Are Black and Decker Lawn Mowers Any Good? (Explained)

Black and Decker Lawn Mowers

When I choose a lawn mower, I have special requirements, as cutting my lawn is something I take seriously. I am not just some lawn mower riding jockey; I am a devoted lawn care do-it-yourselfer – someone who takes pride in my lawn and who is competitive.

For example, if my neighbor’s lawn looks better than mine, I want to know what I am doing wrong. That is why I have found a bona fide solution when I use a Black & Decker or Craftsman lawn mower. Not only is my lawn the envy of the neighborhood, so is the lawn mower I am using.

I have found Black & Decker Craftsman products to be as high-quality as they are easy to use. After all, you don’t want to commit yourself to lawn care and pull out your back during start-up. Neither do you want to find that the seat on your riding lawn mower is as excruciating as riding a horse without a saddle.  

Everything needs to fall nicely into place when you are using a product that boasts premium features and amenities. That is why I highly recommend Black & Decker and Craftsman lawn products. The following summation explains why I am such a fan of this product line.

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So are Black & Decker lawn mowers any good?

To answer the title question, Black & Decker mowers are well worth the money you pay for them. In fact, Black & Decker lawnmowers represent high-quality products in the consumer marketplace. The Black & Decker brand has been providing tools and lawnmowers for decades. The U.S. manufacturer highlights power tools, hardware, home improvement products, appliances that are high-quality and competitively priced.

A Quick Overview

Established in 1910, the Towson, Maryland-based company sits just north of Baltimore.  Over the years, Black & Decker has established itself as a reliable brand for obtaining premium home-related tools and equipment, including lawn care products. The brand’s Craftsman lawn mowers have developed a good reputation among lawn mower products and accessories.

The Black & Decker company offers lawn care products that are considered to be high-quality and conveniently designed for today’s lawn do-it-yourselfer. At least, that is what I have surmised from caring for my lawn with a top-of-the-line Craftsman riding mower and push mower.

Not only does the company provide 2-year and 3-year limited warranties on their mowers’ engine and frame, but it also offers products that are competitively priced. Because the mowers are easy to use and store, and feature “cutting edge” amenities, you cannot help but feel you are getting a good value for the product you buy.

Mowers in the Black & Decker line now feature corded electric mowers and cordless mowers that run on lithium batteries. These mowers are great for any lawn care do-it-yourselfer who wants to avoid getting involved in changing their mower’s oil or running to the gas station to purchase gas.

Because of new innovations in technology, battery-powered Craftsman push mowers make the task of lawn care quicker and easier.

The line’s riding lawn tractors feature compact designs that cover a variety of terrains. You can use this tractor to smooth out your lawn, whether you have steep areas, some problems with ruts, or even damp areas in the yard. This tractor is equipped to handle all types of surfaces. Therefore, it proves to be a reliable machine if you need to cut a good deal of yard or acreage.

I like the mowers because they are easy to use, fit into small spaces, and include features, such as mulching, that make it easier to cut my lawn and use organic and earth-friendly methods to do so. Plus, most reviewers of Craftsman lawn products, regardless of the purchase date, have good things to say about the brand and product line.

All these factors make it easy for me to recommend Black & Decker lawnmowers and accessories.

Provided Warranties

The warranties provided for Black & Decker lawn mowers give you confidence about using the product. However, you need to make sure you keep the receipt for your purchase or show a proof of purchase if you need to use a warranty.

Black & Decker Craftsman products used for lawn care carry a 2-year limited warranty. This guarantee covers push lawn mowers, riding lawn tractors, snow blowers, chippers, and tillers. During this time Craftsman lawn mowers are warrantied against any defects in manufacturing or the materials used in the lawn mower’s design.

Warranties for lawnmowers do not cover parts that are considered expendable because of normal wear-and-tear. These parts include components, such as spark plugs and blades. Any product under warranty will be repaired. Some of the larger riding tractors carry 3-year limited warranties.

Specifically, a 3-year limited warranty will cover a lawn mower’s frame while a 2-year limited warranty covers the equipment and engine. For example, if the engine on your newly acquired lawn mower suddenly refuses to work, you can strike back with your 2-year limited warranty. That makes me feel better – knowing I have a warranty to cover me in case my lawn mower sputters and loses steam.

The Cost Range of the Black & Decker Mowers Product

Yes, it is true. I had to pay more money for my Black & Decker Craftsman lawn mower, but it is well worth the investment and added peace of mind. Plus, I can mow my lawn and make it look better than my neighbor’s yard in less time. That is because the features on the mower give me a competitive edge.

That is what you want to consider when you are looking at the price – not just the price itself but also exactly what you are getting with the money you spend. Depending on where you buy a Craftsman lawn mower, the mower can be priced anywhere between $200 to $500 for a push mower – reasonable for this type of lawn care product.

Expect to pay, on average, $1,500 for a Craftsman riding lawn mower. My choice for a riding lawn mower for use in my backyard was the red Craftsman T-100, 11.5 horsepower riding mower. The 36-inch manual/gear mower includes a mulching capability, which helps my lawn retain moisture, prevents weed growth organically, and adds nutrients to the soil, making my lawn a green velvet carpet during the warmer months of the year.

I paid around $475 for my push mower, as I like the added “bells and whistles.” You can choose from both corded and cordless models in the safe and attention-grabbing Black & Decker color of orange. Naturally, I wanted to go cordless, as it gives me more freedom when cutting my small but wide green enclave and front yard.

Therefore, I purchased the Black & Decker CM640 16-inch cordless push mower for taking care of my front yard. The mower is both compact and easy to navigate – providing me with great cutting results with a minimum amount of effort. This mower meets my criteria, as it is ideal for smaller yards that measure up to about one-eighth of an acre. Plus, it is also lightweight – around 38 pounds. Themacine complements the features of the riding mower I use for the back 40.

With this push mower, I can get up to 30 minutes of mowing power with its 40-volt MAX lithium powered battery – just the amount of time I need to cut my front yard. I like this no-mess, low-stress battery-powered mower, as it eliminates the anxiety of using a pull cord, or mixing oil with gas, not to mention trips to the gas station and time spent on engine maintenance.

Because the mower features a 16-inch deck that never rusts and is easy to clean, I am spared a lot of fuss and bother when using the machine. The grass bag on this cordless wonder fits well in small spaces, which makes it easy to store in my small shed. Also, the mower features carrying handles that make it a breeze to transport and carry. The mower’s batteries are also compatible with other Black & Decker lawn care tools, such as the hedge trimmer and string trimmer.

Are Black And Decker Lawn Mowers Easy To Use?

You are not going to find a mower anywhere easier to use than a Craftsman lawn mower, whether you choose a riding lawn tractor or a push mower model and design. Either mower is built to be user-friendly. I can vouch for this fact from personal experience. Craftsman designs its mowers for transportability, maneuverability, and space utilization and storage.

Pros and Cons of Black & Decker Lawn Mowers – Generally

Okay, I know. I have given glowing reviews for both my Craftsman lawn mowers. However, there are some downsides too. Nevertheless, the pros far outweigh the cons, which makes me brand loyal when it comes to Craftsman lawn care products.

Pros of Riding Mower

  • Added capabilities, such as mulching, are standard features.
  • Most of the mowers are easy to ride and maneuver.
  • You can cover tight spaces, as the riding mowers have a compact design.
  • The price is reasonable, especially when you see the results.
  • You can set the mower to get the exact grass height you need.
  • Riding lawn mowers are user-friendly for most lawn care do-it-yourselfers.

Cons of Riding Mower

  • For some people, the mower may be too small or large, if they are diminutive in size or are taller.
  • The price may be too high for some people on a budget. It averages around $1,500, so you need to be a lawn care devotee and appreciate and know how to use the mower.

Pros of the Cordless (Battery-Powered) Push Mower

  • You will burn a lot of calories over an hour – about 360 to be exact. Therefore, I can get my exercise and improve the looks of my lawn at the same time.
  • The mower is lightweight and compact with carrying handles – easy to store and maneuver when it is not running.
  • No need to mess with gasoline and oil with this battery-powered mower. The batteries used are also compatible with Black & Decker hedge trimmers and sidewalk clippers.
  • The lawn mower starts easily. You won’t need to see a chiropractor about any back problems that come from pulling up on a cord to kick your mower into gear.

Cons of the Cordless (Battery-Powered) Push Mower

  • Some people may prefer to use a heavier mower, as it may provide more stability.
  • Some people do not like the running time on the cordless, battery powered version (30 minutes), as it does not give them enough time to cut their space. If this is the case for you, you need to look at models that are corded if you have a smaller area to cut.

What Other People are Saying about Black & Decker Push Mowers and Lawn Riding Tractors?

You just don’t want to consider my experience with Craftsman push mowers and lawn riding tractors. You also need some third-party input.

Here are some of the reviews other users of Craftsman lawn mowers have given about the product:

One reviewer summarized his 18.5 HP 42-inch mower with electric start and auto transmission to be a dependable workhorse. During the time he owned the machine, he replaced the air filter once,  switched out the drive belt once, and replaced the spark plugs a couple times. He said, given the maintenance on the machine, he would definitely choose this brand again.

One user who had a Craftsman single-gas engine lawn mower said the machine was easy to use – a blessing since he had problems with leg pain. His main complaint was that the machine tended to be a bit loud.

Another Craftsman user said he purchased a riding lawn mower to cut his yard and it worked out well on both level ground and inclines. The riding lawn tractor, which was 42 inches, cut both thick and wet grass with little effort. He particularly liked the safety features on the deck of the mower, which featured a front roller and wheels on each side.


Based on my own experience and the reviews, I can only say that my lawn has become chicken-proofed by using Craftsman lawn care products. Not only is it a beautiful and plush green, but it is also “impeccable.”