that, protecting you from glare and the notorious UV rays from the sun. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, chances are you may have heard of Oakley and Ray-Ban sunglasses. But what about Bloc sunglasses? Are they are any good?

Bloc Sunglasses are built to last, mixing charm with cutting-edge ocular technology. This sunglass brand stands out in the high-performance eyewear niche not only for its versatility, stylishness, comfort on the eyes, and flexibility but also for its rare affordability.

Of course, you wish to know more about Bloc sunglasses. Who produces them? Which types of sunglasses do this brand offer? Are these sunglasses safe? 

Read on as we answer some of these critical questions.

Who produces Bloc Sunglasses and where?

BLOC Systems Ltd manufactures Bloc sunglasses. The Bloc eyewear brand was the first this manufacturer rolled out since being founded in 1988.

We can tell the next questions lingering in your mind: are Bloc eyewear produced in the United States?

No, Bloc sunglasses are produced exclusively in England, with the bulk of production stationed at West Sussex. 

That said, Bloc System leverages an extensive network of international distributors scattered across the United States, Europe, and even Asia.

Are Bloc sunglasses comfortable?

Bloc knows you don’t want to wear sunglasses just for their fashion. This explains how keenly this manufacturer focuses on the ergonomics of their eyewear to ensure it comfortably sits on your eyes. 

A significant fraction of Bloc’s sunglasses are produced with Bloc’s Tmetal™ frames. Made from stainless steel, these frames are incredibly lightweight.

Bloc sunglasses cope better with gravity thanks to this lightweight design, giving you a firm but comfy grip. 

This means you are saved from the horrors of squeezing snug pads uncomfortably in the back of your head.

And if you desire a more secure grip, Bloc provides their sunglasses with adjustable nose pads. 

What categories of sunglasses does Bloc produce?

Admittedly, we get asked this question a lot. Our investigation showed that Bloc sunglasses typically range from category 0 to category 4.

Category 0 covers light tint sunglasses. They have a light transmission range of 80-100% and cope pretty well in protecting your eyes from sun glare. 

The same applies to category 1, whose light transmission ranged from 43% to 80%. If you want significant sun glare protection, you would have to go for Bloc sunglasses within categories 2-4.

Category 2 sunglasses transmit between 18%-43% of the light content incident on them. The best sun glare protection is derivable from category 4 glasses.

These are specially darkened glasses with significantly suppressed translucence. Often, you see their light transmission capacity as low as 3%.

Are Bloc Sunglasses safe?

The safety of sunglasses is a primary consideration when choosing sunglasses as they would sit directly on your eyes – yes, your delicate eyes.

The good news is that Bloc sunglasses are produced with hypoallergenic frames. These frames contain zero nickel.

As you know, nickel is an infamous allergen that commonly triggers contact dermatitis. This often culminates in severe irritation in the region around your eyes.

You can talk about the safety of eyewear without mentioning its capacity to protect the eyes from UV rays.

Bloc sunglasses are fitted with BLOC®s lenses. While they excel at protecting the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, they also provide impeccable clarity and sharp vision.

It is also worth adding that BLOC® snow goggles can protect you from UVB (and UVA) rays even as high as 400nm. These glasses meet the TPU Frame CE (EN174: 2001) requirements. 

What type of lens color do Bloc sunglasses have?

Let us start by applauding Bloc’s broad spectrum of lens colors. From our market research, we found that Bloc offers lens colors ranging from dark to light colors.

Consequently, you can get light Bloc lens colors like vermillion, yellow, amber, and rose. These colors suffice for those who don’t stay long in high-intensity outdoor lighting conditions. 

Bloc produced such lens color to give you enhanced visibility of your immediate space while propping contrast, particularly in flat-light environments.

So if you partake in low-intensity sports like snowboarding and skiing, you may consider these Bloc lens colors.

Darker Bloc lens colors like green and brown are targeted at those sustainably exposed to bright outdoor conditions. They give you superior glare protection at the expense of slight-significant distortion. 

Bloc lens colors like green and gray don’t distort the picture as much as brown does.

Does Bloc have polarized sunglasses?

Some Bloc sunglasses are decked with BLOC’s sophisticated polarised lens PCP™. This facility goes a long way in protecting the eyes against the glare, especially those from shooting right off reflective surfaces.

Bloc’s polarized sunglasses come in really handy when participating in sporting activities that prominently expose you to glare, like biking, high-intensity swimming, and skiing.

Note that you shouldn’t use Bloc’s polarized sunglasses for flying, night driving, or even watching LCD screens.

What type of frames do Bloc sunglasses have?

Most Bloc sunglasses we came across had interchangeable frames. With an interchangeable set of multiple lenses, you enjoy enhanced versatility when picking colors befitting your sporting application. 

This set sits well in the traditional single frame, enabling you to use your sunglasses in different backgrounds and lighting conditions. 

This is incredibly beneficial for people participating in shooting sports. They can accurately appreciate several target colors.

Do Bloc sunglasses have a warranty cover?

Bloc sunglasses come with a reliable 12-month warranty, valid from when you buy them. 

This warranty policy covers you for any defect arising from manufacturing or workmanship on Bloc’s part.

Before activating this warranty cover, Bloc will request an authentic ownership document (of the sunglass) from you. This is commonly a proof of purchase issued by a registered BLOC® dealer.

This warranty coverage doesn’t include indemnities against scratches in your Bloc lenses.

How much do Bloc sunglasses cost? 

Remember, we hailed the affordability of Bloc sunglasses. It is not every day you see sunglass brands like Bloc packing as many advanced functionalities without charging an arm and leg for them.

Generally, bloc sunglasses range from approximately $40 to $80. The Bail and Ches series were among the cheapest Bloc sunglasses we saw, coming around $40.

The Bail models are fitted with Lightweight BX1000 core injected temple tips. We will point out here that these glasses are not suited to people with particularly slim faces.

The Titan X630 and Titan X631 were among the most expensive, costing around $80. These guys were far more rugged and tolerant to high-intensity usage. 

They are furnished with notable BLOC detailing, with XTR Karbon8 lenses that boast premium impact resistance.


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