Are AO Smith Water Softeners Good? (7 Facts Explained)

AO Smith Water Softener in a utility room

A water softener is very important but costly and if you mean to go for one, ensure you settle on something that will meet your needs. Keep in mind that you are making an investment that will deal with everything involving water in your home. 

For my fellow residents of Uta, Nevada, New Mexico, California, and Indiana whose water has been classified as very hard, you will understand this content much better. My endless search for the best water softener that can soften very hard water led me to AO Smith Water Softeners and here is what I found out.

AO Smith Water Softener guarantees high-level lime removal courtesy of their high-quality resins and unmatched technology regeneration technique. The brand is equipped with several technological automation that not only make them user-friendly but conservative as well. 

Are AO Smith Water Softeners Efficient?

AO Smith Water Softeners have dominated many homes due to high-efficiency water softening systems. AO Smith softeners have advanced technology that makes them very effective.

For instance, they are equipped with an electronic timer that enables you to set the time you would want the softeners to regenerate. You can time when the demand for soft water is low. I always set mine to regenerate night hours when people have gone to bed.

AO Smith Water Softeners are also equipped with salt sensors to monitor the amount of water that has been treated and automatically adjust its salts usage such that it only uses as much as your softener requires at that time.

Other interesting technologies used by these products are backup batteries that protect your setting in case of power loss, as well as audible and Wi-Fi salt alerts that will indicate when it is time to refill your salt.

For that reason, AO Smith Water Softener will effectively soften even the hardest water in your home and still save on both water, salt, and energy. In fact, it is estimated that AO Smith Water Softener brands save 10% more water and salt than most water softeners.

How Durable Are AO Smith Water Softeners?

AO Smith Water Softener bodies are made of fiber-reinforced plastic that is resistant to corrosion. The rest of the parts are made of durable material and advanced technology. As such, they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

The fact that AO Smith Water Softener is the choice in many homes in itself speaks volumes about this brand’s durability. This is an assurance that they last because people always go for high-quality and durable products to get value from their investment. 

For that reason, if you want a lasting investment, always consider the brand that the majority go for. AO Smith Water Softeners’ popularity is assurance that they offer a long-lasting value. 

How Long Do AO Smith Water Softeners Last?

To be precise, if you handle your AO Smith softener product well, it may last up to 20- 30 years. Simply pay attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines and you will live with your water softener in good condition forever. Misusing any part of the AO Smith Softener may result in damage to your machine and frequent repairs.

Thankfully, most retailers back them with limited warranties – most retailers will offer 5 years depending on whom you deal with. Though the warranty sounds short, it is great as long as they respond when you encounter a problem. I have seen some water softener manufacturers from other brands who promise years of warranties just to lure you to buy their products but rarely respond when you encounter problems. 

Besides, some manufacturers may trick you to purchase their products by promising a lengthy warranty but never show up when you encounter a problem. So the length of the warranty is never a big deal as long as the product is of high quality. 

What is the Cost of AO Smith Water Softeners?

One of the main reasons AO Smith Water Softeners are widely used is their affordability. Despite all that we have said about the products, concerning their durability, quality, and technological advancements, they remain among the most affordable in the market. 

You will find them in five sizes, including: 50,000-grain capacity, 45,000-grain capacity, 40,000-grain capacity, 35,000-grain capacity, and 30,000-grain capacity. The prices tend to increase slightly with the size, but expect to spend something in the range of $700 – $900.

Is AO Smith Water Softener Certified?

Some organizations are officially known to thoroughly evaluate water softener products and to ensure no harmful chemicals from the machine leach into your home water during filtration. One of these companies is NSF International.

AO Smith Water Softeners are tested and certified by NSF International to ensure the users’ health are safe. This means that you may not have to use some of your home water to run a test because you will be purchasing an already tested product.

What Are Some of the DrawBacks Surrounding AO Smith Water Softeners?

Just like every coin has two sides, AO Smith Water Softeners have good and bad sides as well. Some of the issues that may discourage one from purchasing a product of this brand include:

  • They lack proper certification from authorized organizations. Though they are NSF international certified, they lack certification from other recognized organizations such as the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials, and Water Quality Association. 
  • The manufacturers are not clear about the material that makes AO Smith Water Softeners. You can navigate through their website several times but you won’t get elaboration of the materials that are used to make the softeners. That way, it is not easy to gauge their quality unless you buy and have experience.

Are Users Satisfied With AO Smith Water Softeners?

There are quite a number of user reviews on Lowe’, most of which are positive. Here are some of the reviews:

October 24, 2018

“Very easy to set up. We replaced our salt-free system with this brand and the whole project only lasted some hours. After three days, we started noticing a lot of improvement in our cleanings. Dishes, glasses, and cup stains disappeared, no scale spot in the bath… I am amazed. The only problem was unclear instruction on how to set the initial regeneration of the brine cabinet. Thankfully, we managed to figure it out.”

However, not every customer is happy with the product. Have a look at this review:


May 31, 2019

“This softener doesn’t just work. I tested it and realized the water is still hard. I called Lowes where I bought it, they reinstalled another one and when I tested, the water was still hard. The installer claimed he never tested it. I feel this brand doesn’t work completely in some very hard water areas.”


Purchasing AO Smith Water Softwater is a worthwhile investment because you are sure to save on water usage and money in the long run, and still have the hardest water in your home softened. If it doesn’t work, as other users claim, you can reach out to the sellers so that they may send an expert to solve the problem.

I recommend this brand due to its reputation and popularity. You should not waste time splashing money on products that are not commonly used. A widely used brand can easily be trusted since most people go for quality.